Rising Storm: Official 2013 GDC Trailer

"Rising Storm will be the next full standalone multiplayer game in the award-winning Red Orchestra franchise, taking it to the Pacific Theater for the first time. This means Americans fighting Japanese in iconic locations, realized as accurately as possible in a First Person Shooter, with all the famous weapons – including the Japanese knee mortar and American flamethrowers." -BootHammer


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gaminoz1822d ago

I kind of miss WW 2 now with all this modern warfare stuff :)

BootHammer1822d ago

It is funny b/c the market use to be saturated with WW2 titles. It's a nice deviation from the latest trend of future/modern based soldier games. Variety is good =) I hope Rising Storm does well!

ATiElite1822d ago

Remember when COD was all about Authenticity and Skill?

Well so does Tripwire Interactive who with their Red Orchestra series has the most authentic and SKILL based WWII shooter EVER!

Looks like I will be grabbing my M1, Thompson, (USA) Potato Masher, and STG 44 (Germany) AGAIN and storm Normandy and Iwo Jima AGAIN cause WWII never gets old.

BootHammer1822d ago

Agreed, the RO2 shooter is a very precise and tactical game. Looking forward to Rising Storm ;)