Fanboys: What we want in Advance Wars 3DS or Wii U writes: "Intelligent Systems created some amazing titles including installments in the Fire Emblem, Paper Mario and Advance Wars franchises. Seeing that Fire Emblem: Awakening and Paper Mario: Sticker Star have finally entered the library of the 3DS, one franchise remains. Advance Wars is a game that has been cherished since the hay days of the GameBoy Advance."

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TheGrimBunny1854d ago

Good article, Nintendo LISTEN!

TheSuperior 1854d ago

Nintendo has lost its hearing :/

lilbroRx1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Nintendo doesn't make advanced wars, they just publish it and own the i.p.

Intelligent Systems makes Famicom/Advance Wars. Also, the title is usually based on the system its own so this will likely be 3D wars if and when it is made.

I would rather Intellegent Systems continue to do their own thing rather than listen to some fanboys desires. They are an innovative developer and I want them to stay creative.

bacrec11849d ago

Making plays on this big ol' touchpad with current gen graphics...... Sign me up!