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‘PS4 Is Unusually Well Positioned’

IGN - The No. 1 PlayStation podcast on the Internet talks about PS4's chances against the next Xbox, Vita loves indies, and Jim Reilly returns. (PS4)

KingKelloggTheWH  +   632d ago
MS is kind of shooting its self in the foot by not showing or saying anything,they are just allowing Sony to let the hype train grow and grow.
Irishguy95  +   631d ago
That's because they want to do it all at once during E3. If it ends up looking good at E3 and havign features the Ps4 doesn't have, it'll get the hype too. I'm 100% sure i'll be getting teh ps4 anyhow. I just need to see if the Nextbox will be worth it, I hope the reason they have left the 360 pissing in the wind is to focus on the Nextbox. I would buy a 720 if the first 3-4 years are as good as the 360's were.
THC CELL  +   631d ago
Bwhaha at Irish guy listen to these words Sony has something ready.for.ms, don't u think they don't. Old saying save the best till last.
aCasualGamer  +   631d ago
Microsoft wants to do it all during E3, which is... kind of a clever approach. Although you guys don't like it, think about it for a second. Microsoft wants to steal the spotlight from Sony right? What better way to do it than to say "come E3, we not only will be revealing the new console but you'll EVERYTHING about it". They are trying to take the spotlight from Sony during E3, but it won't work in my opinion. This is why:

Sony has already revealed the specs, controller and a few titles(which is the perfect amount of info reveal during a console announcement imo) but they haven't showed the console or indepth interface, nor have they showed all their titles. There is still alot to be revealed from Sony during E3. If this wasn't the case, if Sony already had revealed all their next gen info during the PS meeting then Microsoft would be at a point of advantage during E3, but they are not.

Still, Sony should take notice of Microsofts lack of appearance these months leading up to E3 and plan to show atleast some new footage of a new PS4 title or new interviews about the system, or heck just the announcement of a new PS4 title. Just something to take advantage of this opportunity Microsoft handed them.

Then when E3 arrives, spill out everything, and i mean EVERYTHING. Not during the press conference(would be impossible given the amount of time they get) but during the show-floor. During all the interviews and previews from gaming media. Which i'm sure they'll do.

The pricepoint is the most important announcement of both these companies(not for me because i already preordered PS4 but for the general public and the shareholders), so they better make it right.

For me though, i can't believe how anti-gaming Microsoft has become as a company these last couple of years, sticking with the cards that they've got (which is pretty lackluster) and not forcing new IP's out there. Now that Sony has revealed PS4, you'd think Microsoft would follow suit and give the gamers something. Well i guess E3 will be one hell of a show this year.

All i hope is that Santa Monica Studios and Naughtydog reveal their new nextgen titles, because we all know, those will be the true system sellers. Think of these launch titles for PS4:

Killzone Shadow Fall
Infamous Second Son
New Naughtydog title
New Santa Monica Studios title

Those are 5 AAA titles at launch, which is probably a record breaker.

Those are first party, think about all the third party games that have been announced aswell:

Watch Dogs
Battlefield 4
Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes
kenshiro100  +   631d ago
I agree. You'd think they'll crash the party by now.
-Mezzo-  +   632d ago
The launch line up is looking insane, it's seems like there will be almost 7 must buy launch title's 'For Me'.
OlgerO  +   631d ago
I know what you mean, usually there only come about 4 games out in a year that I really need to play. At the moment for PS4 I want to play the following games
Killzone shadow fall
infamous second son
watch dogs
the witness
Assassin creed ( after the trailer )
And I might have forgotten one just so much to look forward to!!!
AJ Hartley  +   631d ago
Gdc today also possible mgs gz ps4, and theres still e3 left :0
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   631d ago
reception to its trailer was a little cold in comparison to other games for some reason. FOOLS I SAY! knack will be one of the best ps4 launch games, hands down. COUNT IT!
Jaqen_Hghar  +   631d ago
A man will have to save money and only get KZ with his console at launch. Then a man will ask for Watch Dogs, Infamous, and a second controller at Xmas (if no Infamous by then than a man will ask for AC or Driveclub most likely).
Arai  +   631d ago
I'm sure there will be something for everyone with that diverse lineup.
I'm more curious about the technical aspect of the console and the OS.
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USEYOURFIST  +   631d ago
Edited as my comment no longer made sense coz of your edit lol, yep that line up is looking good and I'm interested mainly in the games but am intrigued by the os as not seen too much on that really
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KillrateOmega  +   631d ago
I would've expected MS to have done something by now. Not like a reveal or anything, but I thought that they would have at least released a significant statement or something. They're letting Sony just build momentum and hype without immediate competition.
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Arai  +   631d ago
Rumor has it that MS paid Rockstar for some GTA5 exclusivity for their next console, hence why it was pushed back to September.
And they might have deal in place with EA in regards to BF4.

