PS3 HDD Requirements for BioShock Infinite, Tiger Woods 14, Army of Two, & Sniper Elite V2 Revealed

In this day and age of mandatory installs for PlayStation 3 games, you’d probably like to know if this week’s new releases of BioShock Infinite, Tiger Woods: PGA Tour 14, Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, or Sniper Elite V2: Silver Star Edition take up any space on your hard drive.

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TrendyGamers1822d ago

I can't wait to pick up BioShock.

OlgerO1822d ago

Already played the first 2 hours its pretty cool

LackTrue4K1822d ago

Lol, did army of 2 come out today?! I'm on he fence about getting it.

kma2k1822d ago

No Nolan North i wasnt to happy with. The gameplay is 1 & 2 is pretty good but not a must get imo

Captain Qwark 91822d ago

do you even proof read your comments? that made no sense other than the end when you said its not a must get in your opinion.

that said, i disagree, demo was fun as hell and im picking it up today

kma2k1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I tend to avoid demos so i dont spoil anything. The comment makes sense to me? The gameplay is pretty good meaning its good not great which if i was going to buy the game i wouldnt put it on my list of must have games. The first two army of two games were great rental games imo. Im just stating i expect the 3 to be the same a fun game but not on a must have list.

Having said all that i will play the game in a couple weeks i chose to go with bioshock over army of two, i have gamefly so i will play it regardless i was just stating if i was buying kinda thing.

kma2k1822d ago

I got bioshock on the way to me today, I gotta finish up gears tonight & start bioshock tommorow. Dammit i love gamefly!

knifefight1822d ago

Just got a new PS3 so I got plenty of space~

Blastoise1822d ago

Bioshock infinite takes up just 96MB?

Look's like I won't have to delete Sleeping dogs afterall!

GraveLord1822d ago

Just goes to show that experienced developers can make great games without mandatory installs. To this day I still see people thinking all PS3 games require mandatory installs.

Blastoise1822d ago

True, Uncharted 3 doesn't even need one. You just need less than a megabyte just for the saves.