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Nintendo Sparks International Fury over Wii U Flyer

Tynan Muddle at Aussie-Gamer.com writes: "Nintendo have sparked global rage over a new flyer that explains the features and benefits of buying a Wii U console over their outgoing product, Wii.

What… what?

How ridiculous that many video game, technology and even news journals like Forbes are reporting on this stupid story. It will come as little surprise that the culprit behind this obvious smear campaign was none other than tabloid blog (tablog?) Kotaku, who took an opinion from a Tweet and decided to spin it into national hate mongering." (Nintendo, Wii U)

caseh  +   771d ago
I'm totally furious over this flyer, FURIOUS....FEEL MY FURY!
LOL_WUT  +   771d ago
I think Nintendo is reaching a little too much with those flyers. A comparison to the Wii doesn't really speak volumes as opposed to it being compared to the Xbox or the PS3, which in my opinion would've been a much better fit. Overall I think this could've been avoided if it were named after its successor simply put, Wii 2. ;)
ChickeyCantor  +   771d ago
It doesn't speak volumes?
Here people cry how non-gamers don't understand the difference.

Now that they put up a chart ( what all companies do about their products, especially with subscription types ) it's a bad thing? It's simply an overview of what the difference is and what it can offer to the consumer OVER their older product.

Seriously WTF is wrong with people? If Sony or MS did the same it would just be a nother day on n4g where both sides just talk about how it megahurtz to be insulted by one and the other over specs.
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rainslacker  +   771d ago

While I agree that the outrage that people show over this is pretty dumb, I still have to admit this isn't a typical comparison flyer. It really does downplay the original Wii in favor of the Wii U.

Usually when you see comparisons such as these they have all the options and what they offer. Those big check marks/little dots are an obvious(not even well done) subliminal technique to get people to choose the Wii U over the Wii.

I think it does do the job of distinguishing the two, and really I think that is Nintendo's biggest problem right now. If this were their only marketing then I can see it being truly criticized, but they have been pro-active in other forms of media...although I don't find it terribly good overall.
Stroke666  +   770d ago
I feel like I'm the only one whoe has seen this comparison up on the nintedo website and on gamestop website since late december. now its an issue cause they printed it out as flyeers to hand out to those who don't quite understand. "nintendo doesn't advertise enough" they put info for the general public and there is still something wrong with that. there are almost 100 million wii's out there they really don't need to sell anymore so even if they were actually down playing the wii, so what. and most of the people using that excuse are the people who down play the wii themselves but if nintendo does it "oh no the sky is falling". now all of a sudden everyones a marketing expert.
MegaLagann  +   771d ago
*Cue scene in Metal Gear Solid 3 with The Fury*
Dj7FairyTail  +   770d ago
just went
FABULOUS LORD GHIRAHIM ON International Regions.
PopRocks359  +   771d ago
I really don't see what the big deal was. Nintendo basically put out a flyer showcasing differences and reasons to buy the new console over the old one. That's really all there was to it. As usual everything was blown completely out of proportion.
kneon  +   771d ago
The correct title should be

"Nintendo Sparks International Apathy over Wii U Flyer"

If it weren't for all these articles telling my I was supposed to be furious I would have never known.
PopRocks359  +   771d ago
Actually if you read the article, the writer is criticizing the people who made it into such a large and heated issue. The article itself is fine, the situation is not.
kneon  +   770d ago
Sorry I was unclear, it wasn't this article I was complaining about. It's all the others trying to make a big deal out of nothing.
Nevers0ft  +   770d ago
You Sir, are a wise and knowledgeable sage :)

It's just Kotaku doing their usual tabloid crap (which will be easier for me to avoid now they've rolled out that ugly-ass redesign, ugh).

It's not even an advert, it's not a marketing campaign, it's just a flyer. Admittedly at PAX it's largely useless as most of the attendees will at least be informed enough to know that a Wii and Wii U are different... But it's not like they've just spent millions projecting the Nintendo logo onto the moon - some bloke from Nintendo printed a table with a list of derpy differences and gave them away at a show. It probably cost about $50 to organise.
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BATRA  +   771d ago
lazyboyblue  +   770d ago
Wong who? Ada Wong?
ijust2good  +   771d ago
Next flyers should be:-

"Why Nintendo is NOT a next gen system".

