Nintendo: Super Smash Bros 'coming soon' on 3DS

In a press release today Nintendo mentioned Super Smash Bros as one of many titles 'coming soon' to the Nintendo 3DS.

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BigStef711643d ago

Can't wait!!! Hopefully the 3ds version of the game can hold its own compared to the WiiU version

darthv721643d ago

that in some way the 3ds can be played in tandem with the wii-u version. That would be cool.

kirbyu1643d ago

There's so much evidence towards it coming soon.

1. You can already pre-order it on Best Buy's website.

2. I saw an article that had it on the shelf at GameStop next to Donkey Kong 3D (which is now a thing)

3. This.

I'm hoping it's a quality game that comes out in late August.

mrbojingles1643d ago

august? you do know they're releasing donkey kong, animal crossing, mario & luigi, mario golf between May and September right? It won't be august.

November/December is much more likely.

GuruStarr781643d ago

I've got high hopes for this, even though I've never really gotten into any of the Smash Bros. games....

Of course, I didn't like the original Luigi's Mansion, But I'm LOVING LM2 on the 3DS!!

Hopefully this will do for me what LM2 did..

kirbyu1643d ago

I just got Luigi's Mannsion: Dark Moon. I can't wait to play it.

GuruStarr781643d ago

I picked it up on Sunday... it's amazing... I've been taking breaks here and there from playing it, but it hooks you in and there's a TON of stuff to find..

kirbyu1643d ago

You just spoiled it. That probably sounds weird or like a joke, but I like being surprised as possible when playing a new game.

Rockefellow1643d ago

It doesn't just sound weird, it sounds retarded. He spoiled literally nothing that would have surprised you or even informed you of things that wouldn't be known from the back of the game box.

GuruStarr781643d ago

Yeah... you're right.. I should have stated "major SPOILER alert" prior to my comment...


RockmanII71643d ago

3 months until E3, I'm assuming it's gonna get revealed there.

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