Three new Square Enix trademarks

Square Enix has filed a trademark request in the US Patent Office for Party Castle, Sigma Harmonics and Song Summoner.

The first, Party Castle, seems to be the English name of Itadaki Street DS which means the game will be released in North America and Europe sometime soon. The others are probably new IP's, although we have absolutely no idea.

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Sev3334d ago

I wish they would trade mark TURN BASED RPG.

I am sick of all this real time crap. Where is the strategy?
I want an RPG, not a button masher.

How about they finish the other games they announced, before they start thinking of more games.

Party Castle? Must be a Wii or DS game.

The gaming GOD3334d ago

I thought the SAME THING. Yeah almost 100% wii or ds title.

Baliw3334d ago

Looks like Alundra was a mistake then. Maybe you mean full 3D RPGs.
Give us back the old skool RPGs. Even the ones like 'Eye of the beholder', 'Black Crypt', early 'Wizardry', early 'Magic & Magic'... would be great.

Trick Nolte3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

Boring news about square

smokeymicpot3334d ago

Final fantasy party imagine that you see cloud jump for blocks on top of his head. Hopefully there good it will most likely be for Nintendo. It could be for playstation you never know

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