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IGN Russia: "Infinite: so beautiful and detailed endings in video games were not long ago. Immediately after you begin to remember: a replica of some characters, a second meaning, unremarkable events are key, but the room for interpretations is enough. Is it worth it? Yes, of course. Bad shooter can be a good, even very good game, though, and will never be outstanding."

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OptimusC1880d ago

Russia should stick to dash cams videos rather than reviewing games.

stu8881880d ago

There's no AK47 in the game.

Bang, 7.5 that's all you're getting!

Heisenburger1880d ago

It wouldn't be referred to as an 'AK' in Russia.

OT: I'm getting Bioshock as soon as I cash my check Thursday. I'm excited!

Eamon1880d ago

There's an AD in the game ;)

WarThunder1880d ago

And u should shut up and accept opinions... Every gamer/review site around the world has the right to review a game.

JohnApocalypse1880d ago

There's an IGN in allot of MEDCs

benzopil1880d ago

Hello guys, I'm from Russia. Sadly because of such reviews.
IGN Russia exists only 1 month but it already tries to provoke a butthurt from everyone.
You can see in comments everyone hates a reviewer not because of score, but mostly because his text is just a pile of crap.

HammadTheBeast1880d ago

I blame the reviewer, not the country lol.

ginsunuva1880d ago

Wait since when was there an ign russia?

unchartedxplorer1880d ago

A month ago. Read benzopil's comment. ^

Williamson1880d ago

In Russia the games review you.... but seriously this game ain't a 7.5.

DigitalRaptor1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

No it's not. I'm sorry, but reviews are meant to be factual analysis supported by opinion. that's how it used to be before the Internet and the uptake of bloggers and selfish impressionable gamers calling themselves journalists.

A review is meant to speak to an industry not selfish opinion and desire.

Just watch Adam Sessler's review which contains reasons why, and factual ones at that why BioShock Infinite is nothing short of amazing and an instant classic. It aims spectacularly high, offers new things, pulls them off and drives the medium forward and is full of surprises.

Snake5k61880d ago

Sorry but no. Reviews are simply ones opinion towards a game. There are no two ways about it, it is as simple as that. They always have been, and will always continue to be despite what people may perceive.

What you describe is a professional review, which again is just a professional opinion.

People are free to judge games however they please, who are you to say otherwise?

Danniel11880d ago

At the end of the day though you shouldn't simply say something like; I hate this game because I hate all shooters or because I hate this type of art design and then give a lower score automatically. Opinion should not be the be all and end all of a review, you have to offer objective analysis of a game/piece of art/book.

For instance I hate Mass Effect 2, I just don't like it and nothing can change that, however I can say objectively that the game is an improvement in several areas i.e. graphics, shooting mechanics, dialogue wheel etc. Subjectively it feels lifeless to me but that isn't enough for me to tell a person not to like the game, that's simply a personal reason I might not enjoy it and it really doesn't help a reader make an informed choice.

In short; subjective opinion is a relatively small area of critique and just because a game may not be to your taste doesn't mean it fails to excel at whats it's aiming toward accomplishing.

WarThunder1880d ago

In Merica people get butthurt by a simple opinion...

Swiggins1880d ago

In America we recognize quality when we see it...

raytraceme1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Lol quaillity? America is the biggest product of bs marketing. Americans think that high fructose corn syrup, beats, Xbox, apple products are quality... Lol go to Japan if you want to see actual quality and not just marketing hype.

BattleTorn1880d ago


lmao ahahahhaa

trouble_bubble1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

The lowest review on metacritic <60/100 on XBox> , lower than this one, comes from an American.

Tom Chick and Quarter to Three. Jus' sayin'

Ezz20131880d ago


someone need to kill Tom Chick and shut down Quarter to Three before the last of us/Beyond/GTAV come out

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