‘PS4 Is Unusually Well Positioned’

IGN - The No. 1 PlayStation podcast on the Internet talks about PS4's chances against the next Xbox, Vita loves indies, and Jim Reilly returns.

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KingKelloggTheWH1666d ago

MS is kind of shooting its self in the foot by not showing or saying anything,they are just allowing Sony to let the hype train grow and grow.

Irishguy951665d ago

That's because they want to do it all at once during E3. If it ends up looking good at E3 and havign features the Ps4 doesn't have, it'll get the hype too. I'm 100% sure i'll be getting teh ps4 anyhow. I just need to see if the Nextbox will be worth it, I hope the reason they have left the 360 pissing in the wind is to focus on the Nextbox. I would buy a 720 if the first 3-4 years are as good as the 360's were.

THC CELL1665d ago

Bwhaha at Irish guy listen to these words Sony has something, don't u think they don't. Old saying save the best till last.

aCasualGamer1665d ago

Microsoft wants to do it all during E3, which is... kind of a clever approach. Although you guys don't like it, think about it for a second. Microsoft wants to steal the spotlight from Sony right? What better way to do it than to say "come E3, we not only will be revealing the new console but you'll EVERYTHING about it". They are trying to take the spotlight from Sony during E3, but it won't work in my opinion. This is why:

Sony has already revealed the specs, controller and a few titles(which is the perfect amount of info reveal during a console announcement imo) but they haven't showed the console or indepth interface, nor have they showed all their titles. There is still alot to be revealed from Sony during E3. If this wasn't the case, if Sony already had revealed all their next gen info during the PS meeting then Microsoft would be at a point of advantage during E3, but they are not.

Still, Sony should take notice of Microsofts lack of appearance these months leading up to E3 and plan to show atleast some new footage of a new PS4 title or new interviews about the system, or heck just the announcement of a new PS4 title. Just something to take advantage of this opportunity Microsoft handed them.

Then when E3 arrives, spill out everything, and i mean EVERYTHING. Not during the press conference(would be impossible given the amount of time they get) but during the show-floor. During all the interviews and previews from gaming media. Which i'm sure they'll do.

The pricepoint is the most important announcement of both these companies(not for me because i already preordered PS4 but for the general public and the shareholders), so they better make it right.

For me though, i can't believe how anti-gaming Microsoft has become as a company these last couple of years, sticking with the cards that they've got (which is pretty lackluster) and not forcing new IP's out there. Now that Sony has revealed PS4, you'd think Microsoft would follow suit and give the gamers something. Well i guess E3 will be one hell of a show this year.

All i hope is that Santa Monica Studios and Naughtydog reveal their new nextgen titles, because we all know, those will be the true system sellers. Think of these launch titles for PS4:

Killzone Shadow Fall
Infamous Second Son
New Naughtydog title
New Santa Monica Studios title

Those are 5 AAA titles at launch, which is probably a record breaker.

Those are first party, think about all the third party games that have been announced aswell:

Watch Dogs
Battlefield 4
Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes

kenshiro1001665d ago

I agree. You'd think they'll crash the party by now.

-Mezzo-1666d ago

The launch line up is looking insane, it's seems like there will be almost 7 must buy launch title's 'For Me'.

OlgerO1665d ago

I know what you mean, usually there only come about 4 games out in a year that I really need to play. At the moment for PS4 I want to play the following games
Killzone shadow fall
infamous second son
watch dogs
the witness
Assassin creed ( after the trailer )
And I might have forgotten one just so much to look forward to!!!

AJ Hartley1665d ago

Gdc today also possible mgs gz ps4, and theres still e3 left :0


reception to its trailer was a little cold in comparison to other games for some reason. FOOLS I SAY! knack will be one of the best ps4 launch games, hands down. COUNT IT!

Jaqen_Hghar1665d ago

A man will have to save money and only get KZ with his console at launch. Then a man will ask for Watch Dogs, Infamous, and a second controller at Xmas (if no Infamous by then than a man will ask for AC or Driveclub most likely).

Arai1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

I'm sure there will be something for everyone with that diverse lineup.
I'm more curious about the technical aspect of the console and the OS.

USEYOURFIST1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Edited as my comment no longer made sense coz of your edit lol, yep that line up is looking good and I'm interested mainly in the games but am intrigued by the os as not seen too much on that really

KillrateOmega1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

I would've expected MS to have done something by now. Not like a reveal or anything, but I thought that they would have at least released a significant statement or something. They're letting Sony just build momentum and hype without immediate competition.

Arai1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Rumor has it that MS paid Rockstar for some GTA5 exclusivity for their next console, hence why it was pushed back to September.
And they might have deal in place with EA in regards to BF4.

E3 can't come soon's more interesting when all cards are out on the deck.

TheModernKamikaze1665d ago

Still doing that timed exclusive thing?

Jdoki1665d ago

The timed exclusive thing is what killed my interest in the 360. It seemed like all MS were doing were spending money on a couple of months lead time and masses of marketing, at the expense of new IP or 1st party titles.

If that strategy continues I'll not be buying the next Xbox.

Skips1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

My guess about Microsoft's silence is because they won't even be competing with Sony for the same market next gen. They'll go for an easier one (Casual market) if the past E3s are anything to go by. And not to mention Kinect 2.0 and all those rumors from Edge who were spot on with the PS4.

Microsoft said themselves, they want the Xbox to be a casual "family friendly entertainment center" (which they've done a good job of showing) while Sony has been saying "it's all about the gamers" (which again, they've done a good job of showing).

If Microsoft were indeed going to compete with Sony for the same market next gen, they would have probably said something by now, and not just let the PS4 gain this much momentum and hype.

How many views has the PS4 trailer had already? Like almost 28 million? lol. And with the already incredible launch lineup and not to mention all those indie games at GDC, combined with what will be announced at E3. The hype is just going to be INSANE!

SpecialK1665d ago

MS will be going for all gaming audiences next gen, just like sony.

The ps4 will have some casual titles out at launch too, that's for sure. They just haven't shown much yet because casual gamer's wont be looking so far ahead and on gaming websites for this information. Right not is about attracting gamer's.

Not sure what MS will bring to the table at launch though. Halo 4 wasnt that long ago released, and gears has just been released.

If its going to compete there probably needs to be another big ip launch with a trailer like the one released for gears years ago.

N311V1665d ago

I think your right about MS not competing with Sony over the core gaming market but I don't think it's casuals they're interested in either. With their investment in a TV studio and talk of "interactive television" I think they want to become a set top box which can play games, an entertainment box as opposed to a console. They'll likely have good third party support due to their success this gen but I'm not expecting many exclusives out of them next gen.

abzdine1665d ago

i wish they released PS4 in september

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