3DS System and Feature Updates

"Version 5.0.0-11U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements:
Nintendo eShop improvements*

Users will no longer need to close the Nintendo eShop application to ensure the "Download Later" feature works while the Nintendo 3DS is in Sleep Mode.
Other improvements to usability have been made, including the ability to download software update data in the background.
", writes

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kirbyu1854d ago

These improvments aren't worth it. I'll just wait for the next good one.

3-4-51853d ago

uhh I don't think you understand this.

You don't have a's an update.

kirbyu1853d ago

I'm confused by what you're saying. But it doesn't matter now, I heard if you download it you get Miyamoto's Streetpass Mii.

DarkBlood1853d ago

it simply means if you avoid this update and wait till next one comes your going to get the previous update you skip out on along with the next update, unavoidable.

n4f1853d ago

no you dont get miyamoto mii if you update he came on spotpass before the update

darthv721854d ago

what exactly?

worth getting a 3ds or those who have a 3ds, they arent worth updating?

If you have a 3ds, i dont think you have a choice in the matter.