NVIDIA Too Good for Consoles or Is This a Case of Sour Grapes?

NVidia’s Tony Tamasi (senior vice president of content and development) has recently slated Sony’s forthcoming console the PS4 set for release in December. He has not only compared the next generation console specs to a low end gaming PC, but has also boldly made the claim that it is no longer worth the effort for NVidia to be involved in console graphics chips.

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iGAM3R-VIII1758d ago

Agreed, there would have been a huge difference if Sony took the contract. When a company doesn't get their way, they make the other company pay for it by trashing it. If Sony did take it, their opinion would have changed about the PS4. On top of all that Nvidia's rival AMD took their position so you can tell that they really aren't happy.

thorstein1758d ago

What is AMD saying? When we compare that to what Nvidia says, well, that shows us exactly what sour grapes has.

Bhai1757d ago

Well I respect Nvidia to the core and have fully believed they are better in tech than AMD but what they say about GPUs and PS4 graphics capability is nothing but flatout sour-grapes.

Nvidia being in consoles gaming for 2 straight generations totally understand that GPU power in PCs mean sh!t. What this extra 'power' has been doing is only raising up resolutions and textures quality... has it improved game design? or better gameplay variety? or story for that matter? Is there any GPU on PCs that can give us Uncharteds? Ratchets? god of wars? Gran Turismos? Forzas? PGRs? Mortal Kombats? Street Fighters? Soul Caliburs? DOAs? Halos? Hell no, what they can offer is better res and some mods on multiplats, and I already have enjoyed my fair share of mods on PS3.

So, no Nvidia, don't act like you don't know. I've been dissappointed with Far Cry 3 due to its boring, non innovative and flat game design, even though I played on my friend's PC. No crap man, I hated the campaign on Crysis 3 as "IT Lacks Variety" in story and environments. Even Mario Galaxy 2 is better for me due to its variety. can 1000$ Titan make it better? Nah.

There Killzone SF wowed the audience, Drive Club is gonna be sweet as hell. My reasons for PS4 justified... Also, none of them are on PC... ummm, nope, there isn't a PS3 emulator yet...
Now you've talked price and power Nvidia, lets see how many exclusives are going to be there for Titan?

adorie1758d ago

I want to say both. Also too expensive for consoles IMO.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )


Nvidia is the best don't act like they are not.

in 7 years Nvidia made $500 Million form ps3 but made billions last year so I can see why they hate console margins.

"The Sony agreement has generated more than $500 million in royalties," he said, which makes the Intel deal($1.5b) already three times larger."
Amd is sour at intel and nvidia.

Both sony and amd are trying to make a turn around.

"AMD Reports 2012 Loss of $1.18 Billion, While IBM Profits"

I think nvidia has better things to do. They probably make more from tegra since more people buy more phones than consoles.

Intel 4 core cpus beat amd 8 core cpus and now ps4 get an amd 8 core tablet cpu? ok.. sour. Wasn't Nvidia they one who told sony kick rocks?
"Nvidia Walked Away From PS4 Hardware Negotiations"

yes disagrees begins even with facts with sources.

Letros1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

$500 M over 7 years...that is a joke for Nvidia.

scott1821757d ago

Yeah, what company would want an extra 500 million...

chaos-lockheart1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Nvidia the best cause they stole top info from AMD when they were stuck. And one of the reasons people support Nvidia is the built in physics.

dcbronco1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )


Nvidia has a good amount of revenue. But they aren't a Microsoft or Apple. 500 million is a lot of money for them. Even spread out over 7 years. I'm not sure Nvidia has ever reached a billion in profits, so 70 million a year is a big part of their profits. I actually looked on Market Watch and Nvidia actually had two years of losses over the last five. And their best year shows a 581.09 profit. 500 million is a lot of income. All of their talk is sour grapes. Just look at it as 1.5 billion for all three consoles(just an estimate of course) over 7 the next seven years.

Also add that AMD got the CPUs and GPUs(GPU only for the Wii U). These are APUs. That is additional money. So what if these were Tegra chips. How much money would that be. So apparently Tegra 4 didn't give any of the companies what they wanted.Considering Nvidia would like to take the tablets market, and Tegra 4 isn't big on anyone's list, losing all of the consoles sales hurts. And AMD might be ahead of them in tablets too. Temesh looks like it could be a huge contender there. The main contender.


Nvidia are incredibly pissed.

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I don't see what the big deal is. They learned from the last console gen that profit margins weren't big enough so they passed. Now let them work on other things

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Mr-Dude1758d ago

If Sony had given the contract to Nvidia it would be like

"The PS4 is a amazing piece of tech, we are very excited to be a part of this and to see what the developers are going to do with it. The future is looking great blablabla"

Nvidia is just being childisch

Good_Guy_Jamal1758d ago

And if they had, you be agreeing with every word of the brown nosing. I agree, its sour grapes, but its also human nature.
There would be no way anyone could say a single bad thing about Nvidia had they gone with SONY.

iGAM3R-VIII1758d ago

Well it wasn't SONY that pulled of the offer,it was Nvidia. If Sony pulled off the offer I would be on Nvidia's side but it was Nvidia. They decieded the offer was to cheap and Sony doesn't want the console to be expensive

Bathyj1758d ago

So what are you saying? If the situation was completely opposite, wed have an opposite opinion.


chaos-lockheart1757d ago


Yea that depends on how they turn down the offer, and besides I wouldn't believe anything any company says these days.

ginsunuva1757d ago

1. They never "slammed" anything. The media said that. Nvidia just said it's less powerful than current pc's, which is an undeniable fact.

2. Nvidia never praised the ps3 even though their gpu was in it.

chaos-lockheart1757d ago

oh no Nvidia praised it alright

they even showed a tech demo how see througth the light from the skin

chukamachine1758d ago

Still waiting for the proof sony wanted to go with Nvidia.

Haven't seen any, just empty words.

From day 1 after PS3, I heard sony was already speaking with amd.

kneon1758d ago

Well if they wanted an integrated x86 CPU and GPU then there were only two choices, neither of which are Nvidia

BLow1758d ago

I really could care less because I'm not a PC gamer. I will be happy with what both next gen systems will be able to do. What company out there that doesn't talk shit about the competition. It will be this way until they end of time or unless you have a monopoly of a product. As long as my console of choice play the games I like then I will be happy!! Can't wait!!!

JBSleek1758d ago

AMD is just a cheaper choice to be used.

Are they sour sure but they shouldn't be affected too badly. If Tegra 4 is anything what we think it is they can have a strong mobile presence.

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