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aceitman1855d ago

Yes . Nice. Cant wait to see it

HammadTheBeast1855d ago

I'm pretty sure one of the developers at Dice confirmed that it would be Frostbite 2.5 not 3 entirely.

irepbtown1855d ago

Assuming BF4 will be next gen, a new engine makes sense.

This is what I've been waiting for: 'Among the new additions is a much improved destruction feature where buildings can be completely destroyed (like in Bad Company 2, only at a much greater level and detail)'.

I love Battlefield 3, however no destruction (well, there is a bit) was very disappointing so to see they've listened to us and including it is very nice to know.

By the way, where did you get ' Dice confirmed that it would be Frostbite 2.5' from?
I've certainly not read/heard that before.

Peppino71855d ago

Reinventing TOTAL destruction!

BattleTorn1855d ago


Wasn't Frostbite 2, the 'next-gen engine' that they already built?

I thought I read that was why it's struggled on current consoles... I could be wrong..

Septic1855d ago

What a brand new engine? Take note Activision!

Frostbite 2 was an excellent engine and easily capable of being described as next gen. Now with weather effects, improved destructibility and lighting, we really in for a treat. I am definitely excited now.

Tr10wn1855d ago

"Assuming BF4 will be next gen, a new engine makes sense. "

BF3 is already "Next Gen" and i heard it was using Frostbite 2.5 too.

RioKing1855d ago

Soooo.....updated engines are now "brand new" engines?? Yeeeaaahhhhhhh -_-

ZigZagLagger1855d ago

Almost all engines are just gutted and revamped old engines.

papashango1855d ago

DICE screenshot leaks are PR bullshots.

They've been doing it since bf2 was announced.

dantesparda1855d ago

Exactly, "DICE screenshot leaks are PR bullshots", that's what i thought when i saw them, straight up bullshots! it needs to stop.

SolidStoner1855d ago

Next gen battlefield on my PS4 will be so epic... I just cant wait!! It seems I must rest from gaming this summer because next year will be crazy! :)

gedapeleda1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Because in reallity it's a pimped 2nd engine.

Linsolv1855d ago

@irepbtown - This is what you've been waiting for for, what, a year? TWO FUCKING YEARS it's been since the last title update was supposed to be the best new thing since sliced bread, took 3-5 years to make this great new engine, etc etc.

Now it's 'oh we're doing semi-yearly title updates and each one is just as big a jump as the huge jump we bragged about for months.'

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ShabbaRanks1855d ago

When devs brag about game engines it makes me laugh. 6 dudes made Natural Selection2 with a home made engine. Bethesda made Skyrim with a heavily modified 20+ year old engine, yes it was buggy as fuck on both PC and Console but they still made a pretty impressive world despite its flaws.

My point is Devs always talk about engines because they what it to sell. Look at Crytek always bragging about how awesome Cry3 is or Epic with Unreal.

I don’t give a dam what Engine they use as long as they make something good with it. I’m not saying I’m not hyped for BF4 lol, I’m fu**king hyped alright, but I want to see game footage NOW :P

DigitalSmoke1855d ago

Skyrim is a very bad excample, the game has physics less sophisticated then the bend twirly hair on my nutsack.

Its about putting everything together and have it effect eachother.

The pixel shaded texture on a brick should be effected by a bullet mark after it gets hit, then have physics realisitcaly move it calculating hit direction weight and friction.
The dynamic light should change on the brick and the shadow of a tree cast over it as well.

New engines take most of this into consideration.

vZeppelin1855d ago

Use Skyrim as a example, a poorly optimized game filled with glitches. But yea who needs a new engine, that costs money. Just change a very things and rename it.

Skate-AK1855d ago

I expected Frostbite 3.5 before 4. Idk if they can replicate the graphics gap between Frostbite 2 and 3 in less than a year.

secretcode1855d ago

Frostbite is not just a graphical engine. :\

DoomeDx1855d ago

Really? I thought it was.

What else is it? Its not a Physics engine aswell because Frostbite uses Havok as far as I was concered.

secretcode1855d ago

Graphics are part of it, but so is animation, scaling, rendering, lighting, "destruction", and additional physics coding.

Anonagrog1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )


Havok still has to be integrated into the engine, along with the interface to it that will allow other systems to provide input and use the output from it. Then there's also the animation system, audio engine, artificial intelligence + pathfinding, gameplay layer, resource management + core systems, wider use of gpgpu tasking, a host of other possible middleware solutions (Scaleform, Enlighten, Bink, etc.) to maintain and interface with, not to mentioned the other half of what makes a 'good' games engine - the internal development tools, which act as the interface to the engine that artists and designers use to achieve their vision rapidly and with ease. There's also the engine design itself from a programming standpoint, typically with a looking towards improving productivity and maintainability into the future for all folks on the team.

An engine's rendering system certainly attracts more attention than any other part of an engine, but in reality it's still just one piece amongst many... albeit a big piece at that. The complexity goes way beyond the mediocre explanations I've put forward, but should at least highlight that a 'game engine' is far from being just about graphics.

peowpeow1855d ago

DoomeDx and Skate, that is some real narrow minded thinking

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SolDojo1855d ago

give dogdirt bubbles imo

HawtPaws1855d ago

Now with darks even darker and whites even whiter! IN THE RAIN!

What happened to "Frostbite 2.5"?

SeanScythe1855d ago

it's not an update to the engine it's rebuilt from the ground up so it's completely new.

bangshi1855d ago

Negative. 100% NOT built completely from the ground up.

That would take years to do.

SeanScythe1855d ago

@bangshi did you even ready the post?

Many suspected that Battlefield 4 would be powered by an updated Frostbite 2 engine — the same that powers BF3. Now it appears that Battlefield 4 is getting a brand new engine, Frostbite 3, filled with tons of new features built from the ground up.

Huh I guess you are wrong and I think I'd believe this before you.

dantesparda1855d ago


He's still right, its not a a brand new engine rebuilt from the ground up

coolmast3r1855d ago

ARGH! I love you DICE <3