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The Sony Hype Train Vs Microsoft's Past Success

BigBoxGaming looks at the strengths and weaknesses from each company's last gen consoles and where they are headed now. Sony "learning from their beatings," Microsoft "home entertainment," and the zune. (Industry, Next-Gen, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

JoGam  +   885d ago
Sony hype train? MS past success? WTF. Gotta love these titles.
MikeMyers  +   885d ago
I guess they have to continue to feed the frenzy that still plagues the internet and how there must always be a winner and a loser. It's pretty evident the console wars will continue into next gen, especially the Sony versus Microsoft camp.

The PS3 gained traction from a gamers perspective later on while the Xbox 360 did quite the opposite. Now it seems Sony is continuing that pattern while learning from past mistakes and listening more closely to game developers. Meanwhile Microsoft managed to expand the marketing brand of the Xbox 360 but also forgot about the hardcore gamer in the process. So it will be interesting to see just how committed they are to gaming, especially the more serious gamer.

What is evident however is that forums don't really dictate what will be successful or not or what the mainstream consumer wants. Year after year we see games like Call of Duty outsell all others but on forums it's as though nobody will buy it. The Wii was laughed at for it's power and casual gaming yet it sold more than the other systems. So again there is no real correlation between what people say here for example and what people actually purchase. What we do know is the more hardened gamer will likely be on the forums.

Right now the PS4 looks to be offering gamers a great console while Microsoft remains totally quiet. Of course that means the internet is buzzing and drawing their own conclusions going off little bits of rumors. I'm not ruling out that Microsoft will deliver or am I ruling out they won't.
EVILDEAD360  +   885d ago
What's happening at the current moment literally happens every year before E3.

If Sony has something announced game or otherwise and MS doesn't then the fan bloggers and detractors spin it as they see fit in the interim.

In this case, Sony decided to announce first and MS is widely keeping the lid shut after the SuperDae leaks and doc that got out.

Sony is trying to make up for weaknesses last gen and by E3 your probably going to see MS make up for theirs.

MS never abandoned the 360 core and found success expanding their audience through Xbox Live and Kinect.

What your seeing as time goes on is that no matter what mainstream hype Sony gets for their reveal, the same press will be sure to mention that soon MS is going to announce its console as well.

The 720 is he 300-pound elephant in the room. While you can argue hype for one, then you can argue anticipation for the other.

What is a known factor like every year, when it's all said and done is that when E3 is over it'll be an entirely different ball game.

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gabescow  +   885d ago
Hype doesn't have to be a bad thing. It's when you don't deliver that you can get into trouble.

Whatever the outcome I am ready for this next gen to start, and can't wait to see what both systems will bring to the table.

Though right now Sony looks to be my first purchase.
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amiga-man  +   885d ago
M$ biggest success this gen has been getting away with charging a subscription fee for people to access THIER internet, a success for M$ but a huge minus for gamers.

Unless that changes I will stick with the PS4 next gen and leave the mugs to pay the M$ internet tax.
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gabescow  +   885d ago
Some of Microsoft's tactics do seem pretty ridiculous. They are like the bottled water of the video game industry..." you do realize you can get that for free don't you?"
FrigidDARKNESS  +   885d ago
Sony hype train will come to a screeching halt once the next xbox is unvetl. Lol at the folks on this site declaring Sony ps4 victory in next gen when they havent sold one console.
southernbanana  +   884d ago
Although I could care less who the "victor" is, it was the same way when the current gen started......
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nolifeking  +   885d ago
Sony fanboy site am I right?!?!

To the point, realistically, Sony wins both. They (SONY) currently hold the hype card with all the recent news and coverage. At the same time success is no stranger to them, considering they have two gens firmly in pocket. MS being even with Sony is a more phirric (sp) victory considering the expenditures of each gaming division.

Bottom line: doing better than last time doesn't really say much.
Agent_hitman  +   885d ago
Hope they both succeed next gen. The gaming industry is in chaos lately due to poor sales in north america..
InTheLab  +   885d ago
According to the article, Sony did nothing right and MS made all the right moves. Mostly because the author chose to ignore what Sony did right and what MS did wrong. PS+ is the best thing in the industry right now. Blu Ray beat HDDvD and the Xbox's ridiculous $200 add on. Free online is why Sony sold more PS3's than MS sold Xbox even with a year head start.
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slampunk  +   884d ago
MS did have success....They launched first, had a far better online network (Sony has caught up and PS+ is good), had a more developer friendly console and took around 50% of sony's market share in one generation.....

Fast forward to this gen..... Sony announce first, having a developer friendly console with a big increase in their online features.....By doing this, Sony is bascially admitting it's mistakes and using what has worked for its opposition this gen....

From a business point of view (unless you're a blind fanboy) you must acknowledge MS success this gen. Sony did by adopting the same/similar strategy this gen...
Max-Zorin  +   884d ago
These comments is proof that Sony and MS fanboys need to meet up and fight already.
Jakens  +   883d ago
I think MS fans and Sony fans will shake hands around E3 and be best friends. No more console wars to speak of.

Everyone knows it will happen.

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