E3 can't come soon enough...it's more interesting when all cards are out on the deck.
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TheModernKamikaze  +   631d ago
Still doing that timed exclusive thing?
Jdoki  +   631d ago
The timed exclusive thing is what killed my interest in the 360. It seemed like all MS were doing were spending money on a couple of months lead time and masses of marketing, at the expense of new IP or 1st party titles.

If that strategy continues I'll not be buying the next Xbox.
Skips  +   631d ago
My guess about Microsoft's silence is because they won't even be competing with Sony for the same market next gen. They'll go for an easier one (Casual market) if the past E3s are anything to go by. And not to mention Kinect 2.0 and all those rumors from Edge who were spot on with the PS4.

Microsoft said themselves, they want the Xbox to be a casual "family friendly entertainment center" (which they've done a good job of showing) while Sony has been saying "it's all about the gamers" (which again, they've done a good job of showing).

If Microsoft were indeed going to compete with Sony for the same market next gen, they would have probably said something by now, and not just let the PS4 gain this much momentum and hype.

How many views has the PS4 trailer had already? Like almost 28 million? lol. And with the already incredible launch lineup and not to mention all those indie games at GDC, combined with what will be announced at E3. The hype is just going to be INSANE!
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SpecialK  +   631d ago
MS will be going for all gaming audiences next gen, just like sony.

The ps4 will have some casual titles out at launch too, that's for sure. They just haven't shown much yet because casual gamer's wont be looking so far ahead and on gaming websites for this information. Right not is about attracting gamer's.

Not sure what MS will bring to the table at launch though. Halo 4 wasnt that long ago released, and gears has just been released.

If its going to compete there probably needs to be another big ip launch with a trailer like the one released for gears years ago.
N311V  +   631d ago
I think your right about MS not competing with Sony over the core gaming market but I don't think it's casuals they're interested in either. With their investment in a TV studio and talk of "interactive television" I think they want to become a set top box which can play games, an entertainment box as opposed to a console. They'll likely have good third party support due to their success this gen but I'm not expecting many exclusives out of them next gen.
abzdine  +   631d ago
i wish they released PS4 in september
Jaqen_Hghar  +   631d ago
a man would be ecstatic!
Arai  +   631d ago
Haha then imagine FFv13 (FF15) and the Last Guardian being PS4 games.
How crazy would that be?
Kaz Hirai is turning the company around and it clearly shows.
Kevin McCallister  +   631d ago
If that FF15/v13 rumor turns out to be true and it launches anywhere within 1-2 years of the PS4's life cycle, I don't see how Microsoft counters that... Indeed E3 is going to be ridiculous.
abzdine  +   631d ago
imagine a megaton Kingdom Hearts 3 on PS4 already at E3 or TGS!
Square have no choice but to release their big franchises on big scale to make profit next year. and with the rumor Sony is helping Square to develop FF15 and the recent huse losses they got, the same could happen for KH or any other big title from SE.
PS4isKing_82  +   631d ago
Can't believe how much Sony has turned around since the ps3 launched. It's like they've gone back to their ps1/ps2 days, just on steroids.
edonus  +   631d ago
IGN is a gaming politician. All they try to do is stay as relevant as possible with the crowds that are around. Truth reality honesty doesnt matter they just want to be looked at like they actually know something about the industry.

Since most of the "core" gamers that frequent these sites are Sony fans they come up with paint and persist lots of negative MS info and over exaggerate sony stuff.

Really what makes the Ps4 so well positioned, they announced that they have a new system and some new features and will be more powerful than their last system..... like every other system that comes after another. They still have the same franchises that sell OK but Killzone and Infamous arent really system sellers especially as of late.

