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Paste: "Last week on Twitter I described Bioshock Infinite as a 'shooting spree at Disney’s Main Street while Zooey Deschanel throws stuff at you'. I was maybe halfway through Infinite when I wrote that, and now that I’ve finished the game I can admit that there’s far more here than that bad joke indicates. There’s too much more. Bioshock Infinite is a game where the story comes first, and that story slowly contorts itself into a convoluted mess."

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Neixus1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

My ladies and gentlemen, i present to you, the first review that gives bioshock a low score!

*audience doesn't care

LOGICWINS1822d ago

7.5 is a low score?


This is the problem with gamers today.

rezzah1822d ago

It may not be a low score, but is the lowest score the game has received so far.

Neixus1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

no, it's clearly not a low score. as i had the oppurtunity. I wanted to get it out,before any hypocritical person actually says it is a low score..

was just joking, everyone knows that alot of people take 7 as a low score.
God, people are so butthurt sometimes

GribbleGrunger1822d ago

Yeah, I know what you mean, Logic (even though your comment is short) but there IS something galling about this. I will probably never play this game and to be honest it was never on my radar, but when every other review gives it at least 9/10, you have to question the elephant in the room. I'm not angered by this ... I'm just a little disappointed.

LOGICWINS1822d ago

@Gribble-Every review is questionable these days.

Too high

"Reviewers got paid off"

Too low


This just goes to show that the best opinion regarding a game's worth is your own.

rezzah1822d ago

Depends on how you look at it, could be a good or bad thing.

-Gespenst-1822d ago

At the end of the day GribbleGrunger, you should just read the review. He makes good points. Quite often, a person is deemed a "hater" by mob rule, not any reasoned debate. Of course there are genuine reactionary haters who don't know what they're talking about, but this guy ain't one of them.

Just because a game predominantly receives high scores doesn't mean some people aren't going to take issue with it. In fact, I'm pretty sure there are seriously shittily written reviews amongst all those 9/10 'ers.

DigitalRaptor1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

It's hard to see how a damn near immaculate game can be perceived with flaws enough to bring it down 2.5 points on the scale. Irrational aimed so high (pun not intended) that the fact that they pulled off such a wonder is nothing short of magnificent.

Sometimes a game in which the sum of its parts add up to an impeccable experience that has so few flaws that would affect it in any damaging capacity is worthy of the praise.

Infinite is one of those games in which the quality speaks for itself in so many ways. All the elements just piece together as a modern day masterpiece should. Not only is it near flawless, but it introduces gameplay systems and storytelling never before seen in gaming, even if aspects of it seem familiar.

7.5 is reserved for good/great games. Infinite is something incredible.

IcyEyes1822d ago

7.5 is a low score for a product value like Bioshock infinite.

7.5 is a VERY high score for Aliens colonial marines.

7.5 is a low score for Dark Knight.
7.5 is an awesome score for Tranformer 2.

Its a matter of "who get what".

3-4-51822d ago

yea 7.5 is a GOOD score. Even 7.0 isn't bad.

4.0-6.0 = bad

Even 6.0-7.0 games have fun elements to them.

chasedagreat1822d ago

great review 7.5 sound about right

LOGICWINS1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

@IcyEyes- Well..I actually didn't like Dark Knight that much lol

schlanz1822d ago

7.5 is certainly not a high score and its as disappointing as getting a C on a test that you should have aced.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1822d ago

not really, games are 60$, and take up precious time, so saying a game is anything less than 9.0, is like telling me that in your (the reviewers) opinion, that game isn't going to be one of the five i buy that year.

and 7.5 games tend to be slightly abysmal

Outside_ofthe_Box1821d ago

For games 7.5 is just above average (7 is average). Depending on certain people average can be low or it can be okay/not a bad score.

CalvinKlein1821d ago

yeah it is for you logic when its a ps3 exclusive. Even the bad ones Im sure you cried over getting a 7.5. Like rachet ad clank all for one, I bet you said something like, "its way better than a 7.5, theey are delusional."

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adorie1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Reviewer states the game is easy because of Elizabeth, but I beg to wonder if this person was playing on a HARD difficulty or not. I'm leaning on "not".

@Below, if that is true then I will probably tap that Konami code and jump into the abyss early.

I want a challenge at all costs. Who knows, if it is truly easier than specified, maybe we can petition up a DLC that makes the game horrendously hard. Lol.

rezzah1822d ago

I've heard multiple people mention that the game was a bit easy. The mode they played wasn't specified.

barb_wire1822d ago

It should also be noted that 'Bioshock' was also easy, actually ridiculously easy.. quite possible to go through that game, not dying and using only the wrench.. still didn't diminish in anyway (for me) on what an incredible game it was.

coolbeans1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Why do you say "low score" to a 7.5/10?

