GAME Customers Say 1996 Was Gaming ‘Golden’ Year, Names Wii As Best Ever Console

Two thousand GAME customers were surveyed to find out what year they thought was the golden year of gaming and which video game console was the best of all-time. The customers named 1996 as the best year for video games. There were a staggering amount of quality titles released including Resident Evil, Super Mario 64, Tekken 2, Crash Bandicoot, and Tomb Raider. The Wii was voted the best console of all-time by the customers, beating the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Here’s the results:

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Neonridr1915d ago

I would say 1996 or 1998 were the best years of gaming.

However the Wii being the best ever console is a huge stretch. I would have to go with the SNES purely based on how many titles it had, and in direct competition, it was better than the Genesis in almost every regard.

Oh minus the fact that Genesis had Blast Processing :\

jcnba281915d ago

1997 had Goldeneye though :)

Neonridr1915d ago

absolutely, but 1996 gave us games like Duke Nukem 3D, Resident Evil, Super Mario 64, Quake, Tomb Raider, Diablo

NatureOfLogic1915d ago

I'm sure that most Nintendo core fans would even disagree about wii being the best of all time. It's not even the best Nintendo console. Snes and N64 were better, I'll even say the GC was better.

HammadTheBeast1915d ago

PS2 was the best "mainstream" console. GBA best handheld imo. Also, this is why GAME is failing.

Nick_5151915d ago


"I'll even say the GC was better."

OF COURSE the Gamecube was better. It had some pretty great games on it. Plus, that controller? How can you NOT say it's better than the Wii?

badz1491915d ago

No console trumps everything else like the PS2! It does what it does best and then some.

BattleAxe1915d ago

I think that GAME has some whack customers...

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dedicatedtogamers1915d ago

Wii brought gaming back to the masses by making gaming fun and carefree again. I'm not saying it had the best games. I'm not saying it really is the best console ever. However, it was certainly the most "social" console of last gen because people actually played it together. It was something fresh and new, which is what the market wanted (and needed).

torchic1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

I'd say PSone and PS2 brought gaming to the masses as well, and in a better way.

Wii was an "it" product. nothing more nothing less.

HammadTheBeast1915d ago

Wii.... social?

It barely had functioning multiplayer. Dreamcast and PS2 did a better job. Just look at Phantasy Star Online.

Zhipp1915d ago

The meaning of the word "social" sure has changed since the advent of social media.

Kran1915d ago

Not that I'm disagreeing, but how many titles a console has doesn't really make a console brilliant.

The Wii has so many you can't even count because they're all small publishers and small games not many know about. That doesn't make it great itself.

3-4-51915d ago

1996 was the best year for entertainment.

* Go check the games released that year.

* Go check the movies released that year.

* Go check the music released that year.

We humans had something going on that year...something creatively awesome.

gillri1915d ago

agreed SNES is the best console ever made !

xHeavYx1915d ago

They lost me at "Names Wii As Best Ever Console"

Fluke_Skywalker1915d ago

They lost me at "GAME customers"!

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smashcrashbash1915d ago

So the Wii was voted best console of ALL time? Where these people on drugs by any chance?

LOL_WUT1915d ago

Its sad isn't it? The Wii might've sold the most and it definitely made retailers tons of money but by no means does it make it the best console ever.

Root1915d ago

No...they were probably just new to gaming this gen or probably casuals who have only really played on that console.

jcnba281915d ago

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Root1915d ago

To be honest if it did help I would take sleeping pattern is terrible.

stuna11915d ago


You crazy! Lol.

josephayal1915d ago

The WII has left behind a legacy

RAFFwaff1915d ago

Say what you want about the wii (and yes it was as powerful as an empty shoebox) but it changed the way we play or at least conceive of playing games forever. I myself loved the snes, which was probably overall the best ever console, possibly closely followed by the beast that was ps2. But I will ALWAYS have a soft spot for the so-called "doomed" consoles, such as the n64 (first time booting up mario 64 and ocarina) and the Sega dreamcast.

smashcrashbash1915d ago

You have to be kidding. The Wii changed the way we play games forever? You mean the Wiimote that stopped being used for anything useful a long time ago? As opposed to the many contributions games like GTA, Golden Eye, Donkey Kong Country,Power Stone, Virtua Fighter,Tomb Raider,SMB3 and Doom that are practically the structure on most modern games are built on? And you think the Wii did that more then those games on those consoles did? *rolls eyes* Yeah okay whatever.

RAFFwaff1915d ago

Ask kinect and Sony move. **rolls eyes...** the control scheme was another innovation in gaming, like nintendo's dual analogies sticks and rumble pack, you know? Whether you like nintendo or not, they are known for innovation which sticks more often than not. Skyward sword and wii motion plus was one of the most immersive games I've ever played, but it's all subjective opinions, isn't it? Clearly your cage has been rattled. Chill out, and speak to your counselor, Kid.

BrianC62341915d ago

It sure didn't change it for the better. We don't need those crappy controllers.

KwietStorm1915d ago

The Wii has not changed the way I do anything. In fact, it probably re-established my desire to keep the integrity of core gaming intact.

GenericNameHere1915d ago

Microsoft copied the Eyetoy, and PS Move the Wiimote. but look at them today. Microsft is forcing Kinect to Xbox gamers, but there are no signs of them dropping the controller. Sony has announced the PS4, and its going to be using the DS4, and also letting us use the PS Move for some PS4 games. MS and Sony still prioritize traditional controllers.

The Wii did nothing to change the way we play. Tell me, would the majority of gamers rather use motion control than controllers? Now, I don't have any statistics to prove this, but I'm willing to bet a million dollars over half of the millions of gamers around the world would rather use controllers than the Kinect, Wiimote, and PS Move. Skyward Sword with Motion+ was done really well, but it didnt feel special. It could have easily worked with normal controllers (look up MGR:R), and there were times when it disnt respond perfectly. It was a fine novelty, but I'm glad the Wii U is done with Wiimotes. The controller is just a tablet with buttons, but at least no more waggling.

PS Nintendo innovates, but Sony improves (which is just as important)

nolifeking1915d ago

Actually Sony was the first with dual analog sticks. The 64 had only one.

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wishingW3L1915d ago

Wii best console, what a joke. XD

pr0t0typeknuckles1915d ago

wii the best console of all time, C'MON SON!!!, seriously what about n64,PSX,PS2,genesis,super nintendo,but the wii,ill say it again, C'MON SON!!!

BrianC62341915d ago

I think the Wii must be the first console those people ever owned. That's the only way anyone would call it the best ever.