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Sony kills concept approval, makes moves to get indies onto PS4

Tonight in San Francisco, Sony announced another indie PlayStation 4 game: Zombie's Studios' Blacklight: Retribution. The company also announced that popular parody fighting game Divekick, new puzzle game Metrico, from Digital Dreams, and Primal Carnage Genesis, from Lukewarm Media, are coming to its platforms. These games all come under its Pub Fund,

This news comes on top of further announcements that the company is making things easier for indie developers and big publishers alike. Sony's Adam Boyes, who heads up its publisher and developer relations teams, talks to Gamasutra about that evolution, why having veteran software developer Mark Cerny as the lead architect for its PlayStation 4 hardware is so important, and how the company might try to compete with a Steam Box. (Adam Boyes, Mark Cerny, PS4, Sony)

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GribbleGrunger  +   555d ago | Well said
Don't underestimate the significance of this people. In terms of news, this is HUGE. Sony have basically just opened their doors and said: 'you don't need a tie.' Expect support for the PS4 and Vita to skyrocket in the coming months. I'm guessing that the incredible stream of games we've been seeing for the Vita in the last couple of weeks has something to do with this new policy.
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Snookies12  +   555d ago
Agreed, this is BIG news here. Really great move by Sony, I'm certainly looking forward to the aftereffects of this. (Although like you mentioned with the Vita, we might already be seeing its effects.)
Gaming101  +   555d ago
Absolutely, more indie support means more risks being taken with out of the box games like Braid, Minecraft, and just so many other amazing games that may just sell very well. The better they sell the more bigger publishers may actually take notice at all the money being made and *gasp* take some risks with some different ideas themselves to stay competitive and get in on some of the action, as opposed to crapping out the same game year after year, the same franchises, the same genres, and marketing to the same young male demographic.

It's about time for some change!
nosferatuzodd  +   555d ago
This is truly a system for developers and gamers is like Sony is in my head saying what feature do u guys want to see ?what can we do to make things easier and better, oh man gaming is going to be fun again I've never bin this nervous and exited at the same time I feel like am 12 years old again and I like it damn you Sony damn you to hell ..
JoGam  +   555d ago | Well said
Agreed...I got slammed last week for saying people need to respect Indie developers and how they are the future of the gaming industry. Sony knows it too. Thats why they are all over it now. This further proves my statement.

@ NYC_Gamer....Exactly. They WILL push creativity. While other companies are just milking the system with the same ol'BullShit and we just keep falling for it. Oh no, Indies will change that. Mark my words. People freaking forget Media Molecule started out as Indie, now look at them....Killin it!
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NYC_Gamer  +   555d ago
Indie developers are the ones pushing creativity and fresh ideas
LOGICWINS  +   555d ago
I see Sony as a force to be reckoned with next gen for the hardcore gamers. I wonder if the rumors of an upgradable PS4 are true. That would put the PS4 in direct competition with the PC gaming market.
ziggurcat  +   555d ago
upgradeable in the sense of more than just the HDD?
GribbleGrunger  +   555d ago
Hip-hop has said that he's heard rumours that the PS4 would be upgradeable. You'd replace the GPU and CPU in some way. I don't think anything else would need upgrading. it's definitely possible but nothing worth considering until much later into the PS4s lifecycle.
LOGICWINS  +   555d ago
^^Yeah he did! Apparently thats why Sony didn't show the physical console at the conference since it has ports where you would upgrade.

@ziggurcat- Yes! Such as GPU/CPU :)
PinkFunk  +   555d ago
I don't see this as likely (though I have practically zero expertise on the subject). It just seems like it would be too difficult to market, or annoying to manufacture, or.. something.

But I would love it if it were the case. And hell, maybe it is the case! Man, I'm excited for E3...
neoMAXMLC  +   555d ago
Hmm... with the CPU and GPU on the same chip, I can totally see this happening. Let's hope Sony pulls it off better than SEGA did.
KwietStorm  +   555d ago
Normally, I'd say that's off the table, but so many things are different today. We already know how closely the PS4 mirrors PC architecture. We already have seen the evolution of PSN taking cues from Steam. We've heard those rumors of why the console wasn't shown. Tie all that with the other notions of the "last" console generation in its current form, we could see a big change in how things work. Even a few years back when Gabe Newell was on Sony's stage at E3, he was very clear in stating that the reason they went with PlayStation was because Sony was onboard with the idea that the industry has adapted to things being given to gamers as a service, rather than a product.