Sony hasnt gained anything from their announcement but more time to show it off and by it i mean the bare bone info they gave, I mean how do you show off 8gbs of ram with no system running things in real time.

MS is chillin, ya'll act like its hard to show something more exciting than KNACK. HA

What is the Ps4 positioned against... the WiiU? because as of right now MS doesnt have another console.
clintagious650  +   631d ago
U been under a rock lately? U cant seriously be sitting here & acting like nothing is wrong with ms after GDC. I dont care how much of a 360 fanboy u are, wake up man. GDC has passed and nothing from MS, unless state of decay an xbl game blew your socks off other then that MS been a ghost. Lets "HOPE" they can bring it to e3 this time around.
edonus  +   631d ago
When i look at data I do so without any fanboy influences at all. I deal with this thing called "REALITY" it may be new to some and a little scary. But when thinking in reality you focus and base everything off of things that can be measured and/or touched.

I would consider myself a core gamer I purchase around 5-10 games a year rent a few others. I follow the "so called" news and I can tell you this. GDC is not a king maker E3 gains way more exposure and even they arent king makers so MS not showing off their new system there only disappoint less than 3% of the industry.

When MS wants to sell something they will by the commercial spots and ads.

Me personally am finishing maxing out Halo4 knocking out some DMC, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear as I could get the time to just got Gears and plan on riding into that for a few months (it has a great community and is one of my favorite franchises) and I will be trying to get some Bioshock in there.

Basically I have enough to keep me entertained and I dont need GDC blowing my socks to do so.

MS has money enough to do whatever they need to do. The truth is MS is in the best position for next gen but thats another story.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   631d ago
@ Edonus

Not to be disrespectful son...but you're full of it.
"MS has money enough to do whatever they need to do. The truth is MS is in the best position for next gen but thats another story."

With all this money that MS has and can do whatever they want, then how come Xbox 360 is the least selling console this gen when it came out a full year before the PS3 and the Wii?

And how come it's windows phone is struggling as well?

The reality is, how much money you have doesn't determine if people are going to want to buy your product. Sony showed a controller, and a bunch of new games that you will be using that controller for, and almost every single dev in existence is onboard with the PS4. Yet somehow, your "reality" tells you that MS is in a better position, without bringing sh!t to the table?

Does anybody here remember that Family Guy episode where they offered Peter the choice between getting a Boat, or a Mystery box? And he chose the "mystery box" with the rational that it might be a "boat"?
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dcbronco  +   631d ago
I agree with edonus. The people that are calling this thing over are Sony fans or crowd followers mostly. Or they are trying to generate hits for their sites because gamers are such easy marks. Microsoft has said nothing and shown nothing. But so many believe they have lost. Based on leaked specs that may or may not be real. Also based on the belief that someone not working with the equipment actually knows what the specs mean.

Companies release papers on theoretical ability of chips all the time. And they often don't meet the expectations. People need to wait to see what the next Xbox is actually capable of before they assume Sony has won anything. Both systems will have a lot of power and only time will tell what each company how each company uses it.

People are judging a debate after only one party has had a turn to speak.
nukeitall  +   631d ago
Remember when the PS Vita was revealed, it was cheered to high heavens. It was the second coming of Christ and the 3DS was dead in the water. A year and a half later and reality hits, PS Vita is dead in the water and 3DS is enjoying rife adoption!

Completely opposite!!!

It is more about management and execution, than a few events.

The market has changed significantly in one generation, and we will see who will adapt soon enough.
UnitSmiley  +   631d ago | Well said
Why do you think most people who frequent video game sites are Sony fans? Because it's Sony who is doing the most for us. It's not like Microsoft has been doing much for the core gamer recently.

Sonys job at their conference was to show that they aren't making the same mistakes they made with PS3. So far all the buzz for the PS4 has been positive from both gamers AND developers alike.

Killzone and Infamous sell millions and Sonys whole reason for not naming the games Killzone 4 or Infamous 3 is to expand the fanbase of these games. Not by making them casual, but by replacing the number at the end with a title like Shadow Fall or Second Son to make people not worry if they havn't played the previous games in the franchise. If the games are good, they will be system sellers.

The 8gb of gddr5 ram was a pleasant and unexpected surprise to the developers. No matter how you try to spin it, that's a huge positive.

