BioShock: Infinite is Gaming’s First Real Political Commentary

"A part of any artistic entertainment medium is the ability for that medium to force a mirror upon its audience and make them come to grips with the reality that surrounds them. " |

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Roper3161882d ago

came across a person in the game last night who said they were a progressive which made me think of Obama and the whole democratic party so I shot him in the head.

I'm not republican nor care about for any other political party, I fall into the Brewsters Millions party ( if you've ever seen the movie ) of none of the above.

joab7771882d ago

Lol. I don't preach violence but I too am not a fan of progressivism. Not so much because their ideals are not altruistic but because they r unrealistic and they believe strongly in the ends justify the means mantra. That and its the pretty terminology used to smuggle Marxism and communism into the west. Khrushchev commented once that it may seem like the US has won but long after he is gone he will be smiling because communism is relentless. He is smiling today and the grin is getting wider by the day.

BakedGoods1882d ago

"...they believe strongly in the ends justify the means mantra."

The neo-conservatives believe that too. See the Iraq/Afghan war, etc. The point is, anyone who truly believes that line is probably too Machiavellian to control a country.

BozoLoco1882d ago

The funny thing is that "progressives" advocate equality and say they treat everyone the same, yet they look down on people that AREN'T progressive.

Only dogs are truly progressive.

joab7771882d ago

It isn't the only one by a long shot. But it is the best. And I recommend to everyone to read all about the story leading up to the game and a little bit of US and world history to truly understand and grasp what Levine and Irrational are trying to portray.

I read all about Andrew Ryan's vision and have a pretty deep understanding of early to mid 20 th century knowledge so i am sure that is a big part of why BioShock 1 & 2 r two of my all time favorite games...and soon Infinite I am sure.

dvewlsh1882d ago

It really is a super fascinating era and I'm glad that we have some representation of it in games.

rainslacker1882d ago

I personally like how most of the commentary wasn't really in your face like most games that do social commentary do. It was always somewhat subtle visual or audio cues in the background. There was the main story where the characters were obviously allusions to others, but the rest just drew you into the oppressive environment. It's something that games often fail to do.

Infinite seems the same way, but now the inhabitants seem content with their lifestyle, so it's a nice change. The strategy guide goes into a lot of detail about the decisions the dev's made and what some of the scenes are meant to portray as your playing. I would recommend not using it until after you play the game one time though.:)

-Gespenst-1882d ago

Read some damn books if you want to know about 19th century America. This game is the equivalent of an action blockbuster film. It treats it's themes very broadly. Don't be under the illusion that this game is some sort of in depth scholarly study. Sure it makes pretenses to being deep and high brow, but it's got a long way to go. You can still electrify people with your hands, and are still pursued by a giant mechanical bird.

Still, I think it probably makes some important steps in terms of narrative in video games. Just don't be lead on by how smart Bioshock games think they are. Their hearts are probably in the right place, but I'd advise people not to get too hysterical. Kind of like I'd advise people not to go hysterical about the conservative, pretentious monstrosities that are Christopher Nolan films. They make you think you're smart- make you think they're really deep, but they're not.

Read books. Read lots of books.

Roper3161882d ago

can't argue with this

Read books. Read lots of books.

rainslacker1882d ago

I don't think they were trying to say this is how 19th century America was. If they did they failed miserably. It only shows a utopian society where mostly everyone is content with their life. The actual representation of it is no better than what you would see in a movie at the time, and at that time movies were never realistic. Kind of like watching Leave it to Beaver...obviously life wasn't all like that.

It's the broad themes you mention that are the focus, and it's only set within that notion that not everything is as rosy as it seems. People are oppressed through religion and fear, they are just blind to it.

Other than that...Reading is fundamental.:) Real history is often much more interesting than the stuff you see in movies and games.

dvewlsh1882d ago

The article, if you read it, mentions "Against the Day."

There are lot's of great books about that time period, yes. Doesn't mean that games don't have to provide commentary as well.