Now obviously everything is speculation right now, and I could have just typed that 500 word essay for nothing, but the fact is, it looks like Sony is pulling no punches right now. It feels like it. They have a clear vision of what and how to deliver to the core audience next gen, and as Grubbier said above, this is very big news. Basically inviting developers in without much hassle will do nothing but good, and it also kind of fits in with the other rumors about possibly doing away with or minimizing the QA process when devs update the console version of their games. Being that these are pub fund games, that means their exclusive too, right?
GribbleGrunger  +   555d ago
'Grubbier'!? Cheers for that ... LOL *instinctively sniffs armpits*
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monkey nuts  +   554d ago
Gribble. Guess again! XD
_-EDMIX-_  +   554d ago
if Sony goes that route there would absolutely revolutionize the game industry in 1 big step.

this would in no way hurt to PC market. there's already a GP you that exist that allows you to remove it from a docking station. also there's nothing stopping motherboard manufacturers from developing the same concept ie a plugable CPU.

now this would actually greatly help PC gamers because manufacturers like AMD whould essentially have a new base of consumers to self new cards to. this actually greatly benefit PC the most. everyone really wins in this situation if that is indeed true.

although Sony would have to have a pretty beast motherboard to pull such a thing off . with greater CPU's comes greater bandwith. they would have to already have a motherboard capable of using a much more powerful CPU, and I believe they truly might have 1.

nowadays a lot of newers CPU can run on not too dated motherboards.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   554d ago
If that's true? MY GOD....
freezola75  +   555d ago
Way to get your Bubs back GG.

On topic, I think this is awesome simply because they are allowing indie devs to really get their foot in the door..

I look forward to playing alot of these games... and I do hope that we'll see a great many of them make it to the Vita too. Peace
adorie  +   555d ago
Well freakin said.
KwietStorm  +   555d ago
-_- sorry about that. Stupid auto correct.
kenshiro100  +   554d ago
All I've been hearing about are games, games, games. Damn, Sony is taking no prisoners this time. They are going in prepared for next gen. I am really excited about this.
Eyeco  +   554d ago
So in other words there will be a constant stream of games on the PS4, no more drought periods common in a consoles lifetime, this is superb news
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Rockefellow  +   555d ago
I'm not sure how true it is that these games are all coming under Sony's Pub fund promotion. That's usually reserved for upstart games that appear exclusively on Sony platforms before being ported elsewhere, and I doubt titles like Primal Carnage: Genesis and Blacklight Retribution are being funded in this manner.
Aceman18  +   555d ago
why would you doubt this it looks like they've streamlined their process, and are bringing plenty of indie games to the system much easier.
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Software_Lover  +   554d ago
He's doubting the funding process, not the actual games. Those games are already out on other platforms and that promotion is usually for Indies to be exclusive.
Rockefellow  +   554d ago
Thanks Software_Lover. I suppose actually reading my comment isn't in the nature of most commenters here.
FlameHawk  +   555d ago
haha yes, they got Hotline Miami for PS3 and PSVITA, playing Hotline Miami on the go is going to nice.
KwietStorm  +   555d ago
Lol that game is completely nuts
kingmushroom  +   555d ago
Hell Yeah !! Primal Carnage Genesis!!
LondonMediaOS  +   555d ago
If its anything like Dino Crisis Im in.
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kingmushroom  +   554d ago
i know right, i remember playing that game as kid and beign freaked out of going into elevators.
jdktech2010  +   555d ago
Blacklight on PS4? Hell yes....I don't play computer games due to spending all day on it but I loved BR when I played it last year.

Awesome news....Sony just got another point in the reasons to get this console column.

