The Five Most Anticipated Vita Games of 2013's Adam Radcliffe shares his top five upcoming games for the PlayStation Vita.

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Apollosupreme1886d ago

Never heard of "Frozen Synapse Tactics" but it sort of looks like MGS VR missions, only over head perspective....

I'd like to see Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, ported and enhanced for the Vita. That's one of my favorite 3DS games and the 3D effect adds little to the experience for this particular game so a port would be fine. The game is a lot of fun on the Vita, trust me. AND there is nothing like it currently on the Vita as far as I know. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

o-Sunny-o1886d ago

Soul Sacrifice mine! Phantasy Star Online mine! Killzone Mercenary mine! Tearaway mine! FFX HD mine! What else just say it and it will be mine. Love Vita thus far!