Sony gained a lot with their announcement. Not only was the announcement a success, and trust me, it was a success as only the bitter fans of the other two companies are trying to downplay it while gaming sites and developers themselves are praising the thing left and right. But more importantly, it was was another step in gaining momentum.

Havn't you seen the articles popping up lately? Everyday more and more developers are talking about how Sony is easier to work with compared to Microsoft and even certain dev teams are sticking with Sony despite not being bought out with money (Quantic Dream).

GDC was recent, and we learned a whole lot about what Sony has done to make things easier for Indie devs, as well as announced a bunch of new indie games for PS4 and Vita. Meanwhile, in the most important GDC of the decade, Microsoft was nowhere to be seen.

I can't tell if you are worried about the Sony and the PS4 or the fact that...

It won't be launching 1-1.5 years later.
It won't be playing catch up with online features
It won't be a pain to develop for
It won't cost as much thanks to lower R&D cost-no cell
It won't lack strong launch titles
It won't be difficult for Indies to get on the PS4
But most importantly...
It WILL be focused on core gamers.

C'mon man. Get real.
SDF Repellent  +   631d ago

well said!
kenshiro100  +   631d ago
Blind as a bat. I expected that from you. Open your eyes, Sony is playing the right cards this time and unless Microsoft has something to top this news we've been hearing...they're in trouble.
clintagious650  +   631d ago
Honestly when I really think about it. MS just doesnt have the fire power to hit back right now. I mean Halo 4 & Gears already been launched and I cant really think of much they can strike back with right now.

E3 sounds like a better time for them to reveal maybe the next forza, fable & maybe some new IP's that can wow fans back & rumours of exclusive dlc from the next GTA & EA deal but will it be enough?

Reason I say this is because we know sony aint going to come empty handed to e3 aswell. I expect them to come with alot more fire power then we already seen plus a reveal of how the ps4 looks & price & release date. I think an Uncharted 4 reveal running on the ps4 alone would be killer at e3. E3 is shaping up to be an amazing one & dont count out nintendo either, they should be bringing fire aswell.
edonus  +   631d ago
They normally dont launch major established franchises with consoles because they are still going to be learning the system and trying to iron out the kinks. Basically and Uncharted on launch day would be way inferior to an Uncharted launched a year later.

As for fire power, the real fire power is money. Money Buys ads money gets games made. MS has enough franchises too. Launch franchises are normally your of the bench players. MS could do a Crackdown, or a Perfect Dark a Metro or maybe Alan Wake(its kind of a big deal). Not to mention the Kinect stuff that will automatically bring in the casuals.

Sony didnt really show that much stuff at their reveal so i'm sure they have something. I think the biggest positive sony can muster from their reveal is that if MS console has any of the features Ps4 has Sony can at least say they had it first.

I dont count Nintendo out but they are in fighting stance they too come out swinging this E3 or its going to get really bad for them.
JoeReno  +   631d ago
"I think the biggest positive sony can muster from their reveal is that if MS console has any of the features Ps4 has Sony can at least say they had it first."

Hahaha thats the biggest positive?? Then your "REALITY" is surely based in fanboi-ism.
StrongMan  +   631d ago | Well said
Whoa, whoa, whoa. First for Sony you say:

"They still have the same franchises that sell OK but Killzone and Infamous arent really system sellers especially as of late."

But then for MS you say:

"MS could do a Crackdown, or a Perfect Dark a Metro or maybe Alan Wake(its kind of a big deal)."

Killzone and Infamous sold more than ALL of those games. Then you say Alan Wake is "kind of a big deal" when it barely sold a million copies bundled. If that's "a big deal" then Killzone and Infamous are a huge deal. Plus Alan Wake and Metro are multi platform games. You don't need an Xbox to play those games.

You also said:

"As for fire power, the real fire power is money. Money Buys ads money gets games made."

Then why didn't those ads bought by money help Fable the Journey sell more than 150k copies? True, money gets games made but where are those games. I hear from some of you that Sony is dead broke but they are the ones getting new IPs made. The last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls are still coming for the PS3, Drive Club is announced for the PS4 and we know there will be more to come. Where are the new IPs from MS? So if "money gets games made" then Sony's got boatloads of money because they are making lots of games and new IPs. You claim to not be a fanboy but yours posts say otherwise.

