Guacamelee! Coming to PS3, Vita Next Month

Guacamelee! developers Drink Box Studios have brought their upcoming Metroidvania-esque PlayStation Network game to GDC, revealing a new trailer and release date in the meantime.

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Genuine-User1822d ago

Absolutely loved their first game on Vita.
This is a must buy for me.

ArchangelMike1822d ago

Absolutely loved Mutant Blobs Attack, will definately be getting Guacamelee :)

yewles11822d ago

Looks... FANTASTICO!!!!!

LiViNgLeGaCY1822d ago

Man, this looks really good! Definitely getting this the day it comes out!

Kingthrash3601822d ago

100% trophies on mba same plan for 1

r211822d ago

Totally buying, will be worth it with its gorgeous art style and unique setting :)

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