"Why PS4 is better".

and finally, in my view....
"Why Princess is always in another castle"

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kirbyu  +   771d ago
How bout YOU give us some reasons for those first two things?
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Nevers0ft  +   770d ago
Answers are as follows:

1. Because it's a manufacturer not a system, derp.
2. Because you say so, and your uninformed opinion is the only one we listen to.
3. Because she's trying to escape the deafening racket of fanoys on N4G?
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AO1JMM  +   771d ago
There really has to be other things to be furious over.
Talamak  +   771d ago
I think the guy who wrote this article is making a moot point by arguing against a perceived hatred for Nintendo... Personally I think to even give these "flyer" articles as much credit as he is giving them proves his detachment from reality....Yes Nintendo (as well as Sony & M$) have detractors, but I don't get where exactly he finds these "flyer" articles to be malicious
Stroke666  +   770d ago
if being called absurd publicly isn't something done maliciously I'd hate to get on your bad side lol. What I believe the article points out is the ill criticisms of the flyer, its not like these "flyer" articles are just saying nintendo has a flyer to explain things. they are going hard on nintendo and trashing the whole idea of the flyer.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   771d ago
Still dont get why all these websites think the flyer was a bad idea.

wtf is going on?
SAYGUH  +   771d ago
Jeez give it a rest will ya, all that hate on Ninty. Seems to me everyone's in on tryin to take down Nintendo, they're all promoting Micro$oft since it's "All American" made, so ridiculous. SMH...
stragomccloud  +   770d ago
It's a phenomenon called, "ethnocentrism."
Sadly, it's a fact of life in the west.
Since Sony has more or less become "white-washed" Sony doesn't get the hate; however, since Nintendo is still as Japanese as they come it takes everything from western "gamers."
axisofweevils  +   771d ago
At first, I was annoyed by the title, but it's actually a good article, really.
MegaLagann  +   771d ago
People complain Nintendo isn't doing enough to explain to consumers the difference between the Wii and Wii U.

People then complain when Nintendo makes a flyer explaining the difference between Wii and Wii U.

This is what I love about gaming journalism and the gaming community as a whole. You know if you want a medium to be taken seriously you have to stop acting like a five year old that doesn't know what it wants.
AKR  +   770d ago
I wish it was only that.

Add to the fact that Nintendo went ahead and made an HD console, with online capabilities that are practically as good as PSN and XBOX Live - and people STILL complain that the Wii U is "underpowered" and "only as good as current-gen consoles."

~ The gaming community is one of the most hypocritical online communities I've ever seen....
D_RoyJenkins  +   770d ago
Online capabilities practically as good at PSN and Live? Oh come on, that's a huge stretch lol
Realplaya  +   770d ago
The flyer is really brilliant.

Person goes into the store to get a game system for there child or themselves Sees the WII U and says this looks interesting and sees the WII U and thinks the WII is a better value.

Sees the flyer and says oh snap this is a new system does about 20 things more than the WII. Now they get home glad they got a new system with a new control option in HD.

Anything that Nintendo can do to divert attention from the WII and get a WII U sale is perfect. This right here may be a start to there marketing campaign we don't know. Will it sale systems we don't know if it does then there going to be considered brilliant.
killerorca258  +   770d ago
Maybe I was a bit immature before, probably why my comment was removed, but nothing Pachter says ever seems to be the truth or end up being the truth. I can't shake the horrible reaction whenever I read about him saying something. I remember when prophets were publicly ridiculed and never heard from again when yhey made a false prediction, should it be any different for journalists or analysts?
MNGamer-N  +   770d ago
I think the flyer is fine. This is nothing more than "manufactured" Nintendo hate, which I am getting better at ignoring since becoming a member of this site.
RAFFwaff  +   770d ago
And in other news......a NATO statement today reads, "Aussie-gamer.com sparks outrage with stupid headline whoring statement. We now may fire on Australia....."
psoomah  +   770d ago
Wii Y?

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