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iGAM3R-VIII1912d ago

I cannot wait until this game comes out!!

bunt-custardly1911d ago

I can wait actually.

Ubisoft needs to show a lot more of the gameplay for me to be fully convinced.

OpieWinston1911d ago

Well either...
A) You haven't read enough about it...
B) You aren't convinced by the 2 sides to the game that they've shown us?

Brandon_25351911d ago

Yeah, this game looks amazing. Although, I can't help but think a lot of footage that they've shown appears to be staged in some way. It just doesn't look like something that would naturally happen in the game. Who knows, maybe they'll prove me wrong and it will be even better than I already expect it to be.

Definitely looking at getting this for PS4 at launch!

iGAM3R-VIII1911d ago

lol that did happen in the game, look at the PS4 Reveal gameplay trailer

Brandon_25351911d ago

Obviously you misread what I typed. I never said it didn't happen, I simply said it appeared to be staged. As in, it looked like something they purposely set-up for the demo rather than something that may naturally happen while you're actually playing. There's a difference. Like I also stated, maybe the game really is that good and it'll surprise me.

ZBlacktt1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

This will win game of the year 2013.

Inb4 disagrees, lol. I called Red Dead Redemption as well.

Abriael1911d ago

I wonder, why does the character monitoring Pierce have a Frag Doll's nickname? :D