A Look Back: Ducktales

A piece of your childhood will return this summer with Ducktales Remastered. Time to take a look back at the original.

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jmpennetta1857d ago

LOL! "Stop emailing me for a quote." Hilarious :)

black9111857d ago

Bring Back The 90's! I miss 90's Music,TV, Movies etc! Yesterday I watched all the old Nickelodeon Gameshows like Legend OF THE Hidden Temple On Youtube.

trenso11857d ago

right i have cable box set to boomerang since its the only channel with the good cartoon network shows. nick toons use to have the 90's nick shows until they cancelled them

Magnagamer2221857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

This article took me back to the 5th grade running home to catch Duck Tales at 3PM.

ohcatrina1857d ago

Duck Tales! Awoo-ooo! I hope this brings back the darkwing duck game. I really, really want that back.

Magnagamer2221857d ago

That would make me very happy as well.

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