Consoles vs Smartphones – The Gaming Landscape for 2013

PopBucket writes: Although mobile gaming looks set to continue its meteoric rise, with Microsoft set to announce their next console at E3 2013, as well as Sony’s already announced PS4, it doesn’t appear that the console is going anywhere yet.

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NastyLeftHook01721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

i puked a little in my mouth reading the title.

MasterCornholio1720d ago

I can understand why people compare smart phones to handhelds but consoles?

Look smart phones will never replace console as gaming devices because consoles will always have better controls and superior hardware.

Motorola RAZR i

fsfsxii1720d ago

A gamer would never replace a console OR a handheld for a smartphone. never.

CommonSenseGamer1720d ago

Can't really compare them yet but with 8 core CPU and 72 core GPU phones on the horizon who knows. Think is, they are just another device that could be used with a TV and Bluetooth controller if the market moved in that direction.

PS4isKing_821720d ago

Smartphones compared to consoles is like comparing a go kart to a full size car.
Sure they'll both take you places, but one is far more equipped for the task.

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