Sony Expands Independent Game Portfolio for the PlayStation Platform at GDC

GOS: "Sony continues to drive in the point that the PS4 has the full support of developers with that announcement that independent titles Blacklight: Retribution, Primal Carnage: Genesis, Divekick, and Metrico will make their exclusive début to the Playstation platform.

Made possible by the Playstation Pub Fund the futuristic PC shooter Blacklight: Retribution will join the dinosaur hunting FPS Primal Carnage: Genesis on the PlayStation 4. The fund also helped the two-button fighting game Divekick and the infographic adventure Metrico on the Playstation Vita.

Ok Playstation 4, we get it. Developers like you…"

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sinncross1727d ago

Good move Sony!
now get F2P more involved on PSV and fix up PS Mobile.

Cant wait for E3... PSV and PS4 offerings are going to be great I think.

darthv721726d ago

are some of the most creative games i enjoy playing. PSN/XBL/Wiiware...all of them have some great indie titles that deserve to be played.

on a side note, are there any PSMobile games that ever get added to PS+? I'd sure like to try some on my vita. Sony should add trials of games for mini and psmobile if they think about it.

OlgerO1727d ago

This is the first console I ever pre ordered in my life.

miyamoto1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

At a time they say lots developers are making games for mobile and Sony comes out with this, right American McGee?

25 indie games for PlayStation, Here’s the full list:
• Blacklight: Retribution – PS4
• Primal Carnage: Genesis – PS4
• Divekick – PS3 & PS Vita
• Spelunky – PS3 & PS Vita
• Velocity Ultra – PS Vita
• Limbo – PS Vita
• Metrico – PS Vita
• Sports Friends – PS3
• Ibb and Obb – PS3
• Guacamelee – PS3 & PS Vita
• Hotline Miami – PS3 & PS Vita
• Dragon Fantasy Book II – PS3 & PS Vita
• Thomas Was Alone – PS3 & PS Vita
• Luftrausers – PS3 & PS Vita
• Rain – PS3
• Friend Network App – PS Vita
• A Virus Named Tom – PlayStation Mobile
• Beatdown in Treachery City – PlayStation Mobile
• Crumble – PlayStation Mobile
• Crystallon – PlayStation Mobile
• Don’t Wake the Bear – PlayStation Mobile
• Hermit Crab in Space! – PlayStation Mobile
• Oh, Deer! – PlayStation Mobile
• Rymndkapsel – PlayStation Mobile
• Ten By Eight – PlayStation Mobile

I'd rather have more new games and new IPs no matter how big or small on my system than think about sales figures that I can't even play every time I visit a gaming site.

What is worse is a system that doesn't have new games nor sales flowing for it all at the same time.

GribbleGrunger1727d ago

With all of this great news and momentum, if Sony smash E3 and release at a reasonable price, we could be looking at something quite incredible here. Dare I say it ... *PS1/PS2* era all over again. Of course I could be wrong, but the excitement and anticipation is almost palpable wherever you go on the internet.

GribbleGrunger1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

Certainly exciting times.

Larry L1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

Not to mention, both of Sony's competitors REALLY screwed up at the end of 2 very successfull periods (Wii and 360). Both seem to have shot themselves in the foot in various ways not only imo leaving the door open for Sony to come strong and dominate, but possibly making some room for a new contender (SteamBox) to completely replace one of them.

MS seemed to TOTALLY misjudge and really kinda mistreat their loyal fanbase with their switch in focus to casual from hardcore. They seem to have invested FAR too much into Kinect (which I know sold well but doesn't seem to be too popular or groundbreaking to the people who bought it) and then into that Magi-Glass thingy or whatever it's called.....did that even ever come out? And wasn't that supposed to be for 360? And I don't think that interests people much anyway. And continually, seemingly giving it's fans less and less for their money while Sony is quite publicly giving more and more.......I think alot of 360 gamers this gen aren't going to bother with Xbox next gen and go right to PS4, like so many have already switched to PS3 (proven by Blops2 having busier servers on PS3 lately).

I just don't know what MS can do next gen, and I'm starting to think tehy're considering just bowing out. They lost 2 Billion on Xbox 1, and with all the replacements, even with 360's success, I don't know how much MS actually made all together. And their secret got out, and they won't be able to strong-arm devs into platform parity this time. It's public now that alot of devs got sick of their crap with all these stifling rules and stipulations for OTHER platforms. If they KNOW their strong-arming won't work anymore, I see them bowing out. Otherwise they need MAJOR investments into 1st party developers....which I don't think they'll do.

ANd with Nintendo I don't know WHAT they were thinking with coming out with THAT hardware THAT early. They should have waited and come stronger. And WiiU's sales show I'm right. Fan loyalty MAY pull them through this gen....but IDK.....most people just aren't that brand-loyal anymore. Personally, I predict Nintendo developed games on other hardware platforms before the end of PS4's lifetime. Unless they get a miracle in the form of loyal fans. I look forward to the "NINTENDO CLASSICS COLLECTION Vol 1" on my PS4. I'll buy that Day 1 if Punch-Out!!! is included.

To Valve and their hypothetical SteamBox: I would say jump in, the water's fine. It may look like rough seas right now but that's because everyone in the pool is kinda treading water to keep their head above, but 1 or maybe 2 are about to drown, leaving room for a new console to possibly have success. (though I personally don't really think Valve's got what it takes to get into the console biz. Steam is a great platform for them, I don't know if they really need dedicated hardware, or if it would even help them at all....and wouldn't Valve themselves be the only 1st party dev? Sounds even worse than 360 for exclusives.)

GribbleGrunger1727d ago

Wow there, Fella, what can I say other than 'great post!' I manage to muster one pitiful paragraph and you bury it with a whole chapter. Bubble.

BitbyDeath1727d ago

PS4, it only befriends everything

StrongMan1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

Great news!!!! The Sony train can't be derailed at this point.

MysticStrummer1727d ago

I doubt it will happen, but an outrageously high price is the one thing that could derail the hype train.

Shuyin1727d ago

Some Sony chief said it will be afordable so that's already taken care of.

C-Thunder1727d ago

Loving that they are making it so easy for indies to get on their systems. PS4's looking better and better.

MikeMyers1727d ago

Yup. They seem to be making all the right moves so far and had a checklist of things to improve on from the PS3.

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