Thief 1 vs. 2. vs. 3 vs. 4 Screenshot Comparison


"The gaming world collectively freaked out earlier this month when the fourth Thief title was announced after a very, very long wait.

Eidos Montreal, the talented team behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution, will be handling the game, and it couldn’t be in better hands.

Considering the age of the series (the first title, Thief: The Dark Project, released in 1998), I thought it was time to do a screenshot comparison to showcase the giant leaps in visual fidelity that the series has seen since its initial release many moons ago."

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Proeliator1886d ago


Super stoked that Eidos Montreal is doing it... DXHR was incredible.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231886d ago

1 looks like PS£ gameplay

2 looks like wii gameplay

3 looks like 360 gameplay

4 looks like wiiU gameplay.

Ulf1886d ago


I can agree that Thief 1 looks like PS2, and Thief 2 looks like Wii.

OTOH, Deadly Shadows (3) looks not quite as good as a 360 game, and 4 looks WAY better than what the Wii U is capable of, IMO.

DeusExer1886d ago

I'm just happy to finally see a new Thief game.

Doesn't hurt to see it looking great. It's in safe hands.

Proeliator1886d ago

Definitely. Read somewhere that it will still be a stealth game first and foremost, so we can sleep easily

aksobey1886d ago

Great to this this is finally happening...

CaptainYesterday1886d ago

We've come a long way baby! I can't wait to see gameplay of Thief 4 :)

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The story is too old to be commented.