"Not to mention the Kinect stuff that will automatically bring in the casuals."

I assure you the casuals are not going to buy a $400-$500 console when they just bought a $150 Kinect. Just ask Nintendo how well the casuals buy new hardware when they don't play the old one that they have.
#9.1.2 (Edited 631d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(2) | Report
edonus  +   631d ago
Strongman you are a perfect example of living outside reality and u=your comment again just shows how you have to twist and warp things so they fit in your world.

If you actually paid attention I said that launch franchises are normally your bench squad... meaning secondary games semi popular, that why it would make sense for Alan Wake and Crackdown. Because they are respected but not expected to be poster child franchises of the console.

Killzone and Infamous especially Killzone are more major franchises. Launch titles are normally for sacrifice.

As for sells yes KZ and Infamous would outsell on Alan Wake and Crackdown head to head. But a launch is different. During the launch period the console actually sells itself. The games are normally secondary.

As for ads they didnt advertise Fable the Journey. Do you remember TV commercials and ads plastered everywhere. No because they didnt do it. If MS really wanted Fable the Journey to sell they would have done it like they did Star Wars. Despite the insanity you hea around MS doesnt really push kinect games like that, they give most of them very small budgets if any budget at all to advertise.
Kinect sells enough software and makes enough money to were chasing ppl wouldnt really do anything especially when they can just do it when they bring their new system.

Sony has a bunch of studios under their belt. They didnt downsize as much as everyone else so their studios keep making games. It either that or just be a burden or close them. The market is not being kind to new ips this late in the cycle. Its noble of Sony to keep pushing out all these games but not necessarily smart. The reality is kinect since its has made more money and moved more software by itself than Sonys entire line exclusive line up combined over the same time.

But some how with you guys kinect dont count. All the games from kinect are new ips other than sequels of the new ips but again kinect dont count.

See the beauty about kinect 2 being standard is that the nextbox will sell to everyone competing with the same merits as the Ps4 but if a deciding factor is which one my family and kids will be able to enjoy too Kinect just got them a sell over the Ps4.

And dont compare what nintendo is doing to MS. They have botched their marketing all up. They said it was for the core but there games for it are casual. They are all over the place. MS is trying to bridge core and casual. thats there plan. If they do they will wipe the floor with the competition.
UnitSmiley  +   630d ago
Why do you keep bringing up money when it comes to Microsoft solving their problems.

"When MS wants to sell something they will by the commercial spots and ads."

"As for fire power, the real fire power is money. Money Buys ads money gets games made."

"If MS really wanted Fable the Journey to sell they would have done it like they did Star Wars"

Is that how all Microsoft fans think? That's pretty much it isn't? Throw money at the problem. Market SHITTY games like Star Wars for Kinect and get them to sell. Never mind they have the lowest number of exclusives and rely on the same ones, never mind that the quality of Kinect games are terrible.

Which leads me to my next point,

"But some how with you guys kinect dont count. All the games from kinect are new ips other than sequels of the new ips but again kinect dont count."

Yeah, obviously they don't count because they are casual bullshit games. Are you really comparing Kinect IP's to Sony IP's like The Last of Us or Beyond?

"The reality is kinect since its has made more money and moved more software by itself than Sonys entire line exclusive line up combined over the same time."

Yay, more money talk. Those games cannot be compared to any of Sonys exclusives. They are trash games that real gamers laugh at.

I laugh at all the so called "gamers" who act more like stock holders instead of gaming enthusiasts. Seriously, I wish people like you didn't exist in this industry. You are supporting a company that is taking the passion out of video games. A company that throws money at everything to sell crappy games and secure timed dlc and timed exclusives. Microsoft, and more importantly people who support their greedy, passionless ways need to exit the industry and stop ruining this hobby.

Real gamers will always prefer the console with the most quality games and experiences.

Sorry, but 4 exclusives and a bunch of shitty Kinect games just don't cut it.
Dojan123  +   631d ago
I see MS having big tie-ins with the PC, Surface and Mobile (Windows 8).

I plan to go PC and PS4 unless MS can blow me away with something not found on the PC. Maybe some type of feature for the TV. They do not have the studio's for a lot of new IP/Games.

Either way, competition is always good for us.

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