PlayStation 4 Catches Second Wind at GDC

Push Square: "Sony’s decision to announce the PlayStation 4 early is looking smarter all of the time. While its competitors prompt ire from parts of the media and the development community for locking their next generation endeavours behind closed doors, the PlayStation manufacturer is currently strutting around San Francisco at the Game Developers Conference, where it’s sealing deals and revealing new games."

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NatureOfLogic1913d ago

It seems that Sony is making all the right moves for next gen.

JoGam1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

I swear, If i had to choose 1 console, 1 company, l would choose Sony. Honestly lets forget this gen and only look at what Sony been doing the weeks leading up to the February reveal of PS4. From advertising, to friendly hardware, to getting delvelopers excited, and pretty much guaranteeing the future with indies, Sony has done everything right. I mean why not be excited sheesh? If the hype train is the new term for excitement, then where do i buy a damn ticket?

VonBraunschweigg1913d ago

Boarding trains without tickets huh? And let's not forget this gen, let's enjoy it some more. Between MotorStorm and Ascension I played some pretty good games over the years.

darthv721913d ago

I like positive stories on this site. There is positives in almost anything but lately it was as if there was such a focus on the nagative side of things we didnt even know yet.

Meaning all the doom and gloom for the next xbox when it hasnt been revealed. i swear it was taking up so much of peoples time that it was overshadowing the good stuff that needed to be reported.

Like this article of Sony and indie game development. its a win win for all gamers. indie games are some of my favorite. Be it for psn, xbl or wiiware, you have to admit that these guys are creative thinkers. something that we have been in need of for a long time.

Not to say the big companies arent creative but lately they have been playing it safe with the call of duty's and the increasing number of sequels or hd remakes of popular games. We need more risk takers and the indie community is where those takers are turning into givers.

No matter the platform, if we can continue to get a steady stream of fresh original creative content then we all win.

miyamoto1913d ago

PS4 = PositiveStation 4

Godz Kastro1912d ago

no sir, I am not going to conveniently forget this gen. Talk is just that talk. When the system is in my home and I am playing it I will decide then. Thnx

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StrongMan1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Yep. Sony is red hot with core gamers.

iGAM3R-VIII1913d ago

Sony were smart to do this, they probably thought about it and realised that if they did it before GDC and E3, they would have room for more major stuff to tell us

WitWolfy1912d ago

I dunno... Sony always does this before E3. Shows off all their new titles too early and by the time E3 comes there's nothing more to brag about...

Im hoping they leave all the heavy hitters for E3 so they still have more to blow us away with when E3 arrives this time...

DOMination-1912d ago

They've really been guilty of that the last two years but i have a good vibe that this tear they still have some good things to reveal.

kneon1912d ago

I don't expect too many new announcements for E3, sure we'll finally see what the PS4 looks like and there will be a few new games.

But this approach of trickling out new info for months before e3 is actually a good strategy. By doing it this way they make sure that they are always in the news. If they just did everything at e3 then the it would all be over in a couple of weeks. Plus many announcements would get lost in the noise.

Alcohog1912d ago


There is a reason they do that. Things get drowned in the E3 news blitz. You get more exposure and maintain momentum by spreading it out. It's a marketing strategy.

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stuna11913d ago

The fact that Sony made a pre-emptive strike has put them in a good position to control the gaming battle ground and all moves made by competitors would be in response of that!

Many may not like it, but as of now Sony has the better hand.

PS4isKing_821913d ago

I know right. This is how Sony used to do during ps1/ps2 days. It feels like they already have next gen on lockdown and it hasnt even launched yet. I feel the ps4 will surpass the ps2 as the best console ever. It certainly has the potential as everyone can't stop talking about it now.

Go Sony!!!!!

ps3_pwns1912d ago

sadly there are still some gamers out there who will make the wrong move with this gen and the next and buy yet another system that doesnt maximize there entertainment center and the gaming needs of a hardcore gamer. Everyone will be playing on the ps4 next gen and there will be a lot more exclusives and exclusive content on the ps4. it is inevitable. im still trying to figure out the way some of these guys think though lol. 90% of gaming news is new playstation games and exclusives and consoles and the other 10% xbox360 multiplats and xbox live fees. the logical choice one shouuld make under these circumstances is a ps4 future for all!!

Themba761912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

I do like where the PS4 is headed (this is an xbox gamer talkin here) mainly cus I'm a hardcore gamer been doing it fo 30 yr's. It seems like microsoft may go for the casual crowd you know the type that play nothing but COD on consoles and angrybirds on there ios devices.So I might have to consider sony. Also PS2 is not the best system ever it's the super nintendo.

InMyOpinion1912d ago

I want to see what MS has on offer before making any decisions. I have no idea what they have to show since they haven't announced anything yet.

It seems like the rational thing to do, unless you swear allegiance to Sony or some other company.

rainslacker1912d ago

If Sony is the only one providing news on their new console right now then obviously it's going to look better for them.

I'm definitely getting a PS4, but still want to see what MS has to offer, and it may be worth waiting on their announcement before writing them off.

abzdine1912d ago

good to see huge corp like Sony learning from their mistakes, it's only good for the future.

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Bumpmapping1913d ago

Playstation 4 Life this is why the Playstation brand is one the most popular brands in gaming because Sony caters to gamers first.

