Defiance's Arkfall Codes are "out of the box" thinking

Neocrisis: Defiance has done it right with Arkfall codes. Several days ago, we showed the list of Arkfall codes that gets updated on a daily basis. The guys over at Trion Worlds have thought of such a great idea and I must say that they truly thought outside the box. There are several benefits that Trion has created for themselves by using Arkfall codes.

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Fil1011888d ago

This game is so much fun, it might not be the best looking game but i've had a load of fun running about with my buddy's and if it wasn't for the beta i'm not sure I would have looked at this game but now i'm getting on release and cannot wait.

Th3 Chr0nic1888d ago

I think it looks pretty good on PC, but he gameplay is awesome

PS3gamer4life1888d ago

This game is awesome day 1