Edit: Okay, fair enough: it's just sarcasm.

Why does the audience not care?

Granted, I can be hesitant to even bother checking out a review with that stupid description posted above, but what's the harm in us actually testing out the criticisms this reviewer has to say about the game and determining if he's/she's "full of it" or actually presenting a well-articulated--if overly-cynical--list of problems the game may have?

LOGICWINS1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

"but what's the harm in us actually testing out the criticisms this reviewer has to say about the game and determining if he's/she's "full of it" or actually presenting a well-articulated--if overly-cynical--list of problems the game may have?"

Because thats asking too much. Suggesting to these people that they should actually READ a review instead of obsessing about a score is too lofty a task.

They would rather close their eyes and cover their ears when they even get whiff of something they disagree with as opposed to analyzing the opinion in question and using facts to prove/disprove them.

FlunkinMonkey1822d ago


I would say this IS a low score to a follow up of one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time.

Can't wait to get it personally.

-Gespenst-1822d ago

Yeah it's not a low score. I'd actually say it's a more reasonable score than these manic, hysterical 9s and 9.5s. The review makes a LOT of really good points. The guy emphasises that he likes the game a lot, but he highlights lots of really crucial issues, some of which could extend to games in general.

These are the kinds of reviews we need to push the games industry forward. You can't just blindly heap praise on a game because of all the cool gadgets and shooting and blood and cool graphics and raawwwwr. You need to have a bit of restraint- you need to think about the game a bit harder, otherwise you're just uncritically and mindlessly consuming.

Probably one of the more intelligent reviews I've read.

joab7771822d ago

It is a low score...period. I wont click on the site to giv him what he wants. It isnt the score either. Its other games that get the same score. This is one of the highest rated games ever on metacritic. Now, everyone is allowed their opinion and bioshck certainly isnt for everyone but a 7.5?

ATiElite1821d ago

Some hole in the wall website giving Bioshock Infinite a LOW Score for Web Hits.

Bioshock Infinite is nothing short of a 9.5

Awesome story, so much to do, great design, great control, lots of innovation.

Story Quality = WTF
Like Website = NO

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TrendyGamers1822d ago

Is this the lowest score for BioShock so far?

Irishguy951822d ago

Yup, first 'average/good' score i've seen

ApolloTheBoss1822d ago

Ignore these guys, they hate everything. They gave Far Cry 3 a 5.5

Sweelix1822d ago

Far Cry 3 sucked, it deserved that score

Campy da Camper1822d ago

As I don't feel FC3 was stellar, it was not a 5.5. It was a huge improvement over 2 and aside from repitition of taking hideouts, the game was some of the best immersion ever. The animals, hang gliding and guns were awesome.

sinjonezp1821d ago

The problem with Far Cry 3 is it became a boring repetitive game after u capture 5 safe houses and towers.. With Vass, the story would have been mediocre. I think far cry 3 deserved a 7.5 - 8. The review expressed its points and should be considered. The game has been put on such a pedestal that we tend to give it due diligence without experiencing the entirety. 7.5 is good, but not without flaws. People should still pick it up.

gamertk4211822d ago

Wow, they just scour for hits by taking universally good/great games and throwing a much lower score on it. Don't believe the hype.

-Gespenst-1822d ago

Universally good or "majority rule" good? They're not the same thing. Another word often associated with the "majority" is often the "vulgar masses".

Just because a lot of people like something doesn't make it universally good. In fact it probably points to a really homogenous culture who've been "told" things are good, but deprived of any perspective beyond the one directed to the spoon that feeds them.

miker00lz1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Far Cry 3 is one of the worst games to come out in a few years imo. There aren't many games that bore me as much as FC3 does. It's got amazing graphics, but the gameplay feels straight out of a 2005 shooter. It's repetitive and all of the NPCs in the game might as well be cardboard cutouts. They don't feel real at all.

Blacklash931822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Don't really understand the reasoning for not liking the story. I know it and if you've ever been able to wrap your head around a movie like Looper, Inception, or the Matrix you'll have little issue understanding this story. Zachary Comstock has plenty of interesting character too, despite how it should be much harder to relate with his intense xenophobia and nationalism.

And criticizing Elizabeth's character for being a helpful gameplay participant and a central device in the story, as she's been told to be countless times? I don't get it.

Rageanitus1822d ago

Bioshock 1/2 got pretty dam good reviews..... having said that I did not really find the first two that good.
Much preffered the upgrade scheme found in Deus Ex.

But hey that is my opinion. Im sure I am gonna pick this one up just like I did with the others, but not at launch

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