PlayStation 3 in blue, red & white

Sony in Europe is marketing the PlayStation 3 in blue, red and white at the moment. Check out these awesome artworks they made for the ads.

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xHeavYx1611d ago

If my PS3 wasn't doing so well and the PS4 wasn't around the corner, I would totally get a red one

JW10801611d ago

I will always stick with good old black. As long as it is available. Just goes with everything else. I always thought the white and silver ones were nice though.

DA_SHREDDER1611d ago

Good for you JW, want a cookie?

maniacmayhem1611d ago

I think it should be in red, white and blue ;)

Blastoise1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

At first I thought these were actually etched on the console lol. Some nice colours though, I hope PS4 get's a few available colours at launch

Simco8761611d ago

Bring colors to "Murica please. I hope the PS4 has a ACIV White bundle. My dreams would then come true.

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