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Square Enix CEO falls on his sword; why this is sad but positive news

Digitally Downloaded writes: "If there is one thing Square Enix desperately needs that its rivals all have right now is a fresh spirit of innovation and creativity. I would expect Matsuda to bring that into the company." (Industry, Square Enix)

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Agent Smith  +   735d ago
".....largely blaming a lack of momentum in console gaming for the loss."
Then make good games and I'll buy.
aCasualGamer  +   735d ago
"lack of momentum in console gaming"

Sounds like he's trying to spin this and blame console gamers for not purchasing Square Enix titles.

Well guess what? Gamers aren't as blind and stupid as you thought. Why would gamers put their money on Sqaure Enix titles that are lackluster when there are much better games in the market?

Further more, where is the bloody FF Versus? That alone is the reason why people listen to your press conferences and your appearances. You let us down with your lies, and we'll let you down with our lack of purchases. Lose/lose situation in other words, could easily be replaced with a definitive release date for FFXIII Versus and you'll see a bump in sales, in other words... a win/win situation.

Hopefully Matsuda can do a better job.
adorie  +   735d ago
Edit: OH... he's gone? PARTY TIME!
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Pozzle  +   735d ago
Damn, I hope they really don't think that consoles and console gamers are to blame for their lack of sales. If they do, then that just goes to show how little they are paying attention to their fans' feedback.

I wonder if their opinion will change once FFX HD is released? Maybe then they will realize that gamers ARE still interested in buying their games...as long as those games are good.
Tetsujin  +   735d ago
"Yoichi Wada, who has been in the role since Square merged with Enix in 2003, will be leaving his post" (From the article)

This song I'm gonna blast all day now:

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indysurfn  +   735d ago
I don't dislike this guy at all. But his plan was to make all games half RPG, and half western action adventure. And he did, so they did lose their way. Meanwhile companies in Japan like nikkon, Gust, kept making ACTUAL rpg's. And taking market share in Japan from Square. Instead of making games that will not just capture to his audience he turned square into a confusion theme. When is the last time the west has seen a turn based RPG for consoles made by square. Which is what made square? Where is the big bangs in RPG's (the Summon spells the espers) that come down with much flare. And cause great destruction? Then leave. Now they have been relegated to a PC style character on the field, casting spells punching. Why take the band away to give another very them character? People want console style rpgs. Not want to bes!
gaffyh  +   735d ago
WOAH!! This is the best news I have ever heard!! This idiot ruined Squaresoft, and I hope to God that the new guy is nothing like him.
aiBreeze  +   735d ago
Agreed, once they start making good games again, I'll buy them. I don't agree with the article saying they need innovation and creativity, that's what they've tried this gen and where they are failing miserably. I think most fans would be more than happy for them to just going back to what they are good at.

Still, I know Square are in a bad place is it so bad that they've become delusional? Lack of momentum in console gaming? Console gaming is bigger and more mainstream than ever. If they remade FF7 or stopped taking huge steaming dumps all over the FF brand name and instead focused on creating something equal to FF4-10, they'd be able to warm up a whole new generation of gamers to imho the best genre there is.
indysurfn  +   735d ago
aiBreeze good point, why do articles always say rpg's need innovation? Why don't they say racing, shooting, platform gaming, etc need it? I think it is because they don't like jrpgs, RPG's! So they feel it needs changing. Back in the 90s about 36 percent of JAPANS most wanted games every week where JRPG's Now it is 51% are JRPGs in Japan. Many more companies are taking up the demand that Square left on the floor! That is their fault. I'd go FF4-10 (with a asterisk on 10 until it brings back the old summon spells)
matgrowcott  +   735d ago
Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider and Hitman Absolution.

They all got great critical acclaim, they all deserve to be played, but obviously they didn't sell all that well. Finding out why they didn't sell well is more important than some half-assed joke about Square never releasing good games.

Because any company that would release Versus XIII after three big games that didn't live up to expectation, all from established franchises (Sleeping Dogs, sort of), all with decent reviews, is a company that isn't going to make it.
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DaPrintz  +   735d ago
Tomb Raider sold very well.
matgrowcott  +   735d ago

Oh, so how much did Square spend on it? Do you know how much they needed to make to turn a profit? Any idea how much they get from each sale?

They knew how many it had to sell for them to make money off it and there's no way we can guess how accurate or ambitious that was. We just don't have the relevant details.

