Resident Evil: Revelations - Rachel Gameplay Trailer

A gameplay trailer featuring Rachel from the upcoming HD release of Resident Evil: Revelations.

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OhMyGandhi1792d ago

was an actual player playing the game? or is someone actually that robotic in their aiming ability?

GenericNameHere1792d ago

How the hell can she see when her freaking hair is blocking her eyes??!!

Anyways, she wasn't playable in the 3DS version, was she? Considering what happened to her in the 3DS trailers for the game last year.

Skate-AK1792d ago

I don't think she was. I beat it. Not sure if she was on Raid mode though. I didn't get to play that much.

DigitalSmoke1792d ago

If they go that route there's bound to be nothing else to talk about.

j-blaze1792d ago

gotta love Japanese character design :P

DigitalSmoke1792d ago

Resident Evil Milking Away.

Captain Qwark 91792d ago

disagree, that looks like the first real resident evil game in years. im def getting it

deafdani1792d ago

Uh... are you aware that this is a port of a 3DS game that was released about a year ago?

Skate-AK1792d ago

Game is awesome. Beat it way back on 3DS.

Captain Qwark 91792d ago

very aware, and i stand by what i said. its the first real RE game in years. Im esp happy to see it coming to consoles now too because it looks vastly better than RE6

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