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madjedi1824d ago

So does that mean, se will finally pull it's head out of it's ass and regain the magic it lost this gen. We are 7 yrs into the gen and just now getting a kh game and it is a hd collection at that.

Release versus already or confirm it a next gen title.

Smurf11824d ago

I don't think they will be releasing Versus anytime soon. However, this is good news.

NewMonday1824d ago

bring Sakaguchi back

or let Edios run the company they deserve it after the good quality games they put out.

Smurf11824d ago

Sakaguchi hates Square Enix. He will never return to the company.

madjedi1824d ago

Yeah wada leaving will help, get se out of it's free fall, hopefully anyway.

Elda1824d ago

I love the FF franchise & I don't know if Square could develop the magic in games they once had but Wada made alot of BAD buisness decisions,I liked FF-XIII but there was no need for 3 of them,Square could have released 2 other jrpg's instead,hopefully this new CEO will make better wiser buisness decisions & most important LISTEN to the FANS without the FANS there wouldn't be a Squaresoft.

TheLyonKing1824d ago

Well goodbye wada you weren't a good CEO. The alarm bells rang when you used a fortune teller.

The company must move forward now.

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