At the moment MS has 0 but cna't wait to see what they've got.
kwyjibo  +   555d ago
This is awesome news, the more open the platform, the better.

With digital distribution, we're no longer worried about store space - Sony just need the right UI so that discoverability is easy.

We've seen Apple and PC do very well with more open systems. Time for the consoles to join in too.
HeavenlySnipes  +   555d ago
Hopefully they let devs give players creation kits (for use on PC) that they can submit to be offered on the PSN as mods for games

Or something of that nature
BitbyDeath  +   555d ago
Sony seem to be ticking all the right boxes this time.
Hopefully everyone will follow suit as the indie scene needs a good kick away from mobile devices and their pay-to-play money schemes.
telekeneticmantis  +   555d ago
Check Out Primal Carnage Genesis Trailer
for the PS4 on Youtube. It's an openworld FPS, I'm excited for it.
izumo_lee  +   555d ago | Helpful
It's all starting to come together for Sony next gen when it hits. You have news reports detailing developers of all aspects jumping onto the Playstation bandwagon.

It clearly looks like Sony is looking at Valve & the possible steambox to be the competitor instead of Microsoft or Nintendo. By making the PS4 as open of a system as possible, to eliminate all the bells & whistles Indie developers have to go through, did i read right even waiving the cost of patches!!

Interesting to hear about Jonathon Blow...that he isn't a bad guy if you make it easy for him to do what he does. Sony is doing just that & that news article awhile back with Jonathon Blow discussing the differences between Sony & Microsoft paints a clearer picture.

At GDC Sony hosted an Indie Arcade showcasing the available titles coming to Sony platforms. The list is impressive.

- Blacklight: Retribution – PlayStation 4
- Primal Carnage: Genesis – PlayStation 4
- Ibb & Obb – PlayStation 3
- Rain – PlayStation 3
- Sportsfriends (including Johann Sebastian Joust, BaraBariBall, Hokra and Super Pole Riders) – PlayStation 3
- Divekick – PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita
- Dragon Fantasy Book II – PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita
- Guacamelee! – PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita
- Hotline Miami – PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita
- Luftrausers – PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita
- Spelunky – PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita
- Thomas Was Alone – PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita
- Friend Network App – PlayStation Vita
- Limbo – PlayStation Vita
- Metrico – PlayStation Vita
- Velocity Ultra – PlayStation Vita
- A Virus Named Tom – PlayStation Mobile
- Beatdown in Treachery City – PlayStation Mobile
- Crumble – PlayStation Mobile
- Crystallon – PlayStation Mobile
- Don’t Wake the Bear – PlayStation Mobile
- Hermit Crab in Space! – PlayStation Mobile
- Oh, Deer! – PlayStation Mobile
- Rymndkapsel – PlayStation Mobile
- Ten By Eight – PlayStation Mobile

To have strong relationships with Indie developers it will go a long way for the success of your system & Sony is going all out to make as may friends as possible.
Felonycarclub8  +   555d ago
Thanks for the list and things just keep getting better.
NatureOfLogic  +   555d ago
I just checked out the gameplay video of Rain and I was blown away by the originality of this game. I'm now looking forward to picking this up as soon as it releases.

Primal Carnage Genesis is looking great also. It might be the horrifying dinosaur game we've been waiting for since Dino Crisis.
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Cueil  +   554d ago
I own many of those on different platforms already
RevXM  +   554d ago
Hopefully the final game won't have jaggies like that.
I think that with the ps4 we shouldnt have to see jaggies anymore. If ps3 can do high budget games with superb AA like God of war then ps4 should manage to get rid of them completely.

Making games on ps4 with jaggies is kind of like making cars with carburetors in 2013.
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maniacmayhem  +   555d ago
This is great news and very important for keeping the video game industry alive and fresh. I see this as a way to offer a wider range of games without all of them being triple A, $60 dollar chances.

Something I have always said developers should do. Save the big million dollar games for summer almost like a blockbuster summer movie blitz. In the meantime offer downloadable fun, indie like games through the network.

