New Teaser of Soul Calibur IV

Bandai Namco released new Soul Calibur IV teaser. Enjoy.

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belal3931d ago

Darth wader and yoda will kick ass. this will be fun

vitz33930d ago

Is it just me or has both the voice acting and the voice-overs sounded really weak and wooden throughout the entire series. It grates my ears to hear "Soul... Calibur... ... ...Four..."

level 3603931d ago

Hah ha ha... nice one there...

KyonoRocks3930d ago

Not really that much new, just the same old footage rejigged a bit. Nice shot of Astaroth's face though, haven't seen that before

TwissT3930d ago

Am I the only one that can't view the trailer?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3930d ago

Link doesn't work for me either, just go to the HD version one in the ALT sources.

Virtuozius3930d ago

TwissT, what is the problem? Push the button "Watch Teaser" then you see the video window!:)