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[PAX East '13] Tengami hands-on

"After spending some time with Tengami on the show floor, I realized that sometimes the battle between beautiful visuals versus engaging gameplay is a loser’s errand. Too much time spent on either aspect can sometimes be a detriment to the other.

Nyamyam Games’ pop-up book style iPad game set in feudal Japan caught my eye as I was passing by. At first, it looked like someone’s intricately designed screensaver – not a videogame. Right away I was artistically enthralled by the game’s storybook atmosphere and the attention to detail that each fold of digital paper contained.

But all that changed once the game actually started. All the pretty designs in the world couldn’t fix Tengami‘s lethargic pace. Watching a paper samurai lazily lumber from one point to another does not make for a particularly invigorating experience." - Tom Farndon (iPad, iPhone, Nyamyam, Tengami)

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