The Unfinished Swan Was Way Over Budget and Schedule

IGN writes:

The Unfinished Swan – a PSN-exclusive title and one of IGN’s Game of the Year 2012 nominations – is by no means a long or robust game. In fact, it can easily be beaten in about two hours. But that didn’t stop the team behind it, Giant Sparrow, from going well over budget (and time) to get the product out.

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KangarooSam1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Interesting concept and I did find it to be longer than I expected. I enjoyed it. However, I personally miss when all games had a challenge. And no, I don't mean collecting things. I mean when you didn't just hold the left stick forward and hit x or the dpad occasionally. I understand The Unfinished Swan being that way but if it took them that long to develop and they're at the beginning stages of their next title I just hope it's more than an hour and a half of abstract gameplay...

ginsunuva1496d ago

This needs much more sales. It was the 3rd best game I've played on psn

rezzah1495d ago

Im glad I was able to support them, I'll look out for their future projects.