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Submitted by beer_baron 979d ago | video

BioShock Infinite Xbox 360 vs PC On Ultra Graphics Comparison 1080p

Graphics comparison of BioShock Infinite, recorded on the Xbox 360 in 1080p, and the PC in 1080p on Ultra settings. (BioShock: Infinite, PC, Xbox 360)

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chukamachine  +   979d ago
Dude you should have put on v-sync, the pc is tearing badly.
Snookies12  +   979d ago
V-sync... Always the right choice, lol.
adorie  +   979d ago
Dat tear. Makes my eyes hurt. Color is washed out. My game looks like an acid trip after calibration.

Off-topicish, I think I saw tearing on the PS3 version in another article. :T
kB0  +   979d ago
I never put V-sync...i'd rather have the response time. I can deal with tearing most of the time I never see it...
only a handful of games can have v-sync and not effect aim or mouse movement....from what I've seen.
papashango  +   979d ago
you can disable vsync. It all falls on the quality of your monitor.

I personally recommend the 120hz acer gd235hz I experience zero to very minimal screen tearing in all games with vsync off
badz149  +   979d ago
Is this some kind of an attemp to make the 360 looks good? If not, why is the pc version looks so washed out? All those expensive GPU just to get graphics like THAT? No, thank you!
explicitd  +   979d ago
What does v-sync do?
rajman  +   979d ago
Vsync is a video option that reduces/stops screen tearing. It forces the game to match the refresh rate on your monitor, which can virtually stop most tearing problems, but in many cases is quite stressful on your system and may result in a performance drop.
But in a nutshell; Vsync makes a game look better, but will probably make it run slower (This depends on your own system and hardware).
The_Infected  +   979d ago
Here you go to much to type...
explicitd  +   979d ago
So why would v-sync matter if you're doing direct capture, and it's not necessarily going to a monitor?
adorie  +   979d ago
Basically, if your game runs above 60 FPS and your monitor is only 60hz, there will be tearing.

That is just the basic example, through my experience with Vsync.
Nick_515  +   979d ago
That doesn't really matter. I'm sure the capture device only records 60fps anyway, but even if it didn't, framerate fluctuates and that's what vsync does, makes the framerate stay at 60 so that it matches up.
Lior  +   979d ago
xbox is very soft and grainy, need to download the new nvidia driver tonight when i get back i got like 40-60fps on my gtx 680 on ultra so hopefully it will be a smooth 60 when i download it.
3-4-5  +   979d ago
Why does the Xbox360 have better colors ?

PC was way too washed out. Colors aren't that bland in real life. They are rich and vibrant.
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RedDeadLB  +   979d ago
Doesn't look significantly different IMO.
brich233  +   979d ago
Its the same game, but from a crappy youtube quality compression video, you wont be able to tell the diffrence. But there is a noticeable diffrence.
kevnb  +   979d ago
well the capture from pc looks washed out, but there are entire objects/details missing on 360. The 360 version also looks like its in slow motion, im guessing because the framerate sucks even when nothing is going on.
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chasedagreat  +   979d ago
the big bad ultra PC bottom line doesnt look so great.
what did u spend all that extra $$$$$ graphic card for.
TardcoreGamer   979d ago | Offensive
KillrateOmega  +   979d ago
Articles like these are just pointless. Yes, we know that the PC-version, with its superior hardware, will look better, even if it's only a marginal difference. Everybody may not admit it, but we all know this.
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explicitd  +   979d ago
I wouldn't say pointless. Some PC ports don't look much better than their console versions at all, and some look dramatically different.
KillrateOmega  +   979d ago
I know, but often times it feels like these articles are only created to reiterate the fact that PCs have better graphical potential.

A better comparison would be between the 360- and PS3- versions, because the hardware is similar in terms of age and overall quality.
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jjb1981  +   979d ago
Why not compare Xbox to ps3
BLow  +   979d ago
Let me guess. The PC version is better. Shocking!!! I really thought the 8 year old console would win.

BattleTorn  +   979d ago
well, it, in fact, does! Cause, ya see, developers have had more time with the hardware.....yaddayadda

BLow  +   979d ago
Oops maybe I should have put the s/ just on the last sentence. That was the sarcastic part. Oh well, that's what I thought in my head but typed it wrong. Internet police arrest me...haha
AdmiralSnake  +   979d ago
I can actually see the difference in terms of the textures and the water particles and effects looks absolutely amazing on the PC.
megalonagyix  +   979d ago
Yep. Look at the particle details on the boat
4lc4pon3  +   979d ago
this is a piss poor comparison. you borked the whole video. do it over the right way
azshorty2003  +   979d ago
Thank you for the video, but if you're going to do a comparison video like that, at least do the same thing in each clip. In the solo PC clip he looked one way, and in the 360 clip he was looking in another. Made it had to tell the comparison.

Plus, I assume it didn't transfer well from the capture to youtube to stream, because I could hardly tell the difference except maybe some textures.
ATiElite  +   979d ago
Bioshock Infinite like most multi-plats was made to run on the good OLD and Slow Xbox360.