1nsomniac1913d ago

...yea...lets just forget the last 7 years existed...

saint_seya1913d ago

Your point 1nsomniac?
The last 7 years i saw great games on ps3.. so idk what are you talking about..

Jessewb1913d ago

I don't get what you're getting at. Even these last 7 years, neither Nintendo or Xbox cared about core gamers more than Sony, and specially near the end Microsoft really went overboard with Kinect.

1nsomniac1913d ago

Sorry, forgot where I was...

Axe991913d ago

I've got a PC, 360 and PS3, and had a Wii, and for someone that likes more than just arcade shooters, the PS3 was my go-to console, and when I wasn't in the mood for strategy games (I'm not into MMOs mind) my go-to entertainment device. The Wii's core game library was thin, while the 360's exclusives library was very narrow (deep, but narrow - noting I've got a PC, so when I say 'exclusive', I mean not available anywhere else, not just not available on console).

At the end of the day, if I was stuck with just one of those platforms, I'd have taken the PS3. If it was two, it'd be PS3 and PC. In that context, a comment like "let's just forget the last 7 years existed" suggests you were only barely aware what was happening in them ;).

Hicken1913d ago

You forgot not everyone like Halo, Forza, and Gears?

Ezz20131912d ago


*yea...lets just forget the last 7 years existed*

why would any one do that ?!
ps3 have been awesome since 2008
for me it was by far the best console this gen

*Sorry, forgot where I was*

nice comeback /S

insomnium21912d ago

That's real classy. First say something against facts and rational thinking. Then brush the counterarguments off by saying "Sorry, forgot where I was... ".

Too bad for you your comeback is not quite as powahfull since noone went apeshit cause of your comment. Sadface.

I tell you internet is the only place where these cowards have any balls.

ps3_pwns1912d ago

the last 7 years was great and guess which console is still standing and going strong with even more exclusives and games then ever before the playstation 3. the wii dead, the x360 on multiplat life support.
ps3 beyond 2 souls, the last of us, god of war acension, KH HD collection, final fantasy X HD collection, ni no kuni, one piece kaizou muso, sly cooper 4 at lowered price exlcusive game content everywhere.
dont forget blueray movie capabilities love watching the avengers phase one collection on blueray
im done with you and the same 3 games a year on the x360. halo, cod, and gears lol pathetic.

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ICECREAM1913d ago

Now I' am convinced that they can do wonders with Gaikai.

I get knocked down
But I get up again
You're never going to keep me down

BitbyDeath1913d ago

Is the PS4 conference today or tomorrow?

ABizzel11913d ago

I don't think it's a conference, but Sony was suppose to announce something on Wednesday.

MGS Phantom Pain / Ground Zero / 5?

BitbyDeath1913d ago

Thanks, have a helpful bubble.

Agent_00_Revan1912d ago

Holy Crap! I've been remembering All week, and today rolls around and I almost forgot it's tonight. Thanks for reminding me!

Felonycarclub81912d ago

Its tomorrow and if am right they are talking about ps4 and its supposed to be an hour long, I wonder if they will show any games.

YodaCracker1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Sony pretty much had to take the initiative and announce the PS4 first. Microsoft is in a much more comfortable position this time around to sit back and see what the competition is up to. Things sure have changed dramatically for these companies over the course of one gen; transfer of power and all.

MysticStrummer1913d ago

If power was transferred it was to Nintendo. Unfortunately it appears they're headed back down the ladder now but WiiU's not dead quite yet. MS started off first in sales and they gained market share, but now they're struggling to hold onto second, if they haven't already been bumped to third. Either way they'll be in third before the end of the race, assuming sales stay like they are and have been for a long time. Of course compared to last gen MS would have had to do something pretty drastic not to gain market share, while Sony's domination last gen made it all but impossible for them not to lose market share. In any case, market share will reset to zero and we'll see what happens then. Sony definitely wanted to get their next gen console in the public minds first and so far it's worked out for them, but anything can happen.

darthv721913d ago

i dont think MS is as concerned with how they finish. I mean they really made some efforts to be a more serious role in this console generation. they surpassed their 1st xbox by a significant margin.

They slowed the growth of sony but at the same time both sony and MS watched as nintendo took the sales lead in the one market neither of them really took seriously...casual entertainment.

So in the end (if this is the end) MS can look at the market share they achieved and still call it a success. If MS decided to not make a 3rd system but instead focus on making PC/Tablet/phone gaming their platform of choice then so be it.

They had a good run and no one can deny them that feeling of success. Sort of, go out on top rather than risk losing out on a 3rd system like all other console companies have done.

S2Killinit1913d ago

not if consumer consensus is any indication. In the past three years Microsoft has been dealt a big blow. the reason I can point to is that their model of purchasing exclusivity no longer suffices since Sony was able to match (and as of right now exceed) xbox in hardware sales. That meant Microsoft would have had to pay even more for those exclusives or timed exclusives whereas Sony has a huge arsenal of first party development constantly pumping out exclusive games. This IMO is the reason why Microsoft left the core gaming, because they could no longer compete in the same arena (hardcore games) so they adopted a new approach, which was to aim for casual gamers to maintain hardware sales, And make profit(of course). So your argument about Sony having to come out first because they were in a "disadvantages" position is somewhat faulty. If you think about it, Right this minute, which company seems to be on the rise? answer is Playstation. if both companies were to be forbidden from coming out with new consoles, Sony would be in a better position at this moment.

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