GameTrailers: Countdown To Battlefield 4 - 3 ways to leave Call Of Duty behind

Here's how EA and DICE can avoid or disable the traps laid by Activision's army.

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MooseWI1671d ago

Lets be honest, they're two different games, both may be FPSers but in the end CoD is a fast pace arcade shooter.

valormeer1671d ago

Agree'd they are both FPS but Cod and BF are very different experiences.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1671d ago

"Cod and BF are very different experiences."

for now.

SirBradders1671d ago

I agree but you would think that the amount they have made from cod could be translated to more content.
I play both and i feel immeresed longer in the bf series because i feel there is more replayability and destructable environments is a big must for me i hate rocketing guys behind a wall and then they pop out and kill me lol.

Crazyglues1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Yes could not agree more.... Hardcore FPS Gamers know they are not the same.

They both have completely different feels..

----But back on topic-----

One thing I think Battlefield 4 needs to do to leave call of duty behind is destruction, bringing down building in BF2 was awesome... Destruction was far better in BF2 then BF3...

Man I miss some BF2... once me and my friends started playing hardcore mode we could not get enough of it, and never went back to normal... -I MISS THAT GAME-

||.........___||............ ||

iRocket1671d ago

I think you are not remembering correctly. It was Bad Company 2 (2010) where you could bring entire houses down, whereas Battlefield 2 (2005) had no destruction at all.

Crazyglues1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

LoL... yes it was Bad Company 2 I mean, I never Played Battlefield 2 I only play on PS3...

I should have said BFBC2 my bad... that's what I meant..

Tonester9251671d ago

The first time I played BFBC2 my whole perspective of FPS changed. I hate COD with a passion now but that's all I knew when I was younger.

BF is the way to go.

Saryk1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

They should have played "50 ways to leave your lover!"

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DigitalSmoke1671d ago

I feel its a shame that COD sold so much more because i think Battlefield has so much more going for it then COD's run and run, and signeture unlocks.

Good to see BF is getting more steam now though, can't wait for 4!

JeffGUNZ1671d ago

I feel like they shouldn't really be compared. Other then both being FPS's, they are nothing alike. COD is a run and gun, twitch shooter. It's a fun experience. BF is a more squad based, tactical experience. It's a fun experience. BF is not going to "overtake" COD as they are too different to really compete head to head.

DigitalSmoke1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Ofcourse they can be compared, specially from a developing investment perspective.
Battlefield outweighs COD 3 to 1 on shere content, let alone production quality.

I wasn't talking about taste ofcourse, i can see the qualitys in both titles.

JeffGUNZ1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I understand what you're saying, but that's like comparing Gears with Uncharted. They both are TPS but they have a complete different feel. Other then military FPS, the games are not designed to match the other. One is a tactical squad based shooter while the other is a run and gun, twitch/arcade shooter. I mean yes, you can technically compare then, but it really doesn't work since they target 2 different audiences.

Holeran1671d ago

If it has the same input lag that Battlefield 3 did on PS3 then I won't be leaving any game for it. The beta of BF3 was a great game then they ruined it with the retail version. Even though they said they fixed it numerous times they never did, I still have the game but it never played correctly. I hate floaty controls.

krazykombatant1671d ago

then i think its time you play again all the problems on the ps3 have been sorted, or so i am told. I will admit though that the community has nerfed the variety of nearly every weapon out there. every thing pretty much handles the same.

Holeran1671d ago

I wish they had actually fixed it, that is why I kept my copy but as of the last supposed fix they did to it nothing changed. And a bunch of the people I played with and myself all quit because they had told us they fixed it 4 times by then but nothing changed.

Raven771671d ago

Yeah, WTF is the point of this?

Hey i'm going to make a video about Mario Golf for 3DS and title it:

"Mario Golf 3DS - How to Leave Tiger Woods PGA Tour behind"