The Witcher 2: Top 10 Hottest Female Characters

In the Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, mature content is trivial. This action-adventure role playing game offers many opportunities to watch pretty ladies with very few clothes. Let’s find out who are the most suggestive female characters in the second game of the franchise.

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Linko641791d ago

Someone's played the game way too much

Irishguy951791d ago

Well at least someone noticed CD Projekt RED's efforts

Gamer-401791d ago

Triss the best.
The Witcher 2 awesome game, awesome design.
One best game current generation.

unicronic1791d ago

Funny how every one of those 10 women look like the same person over and over again.

Is that the secret ending to the game realizing that it has been the same woman changing her appearance and pretending to be someone else like in a Monty Python sketch?

Senyra1791d ago

Yes, I've noticed that too. The face model used for most females is very similar. The top 3 of my list have nearly the same face... and hair too. Triss and Sabrina are both red haired, I had a hard time deciding the first and second places.

RandomGamer1791d ago

God I can't wait until Witcher 3

1791d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.