All we can say is they sold relatively well, but then that doesn't tell us much anyway.
Murad  +   735d ago
Tomb Raider, and Hitman sold surprisingly well. Deus Ex HR also sold well. The only thing the CEO is complaining about is the lack of sales in the cash cow known as FF 13.
indysurfn  +   735d ago
matgrowcott was to be a full fledged turn based JRPG complete with Summon spells! It ironically is the opposite of what he was doing! And was the opposite of FFXIII which was trying to be western.
zerocrossing  +   735d ago
If they drop IIIX and move on to making genuinely great FF games again then I'll start buying.
MoveTheGlow  +   735d ago
IIIX...does that mean 7? ;)
MoveTheGlow  +   735d ago
"Consider Groove Coaster, or Space Invaders Extreme. If there is one thing Square Enix desperately needs that its rivals all have right now is a fresh spirit of innovation and creativity. I would expect Matsuda to bring that into the company."

ALL MY YES. Taito was my favorite game company for a while when Space Invaders Extreme/Infinity Gene and Groove Coaster came out. They were focused, innovative, and simple games, made efficiently, done with a ton of style. I wondered what had happened to Taito lately. Apparently they were losing Matsuda.

I'm expecting exactly what Matsuda governed when he was at Taito: a return to the company's classic style, but with meaningful enhancements to the genre that actually *help* the gameplay instead of destroy it. I hope Square can now get back to making RPG's - ones that reach back to the best aspects of JRPG's when they were awesome - and with modern enhancements only when necessary and helpful, not just tacked on "because new!" like FF13. And no more of this "We need to reinvent the graphical wheel every time, so we have no time to make a single freaking town!" crap.

I expect him to bring back the Chrono series, too. Ahem. GET ON THAT.
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FRAKISTAN  +   735d ago
really? Tomb Raider,Hitman and Sleeping Dogs???
DaThreats  +   735d ago
thank god,
What took so long for Wada to leave
Pyrrhus  +   735d ago
I cannot describe how happy I am to see this. Hopefully Squenix takes a step back in time to their glory days.
uuaschbaer  +   735d ago
A Pyrrhic victory. (Sorry)
abzdine  +   735d ago
i'm so glad!! now it shouldnt be hard to go back on track cause they have the talent to do it.
SilentNegotiator  +   735d ago
When I read the title, I thought the guy had committed Seppuku!

I'm glad he's gone. Squeenix is in need for major changes.
boybato  +   735d ago
please be excited. lol
LeonhartX  +   735d ago
Thank god, maybe the good old days will come back.
Flavor  +   735d ago
The good old days are never coming back for the Japanese game industry. They are basically irrelevant. Without the airtight grip they once held on hardware (up until xbox), the Japanese cannot compete against the PR, marketing savvy, market access, and most importantly, creativity of western developers/publishers.
Thanks for your input Mr.Buzzkill.
Minato-Namikaze  +   735d ago
Sony seems to have a bunch of classic style JRPG's coming out this year. There is a huge market for them you just have to know where that market is and dont piss off your base.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   735d ago
More emphasis on console exclusives(Versus/Crystal Chron) and less on DLC and cell phones.
blackberty  +   735d ago
they will never be the same. wishful thinking i know, but i can just see this company falling to his knees and final breath in a few years.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   735d ago
First John and now Yoichi........spring cleaning at it's finest
r21  +   735d ago
So are we free from more Lightning games? Can we finally get KH3 and FFvs13?
blackberty  +   735d ago
Youd really want FFv13?????
Pyrrhus  +   735d ago
r21  +   735d ago
YES. That and or KH3.
Minato-Namikaze  +   735d ago
Yes!!! Are you sick? FFVS13 has been THE glimmer of hope through these tough westernization times for SE.
Inception  +   735d ago
Chard  +   735d ago | Funny
Wada they waiting for?
tigertron  +   735d ago
I read that in Alf Fisher's voice. Hehe

