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Submitted by RichieW 975d ago | news

X360A - GDC 2013: Far Cry 3's Story Was "Broken," Says Microsoft Senior Game Designer

X360A: "A Senior Game Designer at Microsoft Game Studios believes that Far Cry 3's narrative is “broken.”

Speaking at the Game Developers Conference in a session titled 'Seven Techniques for Writing a Moral Game', Richard Rouse III said that Far Cry 3's story failed because of the disconnect between its story and its action." (Far Cry 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Gimmemorebubblez  +   976d ago
Who the hell is Richard Rouse III?
Not an amazing track record......
AngelicIceDiamond  +   975d ago
"A Senior Game Designer at Microsoft Game Studios believes that Far Cry 3's narrative is “broken.”

That's bold.

unless MS can back it up and make something better next gen. Something, exclusive.
xHeavYx  +   975d ago
This guy is probably upset because there is no Kinect support on Far Cry 3
Lvl_up_gamer  +   975d ago
Oh no. An MS developer said something. better start attacking him, MS and the whole gaming library by making completely irrelevant comments that has nothing to do with the article.

LMFAO like a game being exclusive or not has ANYTHING to do with narrative.

I agree with Richard that the narration of Far Cry 3 failed. It was a great game and I enjoyed most aspects of it, but i never gave any thought to the narrative as to me it just wasn't memorable. I found myself just wanting to push forward and enjoy the gameplay rather then the actual story itself. It just didn't seem to matter to me. But that just me. When I compare it to the levels of Uncharted and the recent Tomb Raider, I think the narrative in Far Cry 3 was nowhere near as good as said games or other games within a shooter genre.
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Amigaengine  +   975d ago
Like MS game studios know anything about a story
Captain Qwark 9  +   975d ago
this is what i was thinking lol im a huge fan of ms games too and the 360 but even i can admit they suck at story telling. even halo's stories are mediocre at best
DragonKnight  +   975d ago
When Microsoft can come out with non-Kinect based first party games that aren't the typical Halo, Gears, or Fable stories that have been rehashed to death, then and only then can they say anything about any other game's story.
BlueTemplar  +   975d ago
God I hate this kind of usage of the word "broken". How is it "broken" exactly?

People might not like the story but that surely that just makes it a bad story?
cyberninja  +   975d ago
Ms's gaming division is broken.
Dlacy13g  +   975d ago
whoever he is...he is right. I loved Far Cry 3 but not for the story. I loved it for the open world fun. The story was completely non-memorable in my eyes.
Knight_Crawler  +   975d ago
Thats the problem with open world world means just that, you can go any where and you are not restricted to certain areas or forced to follow a certain path.

Its hard to tell a good story when the player has the freedom to do what ever he wants and go where ever he wants.

Remedy also stated that they wanted Alan Wake to be open world but it was almost impossible to capture the story telling part which Alan Wake is known for - so they had to scrap the open world idea.

The best open world game that has almost implemented open world and a good story is Red Dead Redeption but even RDR had to block off certain areas until you completed certain missions.
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IronFistChinMi  +   975d ago
Why are people bitching about his opinion? It was a common complaint levelled against FC3 around review time.
Jazz4108  +   975d ago
Because its n4g and if sony does not say it then its crap. Do you really expext ms to get any respect on here when there are only a handfull of true gamers left and the rest are the rabid fanboys that keep n4g ticking.
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Chuk5  +   975d ago
Far cry 3s story was seriously flawed. I won't go at length, but I agree with this dude. Dream sequences, made no sense to star with (wasn't explained well at all).
SlapHappyJesus  +   975d ago
I didn't think the narrative was all that interesting and it was a bit of a stretch having you go from pampered spring-breaker to Rambo almost instantaneously, but that's pretty much par for the course as far as videogames go. Really, I felt the game was driven solely by Vaas and when you ended him, well, the story just wasn't even a thing for me.
Broken though? I don't really feel so.
birdykilla  +   975d ago
One word Vaas! I LMFAO when I here Microsoft diss Far Cry 3 when they have never made a game as good or even close. Microsoft is the one "Broken". I had way more fun playing Far Cry 3 then any other game this generation so they must have done something right. Microsoft can suck it! They wouldn't know how to make a good narrative even if they got Quentin Tarantino on board.
Chuk5  +   975d ago
My Far Cry 3 story issues:

(SPoilers possibly********************

-Jason never killed anyone, but is killing everyone in no time at all.

-the dream sequences never quite explain how boss encounters actually make sense narritvely, only vaguely allude to it after the Hoyt battle.

-The ending just throws aside the notions of sociopathic violence the game was building up to.

-the last third feels padded out and unnecessary. Starts suddenly and ends quickly.

-Vaas' ending is tragically handled. Terrible.

-some characters fade out and seem lacking.
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SlapHappyJesus  +   975d ago
Feel better now?
Chuk5  +   975d ago
Yes :)
birdykilla  +   975d ago
To say that the Far Cry 3 story line is broken would mean that somehow your unable to finish the story meaning its broken. Jason has 3 things that help him kill with ease. First him and his friends get captured by Vaas, second his brother dies right in front of him, and thirdly he gets help from the Rakyat with special skills and abilities awarded through cool tattoos. Would you rather Jason die and you play as his brother Grant would that make more sense for you? The dream sequences were a back story of what him and his friends were doing on the island before they were offered to go skydiving.

"The ending just throws aside the notions of sociopathic violence the game was building up to."

What are you talking about, the ending was pretty chaotic and crazy full of sociopathic violence.

"the last third feels padded out and unnecessary. Starts suddenly and ends quickly."

How can it feel padded and start suddenly then end quickly? Wheres the padded parts your talking about? Maybe Vaas was a better bad guy than Hoyt. Doesn't mean the story was broken.

As far as the Vaas ending I agree I wanted him to be there until the end of the game. He was great! Would you have liked Vaas to be some sort of bullet sponge super boss like in some games?

Stop acting like the narrative was broken. The game was damn near perfect! Microsoft is delusional at this point.

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