Splinter Cell Blacklist Game Director Patrick Redding Talks Gameplay At PAX East 2013

Patrick Redding shares some of the gameplay elements behind Ubisofts highly anticipated Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Blacklist from PAX East 2013.

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GuyThatPlaysGames1495d ago

Looks to be too action-oriented just like Conviction. I miss the true stealth from 1 and Pandora Tomorrow.

Sam Fisher1495d ago

The true stealth is chaos theory, i am sam fisher and i approve this message.

gamerlive1495d ago

This franchise continues to get better.

Bathyj1495d ago

Well that remains to be seen, but the franchise hasnt improved since the jump from 2 to 3.

SilentNegotiator1495d ago

You spelled "worse" with a "B" and some "T"s...what's up with that?

Bathyj1495d ago

Oh My God. Hes Sam Fisher!

Sam Fisher1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

No, i am. Like really i am, look at me.

koston36471494d ago

can someone tell me if this game is coming on both current/next gen?