Oddworld Inhabitants: PS4 is 'fantastic', 'no communciation' with Microsoft about new Xbox

Game developer Oddworld Inhabitants had great things to say about the PS4 in a recent interview but when asked about the next-generation Xbox a developer admitted they have had "no communication" with Microsoft about their new console.

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Godmars2901882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

So while Sony are showing themselves to be nothing but open, MS isn't talking, at all, to some 3rd party devs? Not that I think Oddworld Inhabitants are on good terms with them.

Still, aren't Xbox3 dev kits suppose to be out?

Not seeing it as a good thing for them if they're only talking to AAA devs. They're giving Sony too much room.

Viper71882d ago

Microsoft probably got very cautious after SuperDae leaked a lot of the Orbis and Durango stuff.

GribbleGrunger1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

I'm beginning to wonder about this. The fact that he says they've had 'no communication with Microsoft' has me stumped. Surely if the 720 was close to a reveal and the launch (supposedly) isn't going to be that far away, Microsoft would be making developers aware of it? I had assumed that a lot of developers have actually got development kits that are close to the finished product ... IF it IS releasing this year. I'm wondering if Sony actually DID catch them totally off guard and that they may well release a lot later than Sony.

We'll see but I do find this MS quietness puzzling. I know they would want to hold information back for the big reveal; however, it just seems odd that there are NO developers at all talking about their experience with the 720.

Of course there is one other way of looking at it: Microsoft 'may' (not a certainty) have the slightly weaker system and by letting the negative rumours persist they give themselves some leeway when they finally reveal their console. People who go into the reveal fearing the worse would gain a positive when the rumours are proven false. So instead of constant reports of it being weaker, we get constant reports that it doesn't block used games, isn't always online, doesn't require installs or won't require Kinect. Would that work though ... if I'm right? It may work in the short term but the question would eventually return to the specs, and of course the developer support.

Jaqen_Hghar1882d ago

A man believes that strategy would only work for a couple weeks of good press at most. When a customer looks at which to pre-order he will see the specs and games and fees associated...and choose accordingly.

AngelicIceDiamond1882d ago

I like your comment, It isn't aggressive, obviously biased, favored, but well thought out and something that the majority of people on here couldn't construct due to this sites extreme bias and lack of brain power.

Your comment regarding power.

MS could very well have a slightly weaker console like they did this gen which ultimately didn't matter besides exclusives.

The difference is the power will be utilized hopefully to its full potential come next gen, similar to what PC's been doing this gen, SIMILAR. One of the steps of doing that is opening up the console more. Sony has already shown interest and MS did show some interest late this gen with the 360.

I believe opening the console "PC Styled" developing wise is a super smart move by Sony and if rumors are true by MS as well, thanks to the x86 architect.

Cocozero1882d ago

Only the big publishers will be seeing the 720 MS doesn't want their new console leaking.

4lc4pon31882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Pfft big publishers. M$ barely has any pubishers, exclusives or anything. I awondered how the console stayed afloat

Arai1882d ago

Less than 1 month more and the Xbox 720 should make it's debut if the net is to be believed.
They might not have as many original IP's as Sony or studios at least they try with timed-exclusives.

BitbyDeath1882d ago

E3 makes more sense since that's where their countdown goes til.