The PC version just has higher frame rates, better post processing, and Higher fidelity but over all not much difference between the to unlike say like BF3 console vs. BF3 PC where BF3 was PC first then ported down.

Now there are many scenes that really show the power of the PC over the X360 but not in this Demo but like I said not much difference anyway as Bioshock Infinite was made to run on the x360.

I'm sure Bioshock Infinite will get some Super Duper Graphics patches and take things to the next Level like how SKyrim PC with mods is GODLY compared to console version.

Either way Bioshock Infinite looks and plays well no matter the Platform so run out and buy it.
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ado908  +   979d ago
I hate to be that guy but to me the 360 version looks better. Don't know if I need my eyes checked but it's as I see it. Everyone on youtube says the 360 version looks better and everybody here says PC version looks better.

As for the above post like ATiElite I honestly don't know how you can tell the that the PC version in this comparison has higher frame rate or better post processing. What the hell is "better fidelity" suppose to mean? It is more faithful? I hate when people use wrong words for the wrong meaning. It's like they are purposely using these kinds of words to make PC game something bigger.. To me it looks evenly matched with the 360 version having more vibrant colors. Also you do notice quite a bit of screen tearing on the PC version.
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ufo8mycat  +   979d ago
Nah the PC version does look better, that video is not a 100% good representation, but the differences are still pretty small.

Yes the differences in 90% of multiplatform games is not that BIG between PC and 360 or PS3.

Blame the developers for ports and not willing to take advantage of PC hardware, except for DICE and Crytek
ado908  +   978d ago
That is not what I understand. If the video is not a good presentation of how the PC version looks then doesn't it mean the 360 version isn't either?

I bet if the person just turned the contrast up a bit on his monitor the game would have more vibrant colors on the PC version.
PersonMan  +   979d ago
The only thing this video did is remind me of why I hate playing games with a mouse. Just about gave me a headache watching him spin around really fast and look around all jerky. Ugh. Controllers give you much smoother panning.
FragMnTagM  +   979d ago
You can change the acceleration of the mouse (mouse sensitivity) to suit your play style and is more accurate than a joystick, even an el cheapo mouse.

But if you really hate the mouse as much as I did, use a controller of your choice. There are literally thousands of different choices for input devices for a computer, including PS3 and XBOX 360 remotes.

I don't see this as a big deal, as it is (very) easy to change a setting or use any controller you want.
PersonMan  +   978d ago
I do use a controller on PC. I never said I didn't. This video reminded me of what it's like to use a mouse.
ufo8mycat  +   979d ago
Having got the game on both PC and 360. Ended up getting the PC game first, because I LOVE Bioshock and I just couldn't wait for the next day, so had to grab it straight away and wait for it to unlock at midnight, it really boggles my mind with the small differences with the game between the 2 platforms. This doesn't just go for this game, but about 90% of multiplatform games. This is comparing it to Ultra settings. Switching between the 2 versions on my HDTV about 10 times in disbelief at the small differences. It still shocks me to this day, even after seeing the small differences with 90% of other games. (BF4 and Crysis 3 are an exception - BIG difference there)

You would think that the game would look 20x better given that it is running on hardware that is 20x more powerful. Even though I prefer gaming on console and just use my gaming PC for PC exclusives and Steam Indie games, I feel that people who invest in high-end PC hardware are really getting the short end of the stick in a way.

Obviously the problem is caused by it being ported. Developers start on consoles and pretty much just polish up the textures and add more detail, with your GFX card just adding the AA etc. Games like BF4 and Crysis 3 are different, as the developers decide to not only lead on PC, but actually take advantage of the high-end PC hardware. It's a shame its only 2 games that make use of high-end PC hardware though.

It really is a shame and people wonder why the PC market is so tiny compared to the console market, mainly because the hardware isn't taken full advantage with 90% of games, providing no real reason to switch.

To me personally it doesnt reeally matter as I am not sensitive to graphics, or lack of 60fps or no AA etc, but I know that most PC gamers are, so they deserve to get the highest quality that the hardware can dish out.

Such a shame.
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josephayal  +   978d ago
i saw much more detail in the blu-ray version
medman  +   978d ago
People are still arguing over this nonsense? The game is great, regardless of which platform you get it for. PC gamers seem to have a stick up their ass about consoles. Nobody cares. Console games sell better than their PC counterparts for a reason.
Tzuno  +   978d ago
The same difference will be between next gen consoles and current gen consoles ahahahhhhhhhhh. Mark my words.
ksimm7284  +   977d ago
First of all I am a console gamer. I own this game on pc and I can tell you it looks so much better than that. Obviously this guy doesn't have his graphics on ultra, in fact in looks like he has them set to low. Also his brightness is set way too high. I very rarely buy a game for PC, but in this case I'm glad I did. The graphics are absolutely stunning, despite this deceptive video. Before you bash me please read the first sentence again. I am and always will be a console gamer. I will sacrifice graphics for a good old controller any day, except for a title such as this.

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