Blue Dragon in Shonen Jump

The famous magazine Shonen Jump had the privilege of doing a big unveiling on Blue Dragon this week. Considering who the character designer is, it makes sense. A japanese friend sent me these two low quality cell phone photos showing a bit of the game. It will have to do until we get some true scans.

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kmis874119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

I got a feeling this game will be pretty big in Japan, not Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest big, but it'll be something. This past week the best selling game in Japan was a mediocre dragonball z ps2 gamer whose sales probably came more because of the love japanese fans have for toriyama's artwork than the actual game itself. Personally, I loved Chrono Trigger on my old SNES so I'm psyched for the stateside release of Blue Dragon.

FirstknighT4118d ago

My Prediction: This game sells a million....a cartoon starts up and triples in popularity....Blue Dragon 2 sells 5 million!

Capt CHAOS4118d ago

All good, I see MS are trying very hard to break into the Sony sphere..

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