Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game – Wallace Wells and Online DLC (DarkZero)

"I couldn’t wait for the Scott Pilgrim game, and when it came out I played it tirelessly, maxing every character’s stats and levels. Playing on my own and with a full team, I simply loved the arcade feel, the beautiful new colour palette and amazing chiptune music, all set in one of the most fun universes possible. There was a lot to do, tonnes of secrets and several hidden high-score modes that were incredibly fun. I eventually did grow tired once I’d completed everything and played all the high-score modes several times, but a few months later there was a small add-on pack released. For £1.99, players could play as a totally new character, Knives Chau, who had a completely different move set with new animations, and there was also a few extra game modes thrown in for an even better multiplayer experience. The add-on was fun and kept me entertained for a few more hours. That was all. The game was dead, or so I thought…" (DarkZero)

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