Battlefield 4: Everything We Know So Far

Battlefield 4 is set to be released tonight at the GDC event. Tomorrow, the debut trailer is set to be revealed online. Lately, there has been A TON of information, rumors, and speculation on Battlefield 4. Here is everything we know so far about BATTLEFIELD 4.

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unchartedxplorer1720d ago

I hope there is a higher chain of command for multiplayer, like a commander for each team. It's be a lot more more organised than people just running off in random directions.

KillerPwned1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

DICE made a comment earlier ago that they are bringing back the commander from BF2 but its not gonna be as expansive as the one in BF2. I wish I had the link for you but a simple google should do it.

gazgriff2k121720d ago

why so old go watch the trailer then post????????????????

RetrospectRealm1720d ago

This post was made before the reveal.

gazgriff2k121720d ago

but was post with out update after the reveal????????

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1720d ago

I wonder if Battlefield Premium members will get this for free considering has nothing new but slightly improved graphics. It's just Battlefield 3.5 and if anything it looks like DLC.

Pixel_Enemy1720d ago

Yeah and COD every year is not DLC..

Enemy1720d ago

More blue and orange posters, woot woot!

GABRIEL10301720d ago

I bought Battlefild 3 Premium and It's great¡

But the 4 is very similar to B3, the same vehicles, history, enemies and scenarios like the desert and the dunes :( . The game looks great, but It's version is 3.5.

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