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PlayStation 3′s Rain may be the next Journey

Sony started off the press demo of Rain with a PowerPoint presentation — usually not a good sign. Director Yuki Ikeda rattled off a bunch of feelings he hopes his upcoming PlayStation Network game will capture: “lost,” “uncertainty,” “curiosity” … . (PS3, Rain)

StrongMan  +   794d ago
Could be. Either way it's a day one for me.
fabod86  +   794d ago
For me too. :)
nix  +   794d ago
me three... ((:
Hicken  +   794d ago
I'll have it.
barefootgamer  +   794d ago
Looks interesting. Too bad I don't own a PS3. :(
ps3_pwns  +   794d ago
how do u watch blueray movies?
SybaRat  +   794d ago
I was hoping this was about the South Korean singer/actor, but this sounds interesting, too.
GamersRulz  +   794d ago
Sadie2100  +   794d ago
Is this a heavy rain, though?
KwietStorm  +   794d ago
Har har
ShadowPraxis  +   794d ago
I should probably get around to playing Journey first before I move on to the next Journey :P
izumo_lee  +   794d ago
It's from the guys that made 'humping dogs' really fun in Tokyo Jungle. If a studio can make a game about only animals killing each other & having sex than a game like Rain should be a cake walk for these guys.

I love the simplicity of this game. Just like Tokyo Jungle which has a simple concept, Rain feels like a game i would play when it Rains.....with a nice cup of hot chocolate.
rezzah  +   794d ago
The same devs!?

Looks like I have to keep track of their releases from now on (just like ThatGameCompany).


For anyone who would like to know, their name is Playstation CAMP.
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C-Thunder  +   794d ago
Good to know, I thought it had a very "Tokyo Jungle" vibe to it but figured it was just me.
IRetrouk  +   794d ago
I love these indy type of games, just something about these offbeat games that i love, sony are doing a very good job at the min of keeping me interested in their products.
MysticStrummer  +   794d ago
Those are big shoes to fill, but this game does look interesting and cool.
clintagious650  +   794d ago
Exactly what I thought after watching the video. This has potential to be another journey type game. I love how sony is open to these kind of games and welcomes them. Cant wait to see more of this & the other game that looks like LBP from this same studio I believe, looks fantastic.
Brian1rr  +   794d ago
I already felt a warm fuzzy fealing watching the game for 5 minutes
Bathyj  +   794d ago
I need to pee.
Zhipp  +   794d ago
LMAO! This comment would have hundreds of likes if this were IGN.
Bathyj  +   794d ago
I'll take a bubble for funny instead. ;)
NatureOfLogic  +   794d ago
@ Brian1rr

I agree. The video alone gave me a feeling that most games this gen failed to. I have really high hopes for this game.
Bathyj  +   794d ago
Looks very intriguing, I hope they tone down the effect a little. From the video I saw the kid looks like he has white paint on him, it would be more effective if the rain splashing off him was more subtle. He should be almost invisible, since he is in fact, invisible.
KwietStorm  +   794d ago
I know what you mean, but its not like you're just watching a movie. They have to do it for the sake of the end user.
danny818  +   794d ago
I just got journey and i love the art. But i dont get it its simple, and all h need to do is reach the mountain?
Orionsangel  +   794d ago
I hope not. Journey was short and boring. Yeah I know it was one of those message games and it supposed to move you, but while the graphics and control were nice. The world was limited. I like to explore by interacting, but there wasn't much interacting with the world itself. I wanted to hold something, collect items. Make something fall or crumble by hitting it. I also knew what the ending would be before even playing the game. I don't hate it or anything and I think it's a well crated game, but it's overrated in my book.
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IRetrouk  +   794d ago
I think they got the idea of the story from a steven king set of books called the dark tower, very good read.
My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante   794d ago | Trolling | show
strigoi814  +   794d ago
GribbleGrunger  +   794d ago
More incredible news. It's becoming quite clear now that Sony want to get all of this Vita and PS3 news out of the way now, which suggest (quite heavily) that E3 is going to be entirely focused on PS4. The fuse is lit. It's time to buy your bunting, stock up on bubbly and buy man-sized diapers. Once that roller-coaster starts, you aint gettin' off!
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KwietStorm  +   794d ago
All this outpouring of developer support and original games is making me feel like the PlayStation brand is being reborn again. Rain looks really cool too. I just hope it isn't too short. Haven't been this excited about gaming in a while.

I would kill for Slender to be ported to PS3/4. Absolutely kill.
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ps3_pwns  +   794d ago
so anyone hear of any new xbox360 games becuase i havent in the past year or 2 so far yet ps3 and playstation is blowing us away with games at every corner 24/7 and free online and blueray player which is essential for an HD tv owner. go to gamestop trade in whatever console you had and upgrade to a console that is still being supported with games because the wii, x360 aint and the wii u is taking to gosh damn long.

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