Bioshock Infinite benchmark test video HD 7970

Bioshock Infinite is now available for all and if you’re running the game on PC, it comes with a fully functional benchmark tool with no audio.

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Kingscorpion19811761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

I wonder if can you run this on Ultra setting with an AMD 7850??

infamous-butcher1761d ago

Just so you know the 7850 is roughly between 6950 and 6970

Skate-AK1761d ago

It has a benchmark tool. You could YouTube your graphics card and watch the benchmark run. Then you could get an idea of how it would run.

brich2331760d ago

I can run on it on ultra 1080p using an Amd 7770, and it stays around 30fps. So it will run ultra on a 7850 at higher fps.

I prefer playing at the higher fps, so i been playing on high. Ultra Adds a blur I dont like, And thiers not much diffrence between High and Ultra.

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