DayZ Q&A Session at PAX East

The people at Raid Warning gave up their panel slot so Dean Hall and Matt Lightfoot could have an extra hour to show off the standalone and answer more questions from the DayZ community. Link has both audio and video versions available

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Echel0n2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Unnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhh.......... <scuffling noises>

ATiElite2088d ago

"When the Zombie Apocalypse started why did everyone throw their washing machine out into the street"?

LMAO Great question!

Only to be bested by

"Hey Rocket can I get a DayZ release date and some Keys"?

xseven2088d ago

I wonder how well self policing will work on the standalone version of the game. I feel like if they're going to make more things server side, then they'd have more control over bouncing hackers. Dunno

Echel0n2088d ago

After seeing WarZ, they better be on top of booting hackers.

caution42088d ago

I think if you purchased WarZ, you should be allowed to hack. I mean... you gotta get those "promised" features in somehow

xseven2088d ago

WarZ can keep all the hackers IMO

Grayn2088d ago

This is looking better all the time.

kefkah2088d ago

This is a game and an effort that I can really respect. :)

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