Back on topic, yeah, thank god Wada is going. Maybe SE can return to their Squaresoft days?
Chard  +   735d ago
I hope so, I can't take Nomura this!
Pozzle  +   735d ago
I love that you have an Alf avatar. :D
whamlollypop7  +   735d ago
Their last two western titles Deus Ex was well received and Tomb Raider looks good. They need to return to what made them a power house in the first place.
Daver  +   735d ago
They are good because they are not really from Square Enix, they are from Eidos and Crystal Dynamics
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PS4isKing_82  +   735d ago
Thank god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now hopefully the company will get back on track and just in time too for ps4. Now maybe with him gone, we'll finally get that ff7 remake. Along with kingdom hearts 3 and ffvs13.
Dagobert  +   735d ago
Well I hope this does bring a change to Square Enix and not more bullshit ways of westernizing the FF series.
EffectO  +   735d ago
Positive for smartphone/tablet gamers.
Whitey2k  +   735d ago
problem with wada and hes company that they announce so many games they wouldnt know where to start and finish they focus on to many projects
tarbis  +   735d ago
Wada leaving? This is all what I can say to that.
sashimi  +   735d ago
Even til the end still blaming others for their failure! Thank god that useless wada won't be running SE into the ground any longer. Now hopefully the next person will do a better job.
koehler83  +   735d ago
Long overdue.

We can only hope the next guy isn't as incompetent and shortsighted.
a_bro  +   735d ago
About god damn time.
listenkids  +   735d ago
I've not had much of a problem with square this gen, deus ex, hitman, sleeping dogs,tomb raider and all the way back to indie titles like quantum conundrum have given me great pleasure. Giving them shit for one franchise is warranted but harsh considering their published games have been stellar.
DragonKnight  +   735d ago
SE developed none of those games. So you really just didn't have a problem with Eidos or Crystal Dynamics.
listenkids  +   735d ago
Funny you read "developed" in a comment that mentions it no where. Thanks to Square, games like sleeping dogs were brought from the gutter of other publishers and released. Same applies for most games they publish, you're also implying a film producer does nothing, well done on being yet another ignorant n4g poster.
DragonKnight  +   735d ago
Funny you should argue semantics. Square-Enix merely funded the games coming from the studios they own, they had a 1% part in the creation of those games and to think that SE were necessary for those games to exist is naive. SE were simply first in obtaining those companies, but if you think that publishers like EA or Activision wouldn't have wanted a Tomb Raider or a Deus Ex game, that's your problem.

A film producer is different from a game publisher. One (a producer) actually does leg work and often times contributes to the actual production of the film (hence the name producer), the other writes checks and makes demands.

Square-Enix didn't develop those games, hence they deserve no credit. It's a no-brainer to hand out money.
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lodossrage  +   735d ago
DragonKnight's right
Don't give Square Enix credit for games the had almost 0% part in.

They only bought Eidos. Eidos themselves are the ones that made those games. Not Square Enix.

The real question is who will they try to buy now. The last time the company started to slide, they bought Eidos and that saved them for a while. But now even with Eidos, they're sliding again.

So who will they attempt to buy this time to stave it off?
torchic  +   735d ago
they're selling their free-to-play games away.

I don't think theyl'll buy anything. like the article says they'll go through restructiring, probably simialar to that of Sony.

depending on how far along Versus XIII is, this could be good or bad news. if it's still far from being done then the new CEO might cut the cord on it because it's taking too much away in financial and human resources. if it's far along, then he might get everyone on the project to finish it off and get it shipped.
lodossrage  +   735d ago
Maybe, but even with restructuring, it doesn't rule out the possibility of them purchasing someone

Sony bought Sucker Punch and Gaikai in the middle of their continuing restructure process. Square can very well do the same.
uuaschbaer  +   735d ago
O my God, this is the happiest day of my life! :') You get a car! and you get a car! And YOU! And YOU! And YOU!
Snookies12  +   735d ago
I'll take one of those.
iMaim  +   735d ago
Good riddance on Wada. He singlehandedly drove SE to what it is today.
Baka-akaB  +   735d ago
This shall become a holiday that will eclipse St Patrick's
XXXL  +   735d ago
See ya! With new leadership give us an HD remake of Chrono Trigger and Cross!
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Sandmano  +   735d ago
Not exactly the kind of title I would use him being Japanese and all...
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DragonKnight  +   735d ago

About damn time.

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SonyPS4  +   735d ago
"...largely blaming a lack of momentum in Square-Enix games for the loss."

KwietStorm  +   735d ago
So we largely didn't go for your bullshit, as it was realized quite a while ago that Square has become a shadow of its former self, but you somehow blame that on external factors. Just as lame as we all knew you were. And his solution is to quit and run away. Amazing.
e-p-ayeaH  +   735d ago
i wonder if this will make a difference.
TheyDontLoveYou  +   735d ago
Tomb raider, sleeping dogs, hitman, all of them are flops, LOL.
Harkins1721  +   735d ago
Actually no.
maddfoxx  +   735d ago
All of these games sold well, especially Tomb Raider. TR released 3 weeks ago and its about to hit 4 mill.
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