rawDLC: Why four is a four letter word for franchises (and a God of War: Ascension review)

Sequels can only work for so long before they begin riding the success of the previous games and lose focus on making a new and unique experience. God of War: Ascension takes chances in its attempt to push forward and reinvigorate the franchise, but does it succeed?

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andibandit1888d ago

Great review, bad fanboy

Good_Guy_Jamal1888d ago

Actually, by definition, he's being a very good fanboy.

ko-zee-ii1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

I've never understood why people call them bad reviews. If you have a constructive point, bring it up and defend your point of view. People may not agree but maybe you'll pique their interest to take another look or at least start a dialogue. Who knows, you may educate someone else or learn something.

KUV19771888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

"the graphics are gorgeous, the gameplay is similar to its predecessors and even the story has its moments. However, it is the similarity of the experience and formulaic style that lost me from the moment it begins."

The game is rated a 7 because it is to much like it's previous titles. Well, guess what: that is what I want from a God of War Game. So going by this logic every FiFa, every Call of Duty, every Assassin's Creed does not deserver better than a 7. It's just plain stupid. The game does what it does great and giving it a 7 because it is like previous games is beyond useless for anyone trying to make an opinion about the quality of the game.

In my opinion Ascension is better than God of War 3! I know most people think 3 was better, but the story in 3 was so wrong it really hurt. But even if you think 3 was better, there is no way that Ascension is just a 7 if you rated 3 a 9. So if they gave 3 a 7 too then I would be okay with the review, but he doesn't bring up any negative point besides 'nothing new', even though there are lots of changes. However technically it is the first GoW-Game I experienced that crashed or has sound-gaps. So that it sad.

VonBraunschweigg1887d ago

"Sequels can only work for so long before they begin riding the success of the previous games"

He makes it sound like God of War games are released every year. It's been 3 years, it's just the 2nd game this generation, and like you I think it's pretty much everything I hoped for. It's a pure God of War game, imo at least as good as GoW 3, I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

As for technical issues, it's the first game I played in a long time with so many weird bugs. I can tolerate them because A) I never really got stuck and B) other tech glitches like screentearing are pretty much gone, but maaan these bugs are annoying, usually ending up in replaying the chapter and I could continue.

Decay/heal animations that do not fully complete, leaving you with the camera stuck in one place and that weird graphics filter not returning to normal. I actually managed to "blindplay" to the next section cuz I already played it.

The fight with the 2nd fury, Apollo's Gauntlet. Twice in a row she got stuck in a animation where she's laughing and didn't stop. Could hit her 299 times (never 300), bitch kept laughing. Apparently I missed a QTE mid battle, I'm past that part.

And a couple more. Infinite enemies, good for the orbs:) Sometimes I think it's my old fat 2x ylod PS3 that causes it, not the game.

KUV19771887d ago

I also had a bug where the exit wasn't triggered, but leaving the game and just continuing allowed me to pass the scene without having to replay the whole chapter.

As for the infinite spawn-issue. In one place I totally missed the info that said to use the time-slowing-power. So enemys spawned endlessly until you would use that power (i went almost crazy in hard). I think the game has multiple places like this, whenever it teaches something new. Maybe you were also in a place like that?

While I was a bit disappointed by the lack of technical polish, it never was a deal-breaker. The game was great overall. Only multiplayer doesn't work for me, but that is not why I bought the game anyway.