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Divekick Is The Smartest, Most Absurd Two-Button Fighting Game I've Ever Played

Kotaku - A fighting game that has only two buttons--and that only has one-hit kills. A fighting game dreamed up as a joke but now targeted for the pro fighting scene. A game that will be playable on PC, PS3 or, most ridiculously, by two players on one PlayStation Vita. (Divekick, PC, PS Vita)

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caseh  +   926d ago
'A fighting game dreamed up as a joke but now targeted for the pro fighting scene'

1-hit kills and no joystick...no further comment required.
HmongAmerican  +   926d ago
It should be call kicking game not fighting.
yewles1  +   926d ago
I wonder if the developer realizes the potential difficulty in finding a fanbase with a sense of humor?
HammadTheBeast  +   926d ago
Up to $5 I'd try it.
profgerbik  +   926d ago
This is a little too much for me to take in. I heard about it but expected nothing of the sort.
Bathyj  +   926d ago
Anyone remember Karate Champ?

2 joysticks, no buttons.
caseh  +   926d ago
Karate Champ actually had a ton of moves you could do though rather than just jumping and kicking.
Bathyj  +   926d ago
Hell yeah. You could defeat Bulls and China plates.

I think it might have been a sequel that even had a 3 player mode.
Insomnia_84  +   926d ago
wtf?! lol
Tonester925  +   926d ago
Developers make black people so corny
wollie  +   926d ago
this is awesome
izumo_lee  +   926d ago
I said once before. This is the perfect game to play at a party with you & all your friends hammered.

Oh the hilarity that will ensue is like bliss.

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