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NYC_Gamer1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

I really dislike the song used for the trailer

Snookies121915d ago

Same here, not my thing, but it could have been worse I suppose... Can't wait to see the full 17 minutes tomorrow.

Wenis1915d ago

Yea that was my first reaction to watching this trailer. I mean seriously.. a Rihanna song for a BF game? wtf DICE?

Man_Among_Mice1915d ago


You do realize that is Jay Z's song just Rihanna on the chorus right?

Wenis1915d ago

No I didn't realize that because I'm not into this sort of music. I just heard Rihannas bad voice and wish I hadn't.

Daver1915d ago



Trailer looks nice at least.

sunnygrg1915d ago

At least it's not Bieber Fever. Can't wait for the 17 minutes gameplay tomorrow.

PeaSFor1915d ago

its not like the song gonna play while you play online...

LOL_WUT1915d ago

A new music management team should be hired, the song literally killed the mood of the trailer. So far from what I saw the game itself looked pretty good though. ;)

thechosenone1915d ago

gameplay looks phenomenal, can't wait to see the HD version. someone managed to back it up before it was taken down. enjoy. ;)!gRJliT...

SolidStoner1915d ago


you will love Rihanna's voice when she -

I love latest BF multiplayer games, but I dislike Single player campain since it is childish and Hollywood style... I would not concern about a song in a trailer, its not like it will be playing all the time! :)

gedapeleda1915d ago

Rihanna? this could only mean one thing for bf series...

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wishingW3L1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

at least is not dubstep. lol

Wenis1915d ago

Thats like saying at least vomit isn't diarrhea.

Reverent1915d ago

Dubstep is for 17 year old hipters. I'm sorry if we've offended you.

Zhipp1915d ago

I was like you, once, but now I'm a massive dubstep fan. It does somethin' to your brain, man!

JC_Denton1915d ago

I can literally only listen to dubstep while high. Otherwise, it's just noise. Unappealing, disorienting noise.

Irishguy951915d ago

Haha, gaming is for nerdy kids....

said the close minded zealot.

Not a fan of Dubstep either but....well... everything has it's stereotype I suppose.

sourav931915d ago

Each to their own, brother. No one should be judged for their choice of music.

Hayabusa 1171915d ago

I used to like dubstep, until I saw The Light [read: heard Skrillex] Now my ears are open and I hear most dubstep tunes for the endless wall of noise they are. But then, most music these days sounds like a wall of noise to me. Maybe I'm getting old.

And no, I'm not judging you based on your music preference, all I'm saying is 90% of dubstep tunes these days sounds like crap to me, regardless of how many people listen to it.

As for Rihanna, I thought this kind of stuff was what you Battlefield types listened to? Sorry if I've offended anyone. Nah, who I'm I kidding, I'm not sorry.

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sandman2241915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

You're nuts Rihanna is the bomb digity! She might not be the brightest for going back to Chris brown, but she has a voice that no one can forget. Also I'm looking forward to the 17 minute video. I hope it's glossy and smooth (polished and 60 frames)

Hellsvacancy1915d ago

"she has a voice that no one can forget" I think youll find she has a very forgettable voice outside of the US

spicelicka1915d ago

Regardless, it didn't work at all for this trailer. Maybe that's what he meant. And they changed the best part of that song...the friggin beat!

RememberThe3571915d ago

@Hells: I think you'll find, you don't know what your talking about. Internationally she is just as big of a star. She has a very cool voice and she uses it in very cool ways. She'll use her accent in some songs and in other she'll use the American accent. The only other singer I can think of who doesn't sing with the American accent right now is Ellie Goulding.

Rihanna is a very talented women. I don't have as high an opinion of her as others because she doesn't right her own music, but the songs that she picks are brilliant. At times lyrical, at other times catchy, she has very moral song, as well as very light fun songs. I could go on but I'll leave it there cuz this is probably gonna get a lot of disagrees.

Rainstorm811915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )


It so funny because Rihanna isn't from the US ....LLS.......nor did she start her music career here.

RUN THIS TOWN?......yea BF4 looks like it could do that in the FPS genre.....fitting IMO

ON a side note: Two Jay-Z songs on back to back BF3 reveals......weird

RememberThe3571915d ago


Most singers use an American accent when singing. It just makes the words easier to enunciate when your singing. Think how Eric Clapton sings or any of the Beatles, I thought EC was American til I was like 15. It has nothing to do with where your from and much more to do with how it sounds.

Rihanna is from Barbados and I was talking about how she switches from her natural accent and the American accent. Think "Man Down" vs "Stay."

Hayabusa 1171915d ago

A screeching cat has a voice no one can forget, that doesn't make them the "bomb digity".

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meetajhu1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Looks like that Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Can't w8 to play in 720P 60FPS on next gen consoles.

KangarooSam1915d ago

You mean 1080p, right? lol

RockandGrohl1915d ago

I'll be playing it at 1080p and 60FPS with graphics details maxed on at least 64-man servers on my PC. Just like I can do on BF3, and just like I've been doing for the last two years, because you know, I have a PC ;)

Merrill1915d ago

maybe 720p on the Xbox 720, but 1080p on the PS4. GDDR5!!!

