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Here’s what BioShock Infinite looks like on PC with everything turned up

The below shots are taken on a GeForce GTX 670, which had absolutely no frame drops or lag whatsoever and pulled a smooth 60FPS through the whole game. (BioShock: Infinite, PC)

towelie1288  +   760d ago

if this is a gtx 670 damn wonder what a 680mx looks like
Farsendor1  +   760d ago
if everything is maxed on a 670 and a 680.both are running at 60fps. then the game will look the same unless you are running the 680 at a higher resolution.
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towelie1288  +   760d ago
well if the images are on 1080p then it could be better i have 2560x1440 resolution

cant wait to play this game
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Lior  +   760d ago
I'm playing it on a 680 and I get 40fps to 60
chukamachine  +   760d ago
Would look the same on a higher rez.

A native 1080 display will look best at that range.

A higher display will look best at it's native rez.

NATIVE is always best.

Why would people compare this to crysis.

This is to be more compared to dishonoured.
SatanSki   760d ago | Bad language | show
jcornish  +   760d ago
i have 2 670's in sli that power 3 screens for nvidia surround, its incredible, any game with a graphics card like a 670 or a 680 is just beautiful haha
MooseWI  +   760d ago
That's a pricey rig.
cleverusername  +   760d ago
PFF Is that all?
jcornish  +   758d ago
@MooseWI altogether i have spent around £2000 on my rig, but this rig will last me for years :)
Lior  +   760d ago
btw the gtx 670 with ultra graphics at 1080p cannot be a smooth 60fps, i have a 680 overclokced the hell out of with an i7 and i get around 50-60fps, turn off the damn vsync its a stupid system that will make u play at 30fps
cellmember  +   759d ago
i have a overclocked GTX 670 i can confirm a smooth 60fps on the latest drivers. ive never seen it dip bellow 60 average is around 70. This is at 1080p Ultra with everything maxed. performance increase fro the nvdia driver update was huge for me.
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jcornish  +   758d ago
before i put in my other 670 i got a easy 60fps....
Kran  +   760d ago
Do you understand graphics cards at all? lol
ATiElite  +   759d ago
HD6970 CFX at 1600p, Ultra Settings, 4xMSAA 16xAF

Looks SUPER SWEET but plays even better.

Bioshock Infinite got me to put down Arma 3 for a HOT SECOND and that's impressive.
clintagious650  +   760d ago
Graphics wise it has a beautiful art style but I still think crysis looks better despite being an inferior all around game.
SatanSki  +   760d ago
Crysis looks better becouse it is like 20 x more detailed and uses much more advanced effects like tesselation. Here i see flat, simplified geometry and average textures. Its even not in the same league as Crysis. Offcourse some may like stylised graphics but i dont.
Majors  +   760d ago
Yeah I agree with Crysis
The graphics look amazing, But the style is totally different to Crysis and cant be compared.
Just checked out Aquamala's screen shots and they look stunning.
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HammadTheBeast  +   759d ago
Yes, but this game has much better gameplay,and has lots going on screen, it sacrifices a bit of the graphics for that.
1nsomniac  +   760d ago
Yea I agree it looks great, but as for the developer claiming its the best looking game available & will be for at least the next year......There deluded!
Sony360  +   759d ago
It is one of the most gorgeous games out there right now. Artistically at least, and considering what they pulled of with the engine, I would agree with them. Not the best, but one of the best. It certainly has a unique art style.

It just looks gorgeous and is well optimised.
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Kinger8938  +   760d ago
Very well optimized on pc imo
MooseWI  +   760d ago
I was starting to worry that my 670 couldn't handle it. Can't wait to get home, now to sit through work..
RedDeadLB  +   760d ago
Seriously? The freaking 670 is a high end card, amongst the top 5 in existence and you're wondering will it handle UE3?

What would you do if you had my GTX 460?
HammadTheBeast  +   759d ago
No it's not. It's a high end graphics card, but nowhere near the top 5 in existence. Just check out the no-sold-in-store ones that major graphics and movie companies use.
aquamala  +   760d ago
where can I share 5760x1080 screenshots? all the photo sharing sites shrink down the resolution
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MooseWI  +   760d ago
Now that would be interesting. Someone figure it out ha.
aquamala  +   760d ago
try these links for my 5760x1080 screenshots, remember to zoom in



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Letros  +   760d ago
Nice! Multi-monitor 4tw
sak500  +   760d ago | Well said
I have an Asus VG278H 3D 1080p monitor and Samsung 19" 943BW, tried to play battlefield since they are not same size didn't look good and also the panel between the monitors is a distraction. I just set it as a widescreen desktop. Rather play on my 50" 1080p Panasonic plasma.
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AnyaShroud  +   760d ago
2 screens won't work very well, the "center" of that setup would be between the 2 screens, use 1 or 3
Corpser  +   760d ago
Damn! These look better than the linked article
Hassassin  +   760d ago
this ultra-wide screenies make me want to see how it would look with something like the oculus rift... Hopefully it will be easy to implement patches that make games compatible.
impet25  +   760d ago
The game is def beautiful but tomb raider stomps all over it. My setup sli gtx660 I get 150 fps on max settings.
Volitiel  +   760d ago
Wow! Beautiful graphics! I caved and bought this DD last night after reading/seeing all the highly positive reviews. I think Adam Sessler's review specifically really sold me as I value his opinion more than most reviewers. I specifically liked his attention to reviewing the environment most of all as that's what I enjoyed most in the original BioShock. I was originally going wait and play BioShock 2 first (never played it, but have it), but said "ah forget it!" Maybe will go back it afterward. Infinite's fully downloaded, plus I installed the new Nvidia drivers, and plan to start playing on my PC with a GTX 670 tonight! Must stay concentrated through work now though.. Agh!
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FaSCoRP  +   760d ago
Anyone else agrees that the "angle" from 1st person it is kind of not natural these days ? It is like the old engine concept of 1st person view is so old they only added polygons, but the view it is the same, and it does not fell natural at all nowadays
neyony345  +   760d ago
Bioshcck Infinite is a beautiful game. @impet25 Bioshock Infinite has a completely different art style, so it can't be compared to Tomb Raider or Crysis. Tomb Raider is supposed to be photorealistic and Bioshock is supposed to look slightly animated. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Bioshock didn't really run well on Nvidia cards, because Irrational Games worked hand in hand with AMD. It even has the gaming evolved logo in the beginning. I am running FX-8350 and a HD7950 at max settings with 60 fps. I'm glad game developers these days are working with the under appreciated AMD.
BattleTorn  +   760d ago
I'm so glad I made the unpleasant switch to PC over a year ago...

I couldn't imagine buying this years games, and last, on my Xbox or PS3!

Far Cry 3 was the last console game I got, and I immediately traded it in, and re-purchased it on PC.

(for a while I was still buying 360-versions, cause I wasn't liking my PC.. but for SP games, FTW!)
hobohunterz  +   760d ago
Yay a PC article lets all post our specs <3
solar  +   760d ago
Bought it at lunch. Im sad tho, i had to get rid of one of my 560ti's because the fan blade broke :(

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