Why Battlefield 4 Will Be The Real "CoD Killer"

The day of reckoning has arrived, to a shock too. Call of Duty's year-on-year sales are, for the first time ever, down. An omen that Call of Duty's repetitive gameplay and dull campaign modes have finally caught up with it's audience. Meanwhile in hell, EA has been planning the sequel to their "CoD Killer", Battlefield.

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Prodigy-X1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Battlefield 4 will kill COD if the rumors are true about COD not releasing on current gen this year and exclusive for next gen. A statement will be made this year by D.I.C.E

RetrospectRealm1852d ago

I hope we do see a CoD. The anticipated of BF3 Vs. MW3 was awesome in 2011.

Army_of_Darkness1852d ago

If at first you don't succeed, try and try again! LOL!

Yi-Long1852d ago

I don't CARE about Call of Duty.

I want a brilliant BATTLEFIELD game, and not a game that's trying to take Call of Duty's supposed 'throne' by being less like Battlefield and more like Call of Duty.

I just want Battlefield to be Battlefield. Something I missed with Battlefield 3, where there were far to few levels in the basic-game which offered that fantastic Battlefield 'freedom' in Conquest we all know and love, and traded them in for lineair small levels, like Operation Metro, Seine Crossing, and Damavand Peak.

Skizelli1852d ago

It's no secret that COD has grown stale, but how is it that "sales are, for the first time ever, down," when Black Ops 2 broke franchise sales records? It sold 11M units in its first week and grossed $1B in 15 days. Did I miss something?

colonel1791852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I want Killzone to be Killzone too! :( I have only played very few FPS but I loved the gameplay from Killzone 2. It felt perfect for me. COD had to ruin it!

I can't understand why everyone wants to be like COD. The same with movies and the same with TV shows. Media is successful and sells tons, then everybody wants to be exactly like that media. Why???!!!!!!

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

If 140M+ million people buy ps4/720 & wiiU in the first year like ps3/360/wii has now then yes cod will be defeated. My guess is that Activion knows that hoilday 2014 will be good to release a next gen cod.

How much will bf4 sell on ps4/720 & maybe wiiU first year? who knows.

Will it sell more than cod on ps3/360/wii? who knows.

Cod only sells a lil over 20 Million + out of 140M+ consoles(ps3/360 & wii).

I kinda don't think bf4 can beat cod with new consoles with a small user base.

Also Unless they make bf4 really acceptable for casuals like cod then I think most people will buy new consoles for a next gen cod.

Also I hate cod.

dasbeer881852d ago

I gavee your comment an "agree" due to one statement which I highly agree with.

I hate cod too.

mcstorm1852d ago

@shutUpAndTakeMyMoney I have to agree with you. BF3 was the game that was named the COD killer and it was not. COD sales did not go down but BF3 sold very well so for me there is place for both games.
But if EA miss out the WiiU for BF3 then they are going to hurt them self's as MW4 will be on the Wii and even though the user base is only at around 3 to 4 million it would still be an extra half a million sales than EA would get if they don't bring it out for the WiiU.

For me there is no clear winner between COD and BF apart from us gaming having a choice in 2 different MW games.

Rush1852d ago

What do you mean by kill? you mean in terms of quality? because loads of PC shooters do that like CS:GO or Arma 3 (still in alpha I know).

Or do you mean in sales, because honestly who gives a ____ if BF4 outsells CoD EA could do without an extension to their money pool.

LOGICWINS1852d ago

Yes, the second Battlefield 4 launches, every copy of a COD game will spontaneously combust, just like when Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2 came out.

.....oh wait

Prodigy-X1852d ago

"if the rumors are true about COD not releasing on current gen this year."

Read more clearly please.

LOGICWINS1852d ago

So if COD doesn't release on current gen this year, all copies of COD will spontaneously combust?

Reverent1852d ago

Who said anything about spontaneously combusting? "killing" is clearly a metaphor for beating it either quality or sales wise. We all know CoD won't stand a chance quality wise.

LOGICWINS1852d ago

^^And who determines "quality"? You and Prodigy-X?

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GhettoBlasStarr1852d ago

If the rumors about ARMA 3 coming to next-gen consoles are true, then ARMA 3 will Kill both BF4 & COD at the same time.

GraveLord1852d ago

If BF4 can be ported to current-gen, so will the next COD. As good as BF4 may be the next COD will still probably outsell it. I don't see BF overtaking COD until next-gen.

I'm secretly hoping they bring out some uber-engine for the next Call of Duty though! Maybe even go with Unreal Engine 4.

Tonester9251852d ago

Please let COD players stay on COD!

showtimefolks1852d ago

no it won't and that's coming from someone who doesn't buy either franchise, COD is a much much bigger name brand than BF.

Also all the rumors about next COD only releasing on next gen systems can't be true since install bases for current consoles are too big to ignore

BF4 will sell 15-20 million but killing COD is gonna be hard

if this next COD is as good as this last release with major changes than it will be hard

but i guess sooner or later the COD brand will slow down or just the generic military FPS for that matter

OWWO1852d ago

is bf4 coming to current consoles??

Mr-SellJack1851d ago

i just hate the kill crap nonsense that starts the hypetrain that ends miserably.They ate utter shit the past two years when BF3 released.This Franchise is getting crappier by release as COD is.BF2 and BF1943 will never be forgotten by me!COD will maintain its rank if it maintains the same formula and add tiny bits of new features with each installment.COD will continue to sell more because it is both appealing to mature and immature audiences.The majority of Kids just find battlefield boring.

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T21852d ago

Ya not to knock on cod I had many a session with cod, cod4 was legend... But there will always be cod fans ... I call it a twitch shooter , quick , cheap action , mindless but ppl love it for that. Once I got a taste of battlefield there was no going back for me but still if you have a short attention span cod is good

Mutant-Spud1852d ago

Yeah but if you're getting stomped in BF3 it's depressing because you know that there's no excuse, that if you're losing it means that you're just not good enough. Whereas in COD there are a lot more things which can kill you, it's more a game of chance and luck than skill, the defeats are less maddening and in that sense COD is more relaxing as a pastime.

iNathan1852d ago

As a Next Gen tittle it will make many people switch over, remembre each generation many things change.

See Fifa on Xbox and Ps2 and see it now.

NateCole1852d ago

BF is already miles better than COD so i don't get this.

MysticStrummer1852d ago

Of course it is, but that's not what it means to kill CoD. If it was, CoD would have been killed, dismembered, burned, and buried long ago by a whole gang of titles. Killing means outselling, and sadly the only way BF will outsell CoD is if CoD doesn't release at all. The masses don't like tactical team based games, they want to go Rambo.

Tewi-Inaba1852d ago

DLC the Shooter:Insert Sub Title or MicroTransactions:We Want Your Money 5

Gee wiz let's all celebrate

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