Battlefield 4, revealed the release date and Limited Edition?

Battlefield 4 set to release October 23, 2013 in North America and October 25, 2013 in Europe and other territories on platform PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, to follow on next-gen consoles like PS4 already unveiled by Sony, and what will be the next Microsoft Xbox, not yet announced. Limited Edition at the same price of just who makes the pre-order. The contents of this special edition will be unveiled in April.


The article is clear. The image is not official, but representative of the news. Then not add more "FAKE" word in comment. Thanks.

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DeadSpaced1728d ago

October 23rd is a Wednesday. Games typically release on Tuesday, so I call bull.

pompombrum1728d ago

I'm fairly certain a few games have been released on a Wednesday instead of a Tuesday to allow for a worldwide simultaneous release.

alien6261728d ago

I think DICE would not put their logo that low especially closes to PS3 logo

Reverent1728d ago

@alien, damn, didn't even notice that. This looks like a twelve year old got loose with Microsoft Paint.

Plus, what's up with the solid color text? If this was real, DICE would not make it look anything like that.

Starfox-171728d ago

No WiiU well guess what EA can do 1

Spinal1728d ago

Well I think if they choose to continue using battlelog for the next BF. I'll be going for the PS4 version.

Words can't express how much I hate Battlelog.

iRocket1728d ago

I disagree with your Battlelog statement. It has worked very well at least for me, and is a very thorough place for all the stats and unlocks.

LOL_WUT1728d ago

Battlelog was ok but when you had to log in just to see you're most used weapon, gun status and unlocks it was a dumb move. The way BFBC2 had it was nicely done.

Vladplaya1728d ago

I agree wholeheartedly, when I want to play games, I don't want to use Facebook to launch it. I want well made immersive game menu.

They can keep battlelog for the stat whores if they want, as long as its somewhere not in my game.

000011728d ago

this date was leaked last year as well. at this point this isn't a surprise to me, especially if your on NeoGaf, this and more leaked info is most likely true.

HawtPaws1728d ago

Site is in Spanish, yet Google Translate seemed to handle that alright. The image looks like either a poor choice of graphic design, or shopped by a noob.

The actual chances that there is a limited edition aren't farfetched, however. Seems legit.

Detoxx1728d ago

Sorry bro disagreed by accident :(

Jayjayff1728d ago

More like Italian, close enough though.

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