Big props to Sony for doing this. The PS4 is looking very beastly at the moment.
MasterCornholio  +   555d ago
I completely agree with you and last year indie developers have proven that its possible to have a GOTY experience for less than $ 20 (Journey and The Walking Dead)

Motorola RAZR i
Bumpmapping  +   555d ago
PS4=PS1/PS2 Era reborn long live play!
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StrongMan  +   555d ago
WOW! The PS4 will dominate like the PS1 and PS2 did. This is HUGE guys.
LondonMediaOS  +   555d ago
Please.... I'm liking the look of this new era and this is a power play move. GO SONY!
Tundra  +   555d ago
This is great. Sony is really dead set on being the most developer friendly this time around. Again, good job Sony.
My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante   555d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Talamak  +   555d ago
If true...I'm stoked
Gamer-Z  +   555d ago
Sony is just making all the right moves with the PS4, its almost as if they took a list of everything we as gamers wanted in a system and are checking things off one by one.
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CaulkSlap  +   555d ago
Just open the flood gates and everyone will be porting PC indie games over. There's no reason not to with similar hardware and an easy license process. PS4 obviously needs its own games but it could get such a great head start by all the PC port potential from big and small games. Console gamers have no exposure to a lot of the stuff on PC and it might as well be new to them.
Navick  +   555d ago
@ my_name_btw_is_dante

I can't reply to you directly because u got hit with trolling but I want to clarify what Sony are doing here. You're confusing concept approval with quality approval. Getting rid of concept approval means Sony cannot deny a game based on the type or direction these developers are taking. And that my friend is a great thing. Giving developers the freedom to create the games that they want to will ultimately lead to more quality games. Developers won't be forced to create certain types of games in fear of having their concept denied. I applaud Sony for this move and can only see good things come from this.
EffectO  +   555d ago
Porn games on PS4?
Navick  +   555d ago
Lol. I think a game like that wouldn't see the light of day because of the rating system set in place... Not really sure though.
fsfsxii  +   555d ago
Sony just kicking ass. Expect PS1 & PS2 era coming back
ElementX  +   554d ago
You can buy most indie games a lot cheaper on Steam when they're on sale. Right now they have an indie game sale and I've purchased about 15 games. I've seen a number of indie titles on the Vita store and they are overpriced
Mkai28  +   554d ago
Yeah if they are to compete with steam I am sure they will sell it the same price, 360's is the same way, expensive. Another thing, if they are making the PS4 " upgradable how much will they sell the CPU/GPU combination ? I don't see this happening whereas most console gamers don't have a clue about replacing the innards of a computer. Most people may end up breaking the thing and voiding the warranty :)
BlaqMagiq24  +   554d ago
The PS4 will now be able to accept all comers without denial. This is BIG and expect all kinds of innovation you would only see on the PS4.
DigitalSmoke  +   554d ago
Finaly some serieus PORNO GAMES! Hahaha
JohnApocalypse  +   554d ago
Yay Sony
MuhammadJA  +   554d ago
I remember when the Sony fanboys were always playing down Indie games and how they were all shovelware on the PC. But now that most of them are coming to the PS4, they're great and innovative.

Never change N4G -_-
Sony360  +   554d ago
No kidding. The level of ass-patting in the comments here is almost gag inducing. I'm excited for the Ps4, but this enthusiasm all seems so forced.

Why are Indie games that I can already play on my PC such a massive deal for the Ps4 now, when before I would always read dismissive comments from Sony fans about how Indie games aren't as relevant?

It's a good move for sony, but what's with the over excitement? Where's the "EXCLUSIVES ARE ALL THAT MATTER" attitude gone?

It's so fanboyish.
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Navick  +   553d ago
First off are you really that naive to think that all the people who are excited on here are the same people who posted negative things about indie games in the past? I for one have always been a huge fan of indie games. Second, do you not know that there are console exclusive indie games that don't see the light of day on PC? Just saying, open your eyes.
e-p-ayeaH  +   554d ago
yes! ps4 is gonna rock
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profgerbik  +   554d ago
I just want Reactable on the PS Vita already.. I want to make music with it.
uyweuiiusdhf   554d ago | Spam
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