BioShock Infinite Xbox 360 vs PC On Ultra Graphics Comparison 1080p

Graphics comparison of BioShock Infinite, recorded on the Xbox 360 in 1080p, and the PC in 1080p on Ultra settings.

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chukamachine2093d ago

Dude you should have put on v-sync, the pc is tearing badly.

Snookies122093d ago

V-sync... Always the right choice, lol.

adorie2093d ago

Dat tear. Makes my eyes hurt. Color is washed out. My game looks like an acid trip after calibration.

Off-topicish, I think I saw tearing on the PS3 version in another article. :T

kB02093d ago

I never put V-sync...i'd rather have the response time. I can deal with tearing most of the time I never see it...
only a handful of games can have v-sync and not effect aim or mouse movement....from what I've seen.

papashango2092d ago

you can disable vsync. It all falls on the quality of your monitor.

I personally recommend the 120hz acer gd235hz I experience zero to very minimal screen tearing in all games with vsync off

badz1492092d ago

Is this some kind of an attemp to make the 360 looks good? If not, why is the pc version looks so washed out? All those expensive GPU just to get graphics like THAT? No, thank you!

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rajman2093d ago

Vsync is a video option that reduces/stops screen tearing. It forces the game to match the refresh rate on your monitor, which can virtually stop most tearing problems, but in many cases is quite stressful on your system and may result in a performance drop.
But in a nutshell; Vsync makes a game look better, but will probably make it run slower (This depends on your own system and hardware).

2093d ago
explicitd2093d ago

So why would v-sync matter if you're doing direct capture, and it's not necessarily going to a monitor?

adorie2093d ago

Basically, if your game runs above 60 FPS and your monitor is only 60hz, there will be tearing.

That is just the basic example, through my experience with Vsync.

Nick_5152093d ago

That doesn't really matter. I'm sure the capture device only records 60fps anyway, but even if it didn't, framerate fluctuates and that's what vsync does, makes the framerate stay at 60 so that it matches up.

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Lior2093d ago

xbox is very soft and grainy, need to download the new nvidia driver tonight when i get back i got like 40-60fps on my gtx 680 on ultra so hopefully it will be a smooth 60 when i download it.

3-4-52093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Why does the Xbox360 have better colors ?

PC was way too washed out. Colors aren't that bland in real life. They are rich and vibrant.

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RedDeadLB2093d ago

Doesn't look significantly different IMO.

brich2332093d ago

Its the same game, but from a crappy youtube quality compression video, you wont be able to tell the diffrence. But there is a noticeable diffrence.

kevnb2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

well the capture from pc looks washed out, but there are entire objects/details missing on 360. The 360 version also looks like its in slow motion, im guessing because the framerate sucks even when nothing is going on.

chasedagreat2093d ago

the big bad ultra PC bottom line doesnt look so great.
what did u spend all that extra $$$$$ graphic card for.

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