Soldierone1915d ago

"hip hop" music in general has slid so far downhill as of late, its annoying.....

Hercules1891915d ago

it has always been terrible

Starbucks_Fan1915d ago

Lil Wayne needs to die from his seizures already

supersonicjerry1915d ago

You must mean Mainstream HipHop which half of it isn't HipHop just sold and portrayed as HipHop.

Tonester9251915d ago

Hip-Hop > Pop-Hop > Metal > Dubstep...................> Blue Grass

torchic1915d ago

not the biggest hip-hop fan but man Kendrick Lamar & Joey Bada$$ are on point with their music. wonderful storytellers.

CyberCam1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Not when it first began and was called "Rap Music"!

I agree modern Hip Hop sucks! However the pioneers that created it in the late 70's through to the early 90's, were brilliant! Their lyrics spoke about life in the ghetto, love, family, friends and social injustices/equality... now it's all about nonsense, money, sex, bling, fast cars etc. Half the time you don't even know what the heck their talking about... just utter garbage!

If you want to hear real rap, have a listen to;

Grand Master Flash & the Furious Five's "The Message"


Whodini's "Friends"


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black9111915d ago

There is No Such Thing As a Leak!

WitWolfy1915d ago

I agree, this site is just aiming for hits, as if they had an exclusive source. EA SAID THEY'LL REVEAL BF4 ON THE 27th FFS

What a retarded fucking site!

TotalHitman1915d ago

You're not alone, I'm sick of hearing Rihanna, Justin Bieber and/or 1 Direction in every damn song.

GraveLord1915d ago

Not everyone can get what they want. I was hoping they'd use Call Me Maybe but you don't hear me complaining!

DeltaCanuckian1915d ago

I can live with Rihanna. She was the least terrible part of the Kanye West concert I thought it'd be a good idea to go to... I was 12 at the time, don't judge me. :'(

camel_toad1915d ago

I think they're targeting the casual Call of Duty crowd with that song.

joab7771915d ago

Its fine. The game looks awesome. I hope the so goes above and beyond because the last one was an inferior cod clone. I wish they brought back the open nature of bad company...oh well.

And if its on frostbite 3.0 with dynamic weather don't bring it to this gen and tell us that u peeked out even more power on the ps3 etc. Just do next gen. We don't want scaled down inferioir looking gameplay. Yeah its a lot of fun. Just focus on next gen.

FlunkinMonkey1915d ago

It's Jay-Z yea? I struggle to even call him Hip-Hop anymore.. Still re-hashed, weak at the knees pop music.. The fact he has Rihanna on a chorus on his track is saying a bucket load.

Why do they feel the need to use this WACK music, or Dubstep with these trailers?! What happened to a good ol' moody/atmospheric/gritty score? This completely cheeses it up to me and makes it that bit more undesirable.

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john21915d ago

Looking forward to the full 17 minutes video

faris_abady1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

here is the 60 Second TV Spot

gamer2341915d ago

- the graphics, this looks like every other generic shooter

Maninja1915d ago

Yeah except for the fact that his is going to be the next gens flagship title for graphics and gameplay so no

Conzul1915d ago

ShadowFall looks just as good, if not better.

dirthurts1915d ago

If by generic, you mean the most impressive graphics I've seen, then yes sir. You're correct.

Zha1tan1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

because graphics stop something being generic? or make something generic? so many people who need to google the definition.

It is and will be generic but it does make it bad, the generic military shooter done really well can still be good.

Reverent1915d ago

@Zha, the thing is, if it plays anything like Battlefield 3, and it will, then we don't have to worry at all about it being generic. It will be awesome. You want generic, play CoD; doesn't get more generic than that.

wishingW3L1915d ago

military shooters will always look generic because they try to be and look realistic. Nothing can be done about it just accept it.

KwietStorm1915d ago

Oh christ some people cannot live without whining. Someone without fail always says something about a generic [military] shooter. What did you want, soldiers with bunny ears and rocket boots? That would certainly not be generic, but it wouldn't be very military like, would it? Why are people who get on a soap box every time a shooter is announced, always clicking links to comment about announced shooter? I don't want to hear about a shortage of genres available or about shooters taking over. There's plenty out there for you to enjoy. Have your fun, and let others have theirs.

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febreeze11915d ago

DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN! That looks amazing and it's only in 360p. Can't wait for tomorrow!

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1915d ago

Of course it does. They rushed this game out otherwise they would've been spending more time to work on Bad Company 3 (or at least something besides Battlefield 3.5)

oof461915d ago

Dante, do I need to post the timeline of Battlefield games to show you this isn't a rush job?

poopsack1915d ago

BF3 looks like war, its sequel is about war, so it looks like war.

trenso11915d ago

you mean graphics? cause if yes why is that bad? bf3 wasnt even a bad looking gad at all